Nacho Azofra, admitted for pneumonia in a hospital

Nacho Azofra, watching a basketball game. /Archive
Nacho Azofra, watching a basketball game. / Archive

The player who was a student and the Spanish team has not yet been tested to see if he is positive for coronavirus


The former Student player Nacho Azofra, 50, is admitted to the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid due to a pneumonia.

Still the test has not been carried out to know if it is positive for covid-19 and according to sources close to the player it seems that he is without great inconvenience, although worried.

Azofra was the base of the collegiate team in two stages, from 1989 to 1993 and from 1995 to 2006. In 1992 he won the second Copa del Rey for the Madrid entity and in 2000 the third.

The player from Madrid is the ACB quarter in games played (only behind Felipe Reyes, Rafael Jofresa and Nacho Rodríguez) with 705 and the second in assists (2221), behind Pablo Laso (2879), the current coach of Real Madrid. With the Spanish team he played 39 games.


Former student captain Nacho Azofra, admitted with pneumonia

l former student playerNacho Azofra, the one who has worn the most college shirt in all history, was admitted this Friday to the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid with pneumonia, as confirmed by the Madrid club.

The entity of theRamiro de MaeztuHe sent “encouragement” to the legendary former student player, a student historian, who enjoyed two stages with the schoolboys (1989-93 and 1995-06), being double champion of the Copa del Rey in the years 1992 and 2000.

Azofra, 50, is unknown if she has a coronavirus, but she is “stable” despite hospital admission. The former student base is the fourth player with the most games in the history of theACB Leagueand the second with more assists. With Spain he played 39 international matches.


Strict confinement for the Russian-American crew joining the ISS

Farewell in camera. The traditional press conference organized on the eve of any space launch was distinguished, Wednesday, April 8, by the compulsory absence of families and journalists. This radical measure was imposed in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic to avoid any risk of contamination of the crew preparing to take off for the International Space Station (ISS).

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The takeoff of the new Soyuz M16 rocket, Thursday, April 9 at 9:05 a.m. (Paris time) was broadcast live from the Baikonur space base in Kazakhstan. After six hours of flight time, the crew, made up of two Roskosmos cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut, were to arrive at the station around 3:15 p.m.

Avoid contamination on board

“All of our crews must remain in quarantine for two weeks before launch. This ensures that they are not sick or do not incubate a disease when they arrive at the space station, this is called “health stabilization” “, Courtney Beasley of NASA told CNN.

To avoid contamination by coronavirus on board the station, the statutory two-week confinement period for crew members has been extended to one month. “We were completely isolated during the last preparations for the mission”, said cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin.

If containment and isolation measures are part of the training, the restriction of family visits has weighed on the astronauts. “Obviously we would like to have our families here with us, but this is what we understand we need to do to be safe,” confessed at a press conference to 50-year-old astronaut Chris Cassidy, before declaring that the crew was ” affected » by this lack of human contact.

Reinforced measures

Expedition members began confinement on March 12 at the Star City training center near Moscow. The Russian capital has since become a hotbed of the epidemic in the country, and containment measures have been stepped up for the crew, particularly deprived of the traditional visit to the tomb of the first man in space, Iouri Gagarin.

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These measures are all the more important since the expedition members who left before the start of the pandemic, have never been confronted with the virus. For their return, scheduled for April 17, the Russian and American space agencies have already established an appropriate protocol: reinforced sanitary measures for teams specializing in the reception of astronauts, reduced staff and distancing measures: contacts with crew members will be limited to the maximum.


From the Church he spends another night hospitalized and hopes to leave the hospital

The power forward of Zumarraga Asier de la Iglesia, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, spent the third day admitted yesterday and hopes to leave the hospital, where he was scheduled to stay for four days, once he tested negative for coronavirus. Yesterday he noted on his social networks that he had spent the night «without sleep. Terrible headache and discomfort. But lively and smiling to the new day. #deestosalimos ». De la Iglesia debuted in his day with the GBC at ACB, being the first player to do so with multiple sclerosis.


Boris Johnson in ‘good spirits’ after ‘a quiet night’ in hospital

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, spent “a quiet night” and is in “good spirits”, as a spokesman for Downing Street said Monday. Johnson, 55, “remains in the hospital under observation,” the spokesperson told reporters, denying that he had been given a respirator but not that he was receiving oxygen.

Downing Street announced on late Saturday night hospital admission from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, “To undergo routine tests,” an hour after the media issued a message from Elizabeth to the British. The newspapers combine the two stories on the covers of Monday, with the popular ones highlighting the queen’s speech.

Johnson announced ten days ago his isolation at the official residence of the head of government after testing positive for the virus. He was driven around eight o’clock London time to St. Thimas Hospital, across the Westminster Bridge over the Thames. His fiancée, Carrie Symonds, who is pregnant and has not resided in the same apartment this time, has been symptomatic for seven days in bed typical of Covid-19.

Obesity, in December weighed more than one hundred kilos, is the only apparent risk factor Johnson, who has not managed to get rid of a high fever. His image in the videos he has broadcast from his residence, in a week in which his Government has received strong criticism, portray him with a congested face. Collaborators who have shared telematic meetings say that cough often.

Direct | This is how the fight against the coronavirus progresses

The transfer to the hospital was decided by his doctor. The speculation is that X-rays will be done of his lungs and tests of his vital organs. The known balance regarding the treatment of Covid-19, according to the analysis of Josep María Miró for the Fundación Lucha contra el Sida, is that a quick intervention with antivirals after the great infection is recommended, and again rapid action with anti-inflammatory drugs at the beginning of the second week. The mortality of those who are treated with respirators is 50%.

The Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, will preside over the meetings of the government committee that coordinates the actions of the Executive. The popularity of the government has declined in the last week due to the difficulties it has in increasing the number of tests or in obtaining a reliable antibody test, after having ruled out the route of mass tests as a way of managing the epidemic.


In this context, Johnson asked the monarch to deliver a speech to the nation, the fifth in his 68 years of reign. The previous ones, all since 1990, were on the occasion of the First Gulf War, the death of the prine Diana, the death of her mother and the Jubilee of her reign. The queen issues a Christmas message every year. The brief speech was recorded at Windsor Castle, where he remains alongside the Duke of Edinburgh.

Isabel II began her words by expressing the country’s gratitude to the workers of the National Health Service. In a weekend in which the Health Minister, Matt Hancock, threatened the population with removing the authorization to go out once a day to exercise, due to the attendance of people in parks on Saturday and Sunday, the queen expressed I also thank “those who stay at home.” “I hope that in the years to come, everyone will be able to proudly remember how they responded to this challenge,” he said.

Later he praised the permanence of virtues that “characterize this country”, such as “self-discipline, calm and well-humored determination, the feeling of companionship.” And he concluded with a message of optimism, expressing his conviction that “we will succeed and that success will belong to all of us.”

In the final passage evoked the spirit of unity of the Second World War. “We will meet again”, he said. Those words are the front page of the newspapers. It is the name of a song composed by two musicians and lyricists from Manchester in 1939 and popularized by singer Vera Lynn. It evokes the spirit of soldiers leaving for war and was the most popular song of that time.


Envy of Todorenko’s success eats Ivleev? The language barrier prevents bloggers from achieving worldwide popularity

This is evidenced by Anastasia’s personal competition, which could go to Eagle and Reshka to prove to her competitor that she is better.

Regina’s success is noticeable that she was able to achieve all this thanks to her erudition and education. What, on the contrary, her former colleague cannot boast of. Even taking part in a joint show, you can notice with a naked eye the difference in the behavior of the hosts, and the corresponding reaction of the fans.

Now Nastya is trying to attract maximum attention, arranging almost daily live broadcasts on instagram. And the guests of her “show” are far from unknown persons, such as Maxim Galkin, Lolita Milyavskaya, Maria Minogarova, and in the next issue even Philip Kirkorov himself. But the language barrier, unfortunately, does not allow her to achieve world popularity by attracting foreign stars.

Even looking through the old editions of Oryol and Reshka, in which Ivleeva plays the role of presenter, you can pay attention to how difficult it is for her to communicate with people around her, while abroad. What can not be said about Todorenko, who without any difficulty copes with this perfectly, causing more sympathy among the audience than Nastya.

During one of her live broadcasts, the American singer and actor Jared Leto suddenly joined the blogger, but she managed to talk to him with great difficulty, because she can not even talk about her activities due to the lack of basic English knowledge. What can we say about attracting public from all over the world, and not just from Russia.

Traveling to different countries, Regina could always easily establish a dialogue with any passerby or give an interview to foreign media. And Nastya can only dream about it. Envy of Todorenko’s success, apparently, eats her so much that she finally decided to start learning English remotely. Apparently, she realized that otherwise she would not get close to the number of subscribers that her ex-colleague had.


Plcido Domingo, admitted to Acapulco due to coronavirus

Plácido Domingo is admitted to a hospital in the city ofAcapulco, Mexico, recovering from complications associated with COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

As the local media points out,Quadratin Warrior, the Spanish tenor is stable and has passed the most critical part of this disease, so he may be discharged from hospital in the coming days.

Domingo was in charge of announcing his positive forCOVID-19on his Facebook profile: “I feel it is my moral obligation to announce that I have tested positive for COVID19, also known as the coronavirus. My family and I are and will remain individually isolated for as long as medically necessary. We currently all enjoy good health, but I presented symptoms of cough and fever, therefore I decided to do the test and the result was positive “.

A message that filled with expressions of affectionsocial networksfrom the artist, something that made him step forward to thank everyone who had sent his encouragement: “I am very grateful and moved by the wave of messages I have received from so many people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Take care of your health, stay safe. “


The former president of Granada Paco Sanz, admitted by COVID-19, evolves favorably

Paco Sanz, former president of Granada, 47, has been hospitalized by COVID-19 since Sunday in a hospital in Madrid. The former president already regretted, last Saturday, the death of his father Lorenzo Sanz because of this disease. Paco was admitted the following day after suffering symptoms throughout the week, especially a high fever that was “bearable” at first, in his own words, but which ended up adding to other consequences of the infection. He went to the coronavirus tests three times, but they were denied this step on all of them because he still did not present a serious picture. The situation was complicated and he even had to go through the ICU before being on the ground in the last hours.

The Sanz family is suffering an ordeal. The death of the patriarch, Lorenzo, was a very hard blow. The former president of Real Madrid was at the time benefactor of Granada, a collaboration that began in 2005 with Manuel Benito. This impulse coincided with the landing of his son Paco. In that season, the Nasrid team achieved promotion from Third to Second B.

Then came two and a half campaigns at that level. In the first, the rojiblancos saved the category with difficulty. In the second, with a higher investment, they were one step away from playing the qualifying rounds to go up to the ‘silver division’. In the third, a priori continuity of the project, the economic problems came. Sanz was forced to resign to make way for a manager, with Ignacio Cuerva at the helm, after which the era of Pozzo and Pina would come.


Joaqun Sabina receives hospital discharge after eleven days admitted

The musician Joaquín Sabina has been discharged from hospital and is already at home after being operated on for an intracranial hematoma caused by hisfall to the pit during a concert at the WiZink Centerin Madrid on February 12.

The singer-songwriter has left the plant of the Ruber International hospital, where he had been since February 18, after spending six days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital.

Besides ofintracreneal hematomafor which he was operated, Sabina suffered slight fractures in his shoulder, so he must rest and need rehabilitation.

Sabina entered the International Ruber on February 12 after having suffered an accidental fall at the concert he offered alongside Joan Manuel Serrat.

The singer presented “left shoulder trauma, thoracic and cranioencephalic” and was surgically intervened for “evacuation of intracranial hematoma in the right hemisphere,” according to the first medical report.

The fall of the stage took place around 9:00 p.m., 30 minutes after the beginning of the concert, when Sabina was on the stage saying a few words to present the song of ‘Mediterranean’.

At that moment,He tripped and fell into the pit, so he hit the area that separates the stage from the public.Immediately, he was attended by the medical staff of the enclosure. Sabina complained of a severe pain in her shoulder so she was transferred to this hospital in Madrid.

Maintained during the night under observation, first thing in the morning, and after performing new tests, the medical team decided to intervene toevacuate an intracranial effusion.

During all the time he has been admitted, Sabina has received numerous signs of affection and support from his followers and colleagues, and has remained accompanied by his family.