Anastasia is not here! Daughter Volochkova showed a photo with a new family

Ariadne seems to have completely forgotten about the existence of her mother. Volochkova’s only daughter has been living with her father for many years. The girl is smart beyond her years – she supported her mother, even despite her extraordinary behavior and twines in the wrong places. When Ariadne’s father had a new woman, Volochkova’s […]

«Old Sarajevo looks like today’s world»

More than twenty years of continuous global tour accumulates the Bosnian musician and composer Goran Bregovic with his wedding and funeral orchestra, a changing ensemble with which he recreates the folklore of the gypsy metal fanfare with a festive frenzy that matches the punk and hybrid traditions celebrating universal communication. Born 69 years ago in […]

Intel Core i9 9900KS seems to be going EOL

We revised it in November, the Intel Core i9 9900KS, Intels’ premium processor that uses an all-core 5 GHz seems to have made EOL as availability if the processor went down massively and prices went up. All in all, this isn’t a big news since Intel has clearly indicated that the 8-core processor would be […]