Debt emerges in Barça’s electoral battle

Joan Laporta He found a captivating formula to put himself in the window. “Barça is the club of the 3,000 million: one billion income, one billion expenses and one billion debt.” A phrase, almost a motto, to remember in the coming months of the campaign for the elections of the Barça presidency. Presumably you will use it again: it has an impact.

The phrase augurs that the electoral trench will be relocated in the field of the economy and specifically in the swamp of the debt. Laporta somehow supported the concern recently expressed by Victor Font on the status of the box FC Barcelona.

“Barça is the club of the 3,000 million: 1,000 of income, 1,000 of expenses and 1,000 of debt “, denounces Laporta

Laporta did not make official on the GOL network, where he said the phrase, his candidacy to sit on the throne of the Camp Nou, but it was not long. He said he works at the meeting of a group of professionals he trusts. And he did it by denouncing that the entity “has a very precarious situation at the moment. You have to think carefully about how to reverse the club’s economic situation.”

Risk of “moral and economic bankruptcy”

Font warned a few days ago that “Barça are at risk of moral and economic bankruptcy.” In terms of morality, he alluded to ‘Barçagate’, the scandal of social networks that has taken over the recent times, and will do so again as soon as the results of the famous audit are known. But regarding the economic Font asked to “postpone the decision of Espai Barça” until the new board of the Barça club is elected due to “the economic situation and the total debt of the club.” In this sense, Font demanded that “the making of all those structural decisions that are not essential” be delayed in the face of the gloomy panorama opened by the coronavirus.

A complex mystery

The Candidate Font He has not ceased to put pressure on Bartomeu’s management since he jumped into the pre-electoral arena and, certainly, the club has provided him with endless scandals in recent months to come to the fore. The slowdown in the competition for the impact of the Covid-19 and the consequent radical drought in income has aggravated the opposition’s concern about the entity’s financial state and, in particular, the debt, a permanent and tangled mystery whose scope depends on who and how to do the addition and subtraction. Font has asked for “transparency” in this field on several occasions.

Bartomeu has the immense pressure balancing accounts in his last year in office in the worst conditions imaginable

The new board of Bartomeu He is under immense pressure to balance his accounts in his last year in office in the worst conditions imaginable. The big expenses are reduced little (just 30 million of the salaries of the players) and the income enters dropper. The president has no easy task before him. In the background, the danger of having to guarantee losses.

Will lean on Jordi Moix, new economic and equity vice president, and David Bellver, the new treasurer. Also in Oriol Tomàs, brand new commercial vice president, in charge of finding new sponsors and tying up current ones.

The former vice president Emili Rousaud, another potential candidate for the presidency, will initially reinforce his profile, from the conflict over the hiring of five monitoring companies on social networks that he has denounced as irregular and well above the market price.

Pending the audit

The appearance of the audit report will return you to the foreground. But presumably, in the summer of 2021, when the elections arrive, the ‘Barçagate’ has lost gas due to the financial alarm installed in the great clubs of Europe and, in particular, in Barça, more dependent than anyone on the income that they provide the opening to the public of the State, the local and the tourist. Many months will have been lost by then. A campaign of many numbers awaits.


Espai Barça, at a critical point

A couple of days ago, the candidate for the throne of the box of the Camp Nou, Víctor Font, demanded through a long letter that all those structural decisions that were not essential be delayed in the face of the gloomy questions posed by the crisis of the coronavirus. “It is vital to postpone the decision on Espai Barça until the new Board of Directors is elected, “he wrote, alerting about the club’s economy.

Delays are an inseparable part of the emblematic project of Josep Maria Bartomeu. Who knows if the latter is fatal. As things stand, the first stone cannot be removed from the Camp Nou until the summer of 2021. It is, paradoxically, just the year the works were to be completed, as established in 2014, when the project was approved by 72 % of partners in referendum. It is the summer in which the president will close his cycle in the club and the elections will be held. Not even the excavators will be able to see Bartomeu.

Beginnings with Rosell

Paralysis has been installed in the great work of Espai Barça. Built the Johan Cruyff Stadium and the Mini collapsed, the new Palau and the adjacent facilities are still pending and, of course, the Camp Nou, as old as it is indestructible despite the different plans of different presidents to change it from top to bottom. His reform seems cursed.

The club has held advanced negotiations with a couple of companies for the Estadi surname

Josep Lluis Núñez He could not carry out his Barça2000 project, which was playing in the Les Corts neighborhood, due to the opposition from the neighborhood. Joan Laporta came to choose Norman Foster to build a brand new stadium, but Sandro Rosell knocked down the project as soon as he became president. Before resigning, he planted the Espai Barça embryo, which Bartomeu assumed as his own and made it his flagship project.

