General approved for Italian students this course for coronavirus

The Government of Italy has issued a decree granting a general approval, a measure that seeks to ensure that none are left behind as a result of the emergence of the coronavirus. “We are ensuring the school year,” said the Italian Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, at a press conference. With this measure, all students […]

The daily life of Italians between loneliness and resistance to fear

In Italy, the European country most affected by the pandemic, since the detection of the very first cases of contagion with the coronavirus, 48 ​​days ago, daily life is completely disrupted. Especially since the government was the first in Europe and in the West to take measures of containment at the national level. Measures further […]

Covid-19, the Italians oscillate between psychosis and realism

Mardi Gras was to be the highlight of the Venice Carnival celebration with the large gathering in St. Mark’s Square. But the coronavirus stopped its takeoff. In the streets, some diehards were still walking wearing two masks, one in the colors of the party, the other to dissuade the Covid-19. “ The city is emptying […]