The reunited group “Kino” postponed concerts due to the pandemic :: Society :: RBC

The band decided to reunite in 2019 for a new tour, which will be based on digitized recordings of Viktor Tsoi’s voice. Concerts had to be postponed due to ban on mass events in connection with the coronavirus pandemic

The rock group “Kino” has postponed the previously planned concerts for the next year. About this musicians reported fans in a video message on the YouTube channel.

“Unfortunately this fall it will not be possible to hold such big concerts as we have planned. And so we have to postpone them, ”the team said in a statement.

In the commentary under the video, the musicians noted that they postponed the decision to postpone the concerts as long as they could, but now it is already clear that this fall it will not be possible to hold events for ten thousand spectators anywhere.

According to the updated schedule, the performances of the band will be held from February to June 2021 in Minsk, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Riga.


Governor of Altai Territory infected with COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

Viktor Tomenko switched to a remote work format and is being treated on an outpatient basis. In June, the governor already went into self-isolation due to the coronavirus detected in the employees of his administration

Victor Tomenko

(Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS)

Governor of the Altai Territory Viktor Tomenko fell ill with coronavirus infection, transfers press service of the regional government.

Tomenko’s COVID-19 test showed a positive result, in connection with which he switched to a remote mode of operation. Now the head of the region is at home, where he undergoes outpatient treatment.

“Governor Viktor Tomenko is constantly in touch with members of the government and heads of all regional authorities. Events with his personal participation have been canceled for the next 10-14 days, ”the message says.

Governor of Altai Territory left for self-isolation due to COVID-19 from colleagues

Victor Tomenko

The head of the region appealed to residents with an appeal to comply with sanitary safety measures and the prevention of coronavirus. Earlier, in June, Tomenko already self-isolated for a week, after several employees of the regional administration were diagnosed with COVID-19.


Ministry of Transport confirmed plans to switch to free transport by 2035 :: Society :: RBC

The government is considering the option of encouraging urban residents to give up private cars and switch to public transport. To do this, they will begin to charge a fee for driving their cars on roads of all categories.

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS

The Russian government is indeed considering a possible transition to free public transport in cities by 2035. This is stated in the comments of the Ministry of Transport received by RBC.

According to the ministry, the “user pays” principle was created as part of the transport strategy back in March 2020. In accordance with this mechanism, from 2025, motorists will start paying for travel on roads of regional importance, and by 2035 – for travel on roads of all categories. After that, the transition to free public transport will begin in urban agglomerations.


In late March, the government approved the document, making some changes. At the same time, the “user pays” mechanism and provisions on the transition to free travel have been preserved in it.

Ministry of Transport proposed to prepare for free transport and toll roads

Photo: Anton Belitsky / Global Look Press


The winner of the “Oscar” for the film “The Pianist” Ronald Harwood dies :: Society :: RBC

The playwright, who wrote the scripts for the films The Pianist, The Dresser and Browning’s Version, died at the age of 86

Ronald Harwood (left) and filmmaker Mike Newell

(Photo: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)

British writer, playwright and screenwriter Ronald Harwood died at the age of 85. About it reports Telegraph citing his family’s statement.

It states that Harwood died on Tuesday, September 8, at his home in Sussex. The cause of death is not named.

Ronald Harwood (real name Horwitz) was born on November 9, 1934 in South Africa in a family of Lithuanian Jews. In 1951, at the age of 17, he moved to England. Here Harwood wanted to get an acting education, but later began to write. He published his first novel, All the Same Shadows, in 1961. The following year, Harwood wrote the first screenplay for Private Potter.

Throughout his career, he wrote more than 20 scripts, but at the same time he rarely created original plots for films, as a rule, adapting books and plays for them, including his own composition. Among them were the plays “Quartet” and “Dresser”.

His other notable screen-based works include The Spacesuit and the Butterfly, for which he received a BAFTA, Browning’s Version starring Albert Finney, and Cry, Beloved Country.


In Moscow, 12 people with COVID-19 died per day :: Society :: RBC

All the deceased had pneumonia confirmed. The number of deaths in the capital has reached 4844

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

Over the past 24 hours, 12 patients with confirmed coronavirus have died in Moscow, reported in the capital’s operational headquarters to combat the virus.

“In Moscow, 12 patients died, all of them were diagnosed with pneumonia and a positive test result for coronavirus infection was obtained,” the statement said.

Coronavirus pandemic. Most relevant for September 3

Over the entire period of the pandemic in the capital, 4,844 patients died due to the coronavirus. Moscow is the leader among Russian regions in the number of deaths due to the virus. A little less than a third of all deaths were recorded here. According to official data, a total of 17 311 people with a confirmed diagnosis have died in the country.

