“You passed, mother!” Urgant publicly insulted Sobchak / Showbiz Boulevard

Russian TV presenter Ivan Urgant spoke about the appearance of his colleague Ksenia Sobchak.

Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak on her Instagram page shared a video of communication with colleague Ivan Urgant.

“The case in Ostankino. Mask, I know you!” She wrote.

In the video, Sobchak shows Urgant in a protective mask.

“You’d take yourself off so people can even see how you are without everything,” he says.

“What am I? I passed my tests!” – Sobchak answers.

“No, you just passed already, mother!” – interrupted her TV presenter.

Ksenia Sobchak was born on November 5, 1981 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), became widely known as the host of the reality show “Dom-2” on TNT channel, and later led the project “Blonde in Chocolate”. She created the project “Sobchak alive” on the channel “Rain”. She led the program “Barabaka and the Gray Wolf” along with Sergei Kalvarsky at the Silver Rain radio station. Now he is the author of the project “Caution Sobchak!” on your YouTube channel.


What now looks like the daughter of Nina Ivan Urgant. Photo

Showman Ivan Urgant posted a picture of his daughter Nina on Instagram. Girl May 15 turned 12 years old. “Love,” he briefly signed the photograph.

It should be noted that Nina Urgant has matured significantly in recent years. In the photo she is in a black down jacket and hat. Moreover, like two drops of water similar to his famous father.

Recall that the daughter Nina Urgant was presented by his second wife Natalya Kiknadze. They also have a joint daughter, Valeria. This year the girl will be five years old. We add that Natalia Kiknadze also has a daughter, Eric. The girl lives in America. Ivan Urgant is in a great relationship with her. He often flies to the United States, where he visits Eric, whose boyfriend is an African American.

We add that the first wife of the showman was Karina Avdeeva. In this marriage, the popular TV presenter of the program “Evening Urgant”, which is on Channel One on weekdays, had no children.


Asmus in trousers-pipes and stilettos came to Ostankino

On a personal Instagram page, 32-year-old Kristina Asmus shared reporting shots from the set of the Evening Urgant program on Channel One. In Ostankino, the wife of Comedy Club resident Garik Kharlamov appeared in a trouser suit, preferring a rich green tint. In addition, the celebrity supported fashion in monochrome. Next to Alexander Molochnikov and Ivan Urgant, the actress from the film Klim Shipenko “Text” posed in an elongated jacket and trousers-pipes with ironed arrows. The image of the artist was supplemented by actual metallic stilettos. Thanks to the straight silhouette of trousers, Christina visually lengthened her legs.

“Distance from the refrigerator”: Asmus appeared in the kitchen in jeans mini-shortsThe actress from the film Klim Shipenko “Text” is going to limit her appetites for self-isolation.

According to the actress, she already six times came to the shooting of Ivan Urgant. At the same time, Christina still does not leave excitement.

“The editor said that absolutely everyone except Vladimir Pozner, Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovsky are worried !! Well, then everything is ok, ”Asmus noted with some humor.

By the way, for the sake of filming in the talk show “Evening Urgant” on Channel One, showman’s lover Garik Kharlamov violated self-isolation. It is noteworthy that while at home, Christina Asmus managed to experiment with the image. The actress cut her long hair, making herself an elongated caret. The celebrity admitted that she was delighted with her hairstyle. The actress assured that in the near future it would hardly come to her mind to start growing curls.


What does the youngest daughter of Urgant Lera look like? Photo

TV host Ivan Urgant on Instagram posted a picture of his youngest daughter Valeria. The child is now four years old. On the frame, Lera is lying on the couch with her dog named Pear. It is noticeable that the girl has grown significantly lately.

“Peace. Daughter. May, ”a popular TV presenter briefly signed the picture.

Note that the youngest daughter Ivan Urgant with his wife Natalya Kiknadze was named in honor of the mother of the TV presenter Valeria Kiseleva. She passed away a few months before her son had a younger child. By the way, in the comments, fans noted that the girl is very similar to her grandmother.

We add that Ivan Urgant and Natalya Kiknadze also have a joint daughter Nina, named after Ivan Nina’s grandmother Urgant. Very soon, on May 15, the girl will be 12 years old. Also, the wife of Urgant has children from a previous relationship: son Nico and daughter Eric. Ivan has an excellent relationship with them, he considers them his children. Erica, for example, lives in the United States, where she has a black boyfriend. Ivan Urgant sometimes comes to visit his adopted daughter.


Barabash surprised Urgant with a story about the filming of Dzhulbars. Video

Stars of the TV series “Dzhulbars” (Channel One) Maria Andreeva and Alexei Barabash told how work on this film went on the air of “Evening Urgant.”

Star of the TV series “Dzhulbars” Maria Andreeva told how calms her son with a hairdryerThe actress became a mother recently.

True, the actor admitted that the shooting was four years ago, so he basically does not remember much, but still some moments remained in his memory.

“When we woke up with Masha …”, the artist began the story. However, he was forced to interrupt due to giggles in the auditorium. “This is normal! Good thing you remember that! ” – playfully encouraged the guest of the program Ivan.

Alex hastened to make excuses: “Amendment! When we woke up to take a shift – she is in her apartment, I am in mine. ” The artists had to get up at five in the morning to make up in time and start shooting. At the same time, work often took place in the Crimean mountains, where it was pretty cool, because of which the artists were forced to constantly warm their coffee.

And the locals periodically treated the stars. With special delight, Barabash recalled syrniki, which one of the Crimean women baked specially for the film crew. Filmmakers so enthusiastically expressed their enthusiasm for their taste, that a woman began to bring her signature dish to the site every day. “About the 27th day, we broke!” – admitted Alex. The actors took plates with cheesecakes and arranged for them to shoot pine trees nearby.

Maria admitted that this is not the most beautiful act on their part towards the donor, but at that moment they were going through a difficult shooting period.