Climate policy is under pressure due to the corona crisis

Berlin It was not long ago that climate protection was a key issue. Worldwide, young demonstrators in particular took to the streets, Germany presented a climate protection law, the EU Commission a green deal. But since the corona crisis made the headlines internationally, the issue has been difficult. Instead of thinking about the decarbonization of […]

Donald Trump’s Rediscovered Promise – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, in his 2016 election campaign Donald Trump Always an audience hit: he wanted to quickly, very quickly provide the country with new bridges, canals, roads and Internet lines. About all the affairs, staff changes and Kraftmeiereien its chaotic tenure However, the project has been somewhat forgotten. Well – it’s election campaign […]

Corona virus: How home office can work

Dusseldorf In many offices, it is currently as empty as it is shortly after New Year: Numerous companies send employees to their home office for fear of the corona virus. So had SAP After an infection, a location in Saarland with 800 jobs was closed indefinitely. Axel too Springer tightened the precautionary measures on Thursday […]

Dax and Eurostoxx: The appointments of the day

Dusseldorf In the first three days of the week, fear of the economic consequences of the coronavirus pushed the Dax down by almost six percent or 800 points. The new virus had recently spread to Europe. Before the start of trading, brokers see the leading German index at the opening on Thursday almost three percent […]

Better opportunities for people with disabilities

Berlin State Minister for Digital Affairs Dorothee Bär became clear when the Federal Government’s Disability Representative, Jürgen Dusel, handed over his recommendations for participation to the Federal Government at the end of last year. “We have to use digital change to open opportunities for people with disabilities to participate,” Bär said at the time. The […]