As of the morning of September 1, the number of people infected with COVID-19 in Russia exceeded 1 million people. Of these, in Moscow – 263 thousand.This indicator is followed by the Moscow region (68.3 thousand), St. Petersburg (36.8 thousand), Nizhny Novgorod (27.8 thousand) and Sverdlovsk (25.4 thousand). .) area.


Bastrykin put under control the case of the murder of a businessman in Tatarstan :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press

The central office of the Investigative Committee will put under control the course and results of the investigation of the criminal case initiated into the murder of businessman Yevgeny Dedanin in the city of Bugulma in Tatarstan. Such an order was given by the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, reported on the website of the department.

“Alexander Bastrykin also instructed to ensure a thorough investigation of all the circumstances of the incident, promptly carry out the necessary investigative actions and appoint a set of required expert studies,” the message says.

Dedanin was shot dead on September 1 at the wholesale base. He was injured and later died in hospital. Investigators seized a gas pistol at the scene of the crime, which had been converted to fire live ammunition. On suspicion of murder detained A 54-year-old citizen of a foreign state who lived in Samara.

Investigative Committee showed a video from the murder of a businessman from Tatarstan

In 2018, Dedanin fought off the robbers. Three masked men broke into his house and tied a businessman, his wife and an acquaintance. Dedanin was able to free himself, after which he stabbed the attackers several times. With regard to Dedadin, there was excited criminal case, but the prosecutor’s office decision of the UK canceledbecause the businessman acted in conditions of necessary self-defense.


Navalny’s team published the investigation he filmed before the poisoning :: Politics :: RBC

Alexei Navalny’s team published an investigation that the politician did just before his hospitalization. It tells about the property and business of the deputies in Novosibirsk

Alexey Navalny

(Photo: Alexey Navalny / YouTube)

On the YouTube channel of Alexei Navalny published investigation, which he and his team filmed before he was hospitalized in Omsk. It is called “Who seized the capital of Siberia and how to liberate it”, it tells about the situation in Novosibirsk and the business of local United Russia deputies, in particular Alexei Dzhulai and Kirill Pokrovsky.

According to Navalny’s press secretary Kira Yarmysh, the film is the first series of investigations into regional politics ahead of a single voting day on September 13. The beginning of the film dedicated to Alexey Dzhulai. According to his income statement, in 2020 he earned 22 million rubles. Julay owns two apartments. The area of ​​each is 124 sq. m. He also owns 81 land plots, two premises and one building. He is the founder of the Decent Service company and the Discus group of companies – an urban developer. Discus was established Dzhulai in 2000. Since 2010, Dzhulai has been a member of the Council of Deputies of Novosibirsk. In the film, Navalny and his team talk to the residents of the districts developed by the Discus company. Their interlocutors complain about the quality of the houses. Among them is the opposition politician Daniil Markelov, who lives in the same area, who at the time of the filming of the film was acting as a rival to Dzhulai in the elections. However, by the time of publication, the court canceled his registration. Navalny’s team claims that this was done at the request of Dzhulai, however, as indicates “Sibkrai”, another candidate, Alexander Selyutin, submitted an application.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the Discus company.

The investigation also talks about the business and property of other United Russia deputies from the city assembly – Kirill Pokrovsky, Yevgeny Yakovenko and Sergei Bondarenko.

Makarevich will sue United Russia for lines from a song in agitation

Фото: sergey.a.boyko / Facebook


RDIF announced the start of the third phase of the coronavirus vaccine trial :: Society :: RBC

Photo: press service of the RF Ministry of Defense / RIA Novosti

Post-registration clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine are starting in Moscow, 40 thousand people will take part in the study. This is stated in the message of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), received by RBC.

Russian Direct Investment Fund, Sovereign Fund of the Russian Federation, Moscow Government and National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. The Gamaleis announce the start of a post-registration clinical trial, ”the message says.

Gamaleya Center eliminated the need to take tests before vaccination

With the support of RDIF, tests will be carried out in five more countries.

Russians over 18 years old with a Moscow compulsory medical insurance policy can participate in the study. In addition, candidates should not be sick with SARS, not have contact with those infected with coronavirus at least two weeks before the start of vaccination, and also not be sick with COVID-19.


Moscow registered 690 new cases of COVID-19 infection :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN “Moscow”

In Moscow, 690 new coronavirus infected were detected per day. About it reports the operational headquarters of the capital.

“The last two months in Moscow, the number of new cases has decreased by an average of 3.5% per week,” – said in a statement.

Among the newly diagnosed cases, slightly more than half are Russians aged 18 to 45, 24.6% – from 46 to 65. Among the 690 infected, 10.5% of those infected are children.

At the Russian operational headquarters addedthat over the past day in Moscow 1160 people have recovered. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 255,826 cases of COVID-19 infection have been detected in the capital, more than 202 thousand people have recovered and 4.7 thousand have died.

Coronavirus pandemic. Most relevant for August 22