When did the epidemic start?

The deadly coronavirus epidemic that infected people in over 60 countries and killed 3,000 was identified in Chinese labs weeks before the rest of the world discovered it. An investigation by Caixin He found that results from tests conducted by several labs in December suggested that a new virus outbreak occurred, but weeks have passed […]

Scott Morrison skeptic Indonesia is virus free

While nearly two months have passed since the public announcement of the coronavirus epidemic first detected in Wuhan, China, a country has apparently remained unharmed by the epidemic. In eight weeks, the virus has now spread to 33 countries in the past nine days. More than 87,000 people worldwide have been infected, with the virus […]

The COVID-19 epidemic plunges Europe into the blockade

A seventh person died from coronavirus in Italy, according to media reports, while Europe plunges into a dramatic blockade. More than 200 people have now tested positive for COVID-19 disease in Italy, the largest outbreak so far reported in Europe. The dramatic wave of cases has sparked fears across the continent with Italy and neighboring […]