Bohdalová must grit her teeth! She had never experienced such audacity

She wanted to talk to people and tell them to be more considerate and get a good soda. “I am quite obedient. On the one hand, I am risky, and on the other hand, I think that people who do not understand this should not talk about the situation at all. It is necessary to knock down suitcases and listen, otherwise we will not get out of it, “she said according to Bohdalováwho canceled a holiday in beloved Greece because of the covid.

Perkausová he can no longer take pictures. Fear of Bohdalová. AND Mesarošová she secretly married!

Instead of reaping applause, however, fans criticized her for having a badly fitted drape. One of the commentators on the social network sent Bohdalová a rather cheeky message that probably won’t leave the actress cold. “Then listen and put on the veil properly, Vochomůrka,” was a rather ugly comment on the address of the famous actress. However, some fans stood behind Bohdalová and supported her. “For the chatters, an older man with a veil finds it difficult to breathe a conversation, but rather endangers himself,” wrote a fan in defense of Jiřina.

In the past, for example, Laco Déczi did not spare Jiřina Bohdalová:


Colleague about Bohdalová without napkins: IT’S A GENERAL

“Jiřka is a perfectionist. When something is stupid, he says it and doesn’t go for it. And mostly he’s right. She is an old practitioner, she has been doing it for x years and she has a sense of smell. Jirina is an absolute pro in this, it is necessary to put on her. Even some directors listen to her, so I tell them, ‘You have to be sharp at her, or she’ll kick you out in a minute.’ She is a generalist, but she really has it for that, “Josef smirks an imaginary hat Náhlovský in Sedmička magazine, she adds admiringly: “If she were a Native American, she would be the biggest star she is, because she will play really everything – even a bollard by the roadside.”


First the debacle, then it worked! Bohdalová is proud

The film entitled Cage with Jiřina Bohdalová (89) in the lead role received a Special Jury Prize at the prestigious Seoul International Drama Awards! The joy is all the greater because this beat has withstood the competition of more than 200 films from 50 countries around the world.

„V London we were also in Prague, but we did not receive any prize. The coronavirus didn’t let us into Seoul, and suddenly it worked out. “ boasted on the Super website. cz producer Jaroslav Farmer. “I am glad that we successfully represent Czech film and Czech Television in the world,” added the film’s director Jiří Strach. The international tribute must have pleased the actress herself the most, and she suddenly became an icon not only of the Korean audience!


Iva Janžurová (79): 80th birthday I will not celebrate …

Just no crowd congratulations and cheers. That’s not one of our best comedians at all. “As someone wants a private funeral, I want private logs,” she told the daily Aha! actress.

Iva Janžurová: I always hold on to my colleagues!

And any shooting? “Daughter Theodora said that, but I’m not happy about it. He has different ideas about the film that is supposed to be about me than I do, “Ivuška explained. It is said that her branch enjoys shots that her mother does not intend to release into the world in any way. He therefore expects a fight for every film sequence in the family. “I’m not really happy about my birthday. I am satisfied when the work goes well, “Janžurka smiled. In the summer, she fine-tuned her play Veletoč at the cottage, which the Kalich Theater has in its repertoire. It gave the comedy a swing and the audience laughed. The actress is already working on another topic, she can’t be idle. His – as he says in his fourth twenties he wants to celebrate in full flight. But he will not rent the hall for the celebration.

She is angry with the high pressure
This week, Iva Janžurová had to apologize from the press conference in Kavčí hory. “I had a high blood pressure. I measured high values, so I had to call it off, “confided the actress, who underwent heart surgery four years ago.

Janžurová did not take Leo away: Instead, she felt sorry for her daughter!


Jiřina Bohdalová influenza? The actress founded her own Instagram

Jiřina Bohdalová definitely does not belong to scrap metal. She did this by learning how to use the new touch phone. So far, she had an ordinary button. The touch can often not be controlled by younger people, but Jiřina is not afraid of anything.

Jiřina’s colleagues from the show Golden Mask made you happy. Jakub Prachař, Michal Hudák and Libor Bouček bought her a new phone. The actress screamed with joy and kissed the young man around her. Everyone knew she was annoyed that she wasn’t surfing the internet on her old phone.

The actress was happy

“I like receiving presents, boys,” the actress blurted out. “We have already created an Instagram profile for you there, so from now on you become an instagrammer,” Jakub Prachař told her. Enthusiastic Bohdalová immediately tried all her functions with pleasure.

The actress has always been very young and is definitely not going to retire. The last time she thought of it was to organize a big celebration of her 90th birthday at the O2 arena, where tens of thousands of people will have fun with her guests during the show. But that will not happen in the end.


Jiřina Bohdalová (89): Goosebumps from a gift for 40,000

The gift for tens of thousands of crowns was given to the film and theater legend by the actors Jakub Prachar (36), Michal Hudák (51) and moderator Libor Bouček (39). They all sat together on the TV show Golden Mask. They heard her complaints that she couldn’t browse the Internet on an old phone. “Jesus Christ,” the actress exclaimed with joy. And she gave each of the gentlemen a kiss.

Jiřina Bohdalová in court because of false paintings! Jiřina Bohdalová in court because of false paintings!

He needs navigation
“I like receiving presents. Well, boys …, “the actress’s joy continued. “Shall we put the navigation there?” Libor Bouček suggested to Jiřina. “Well, for sure!” Enjoyed the actress, who had goosebumps from an expensive gift and showed it to everyone around her. “Have I recorded it? Send it to me for a new one! ”She then smiled at the cameraman, who was filming the presentation of the gift behind the scenes. “We have already created an Instagram profile for you there, so from now on you become an instagrammer,” added Jakub Prachař.

It’s over! Jiřina Bohdalová (88) suffers from a new show: