Helmut Marko’s idea to overcome the coronavirus in Formula 1

Red Bull sports advisor Helmut Marko has proposed in the Formula One squad a system for his riders to develop a coronavirus immunity through a preventative infection. The 24-hour winner of the Le Mans told an interview on Austrian television ORF on Monday that his idea was to infect the four official runners, Max Verstappen, […]

Cancel F1 Australian GP with spectators queuing to enter the circuit

The International Motor Racing Federation (FIA), Formula 1 and the Australian GP’s promoter have canceled the first race of the 2020 World Cup on Friday, scheduled for this Sunday at Albert Park. After listening to representatives from Australian teams and health authorities, it was decided to postpone the Grand Prix, which had been altered in […]

Toni Bou, 27th time World Champion

Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda) has been one of the main affected by extraordinary measures in sport to stop the massive contagion of the coronavirus. Canceling the penultimate test of the X-Trial indoor track season, which was to take place in Austria on April 21, has mathematically made it a world champion. It is the […]

Albert Arenas opens the Moto3 season with a win in Qatar

Albert Arenas won the first trophy of the season in the Moto3 category after an exciting race that was decided in the last lap. The fact is that the front group, consisting of 11 to 12 riders, has been changing positions until the end. In fact, before the penultimate lap began, Gabri Rodrigo was a […]

Qatar launches half-gas MotoGP World Cup

Other years, at this time of year, we would be talking about the start of the MotoGP World Cup and hiking around to see which rider would end up winning the first race of the year and the championship. But this season the coronavirus has wanted, at least at the beginning, to take the lead […]

Coronavirus invigorates MotoGP World Cup start

This Sunday, one of the longest seasons of the MotoGP World Championship, with 20 races, had to start. And we say had to start for two reasons: in Qatar there is the curious circumstance that only the light will come on to see the motorcycles of the two small categories of the championship, Moto2 and […]

Qatar MotoGP race is canceled and Thailand is postponed

The MotoGP World Cup will not start in Qatar or in Thailand. Dorna, the contest’s organizing company, decided on Sunday to suspend the inaugural World Cup test due to coronavirus. The decision, however, will only affect the Queen category, as the Moto2 and Moto3 races will take place. This is because the teams in these […]