Protection of privacy: app warns of app

DData protection is sexy. The more you are monitored in every single step of digital life, the stronger the resistance grows. Individual scandals, such as the capture of every website and every mouse movement by Avast’s antivirus software, are just the tip of an iceberg. What Avast has now ended after the publication of its […]

Make good use of time at home: order in the photo library

Home office or quarantine: If you are now sitting in your four walls and do not know what to do with the time you have gained, you may want to tackle a major project. Taming the flood of photos is one of the biggest challenges. The summer vacation used to have only 36 pictures. Today […]

ILoud MTM speaker in the test: sounds clear like crystal

A pair of iLoud MTM with measurement microphone Image: manufacturer No voice assistant, no streaming, no Bluetooth? Yes. But the speakers offer excellent sound – for an affordable price. Dhe world of loudspeakers has become confusing. In the past, boxes stood on the floor, had three or four paths and were powered by powerful amplifiers. […]

What does hunger bring for self-optimization?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey fasts and meditates regularly. Picture: Getty / F.A.Z. Free canteens or not: Fasting in Silicon Valley is becoming more productive. This does not count as a diet – but as “biohacking”. What is behind it? FWorking for Google or Facebook means encouraging gluttony. The internet companies are known for their gourmet […]

Robot car company Waymo collects billions

DThe robot car company Waymo wants to support its growth plans with a billion dollar injection. The Google sister company raised $ 2.25 billion from investors for this purpose. This was Waymo’s first round of financing with outside donors. These include the contract manufacturer Magna, financial investors such as Silver Lake and the Google parent […]

Twitter employees should work from home

Twitter has called on all of its employees worldwide to work from home due to the risk of coronavirus. The short message service announced that internal meetings and important tasks should be optimized for Internet access. The aim is to protect employees and to slow the spread of the disease. Twitter had 4900 full-time employees […]

Bernie Sanders also has many followers in California

“It’s not as crazy as it sounds,” says Carolyn Soroka and laughs. This is not the first time the young mother has heard the question of how difficult it is to live here as an avowed anti-capitalism activist. In downtown San José, just a few kilometers from the headquarters of Google, Facebook or Apple, Soroka […]

Fixed problem with wrong debits

Doesn’t always work 100 percent. Picture: dpa The Paypal payment service has solved the problem, which resulted in unauthorized debits of customer accounts. Dhe Paypal payment service has solved the problem that caused unauthorized debits from customer accounts. “A very small number of PayPal customers who use Google Pay were affected,” the company said on […]

How Facebook Followed Us

Facebook is criticized for a variety of reasons. False news and data scandals hit the group. It controls its nearly three billion members, continuously collects data for commercial purposes, and evades any control and responsibility, it says. Facebook divides society by reinforcing fake news and the opinions of extremists, many believe, and since the beginning […]