The Espai Barça is no longer worth 600 million as originally assumed, but has increased its cost beyond 800. Due to delays, inflation, and the surprises one encounters when undertaking a work of such caliber & mldr; A deviation that Bartomeu judged as excessive and, therefore, understood that it deserved a new referendum.

This must be held on a split day. But there will be no party, with the public, until you know when. And since bulldozers must enter the field outside the football season, there is no choice but to move the moment of action of heavy machinery to the summer of 2021. Hopefully the next directive will debut, if it is carried out as it is. planned. It should be recalled that the current board, after the untimely resignation of Emili Rousaud, has run out of continuation candidate.

Bartomeu has always maintained that this is a club project, not a directive. He has spent years developing a financial plan that has been mutating. The last one, which must be presented to the partners, involves the investment bank. Goldman Sachs, which contributes 700 million for the reform on account of future income that will give a renovated Camp Nou, with a multitude of VIP boxes. About 150 million annually, according to official estimates.

The entity trusts that Goldman Sachs maintains its 700 million commitment to financing the works

The club maintains the message that despite the ensuing crisis, Goldman Sachs has not changed its involvement. The contracts are drawn up and the day after the partners give the go-ahead, the commitments can be signed.

Less certainty exists about the Camp Nou surname. There were advanced negotiations with two companies. The goal was to get 25 to 30 million every year for the next 20. The crisis is hitting hard and it remains to be seen how the coronavirus will alter the plans of so many companies, including these two.

Expert endorsement

Despite doubts from the opposition about the health of the club and the viability of the project even before the scourge of the virus, Bartomeu wanted to back up and probed the financial structure with three prestigious Catalan economists (some of them under the condition that it not be disclosed their participation) and the club found comfort when receiving from the three, after studying it carefully, a positive report. They endorsed the strength of numbers and their viability.

This endorsement, produced before the coronavirus hit, gave a boost to the club’s rulers who still remain today. Or that is the impression they seek to externalize. There are three executives in the entity trying to reorient the numbers before the new panorama that arises in the soccer industry and that they will have to report to Bartomeu and Grascar Grau, the CEO of FCBarcelona. These accounts also include Espai Barça, the jewel in the crown that, after so many delays, it is not known if one day it will fully see the light.


Power struggle at FC Barcelona with President Josep Maria Bartomeu

SEven Lionel Messi found the developments strange. Your own agency that attacked Barça legends like Messi, Gerard Pique, Xavi or Pep Guardiola on social media just to strengthen the image of club president Josep Maria Bartomeu? The so-called “Barçagate” had recently caused a lot of unrest at FC Barcelona – now the signs are thickening, six club directors resigned noisily from their positions and made serious allegations.

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In an open letter, which appeared in the newspaper “La Vanguardia” on Good Friday, the two vice presidents Emili Rousaud and Enrique Tombas as well as Silvio Elias, Maria Teixidor, Josep Pont and Jordi Clasamiglia called for an early election and complaints about defects in the processing of the “Barçagate “.

The increasingly controversial Bartomeu, who has to step down as club boss after two terms of office in 2021, is said to have paid the company “I3 Ventura” a million euros for targeted defamation in order to strengthen him and the club’s leadership in public. The Spanish newspaper “Sport” wrote of a “civil war” and called the Barçagate a “time bomb”.

The first details came to light in February, Bartomeu terminated the contract with “I3 Ventura” and emphasized that the company had only monitored social media posts. Independent auditors started an internal investigation that is ongoing. According to “Sport”, Barça paid 980,000 euros for the services to the Uruguay-based company instead of the usual 120,000 to 150,000 euros. In addition, the invoices are said to have been divided into five tranches so as not to attract the attention of the control authorities.

“When the auditors tell us that the cost of these services is € 100,000 and we paid a million, it means someone put their hand in the till. I have no evidence and I cannot say who, ”Rousaud told RAC1 radio.

The departure of the Vice President came as a particular surprise, and was actually said to have a good relationship with Bartomeu. Barça vehemently rejected the allegations made in the letter and announced that legal action would be taken against Rousaud. “The criminal measure serves to defend the honor of the association and its employees,” it said in the message published on Monday evening after a board meeting.

In a statement, President Bartomeu’s board “categorically denied any action that could be described as corruption, and has agreed to initiate the appropriate criminal prosecution. FC Barcelona can not tolerate allegations that seriously damage the image of the institution, “it said.

In his statement, the sextet also referred to dissonances in the club’s handling of the corona crisis. The tough negotiations with the professionals for a waiver of salary had caused a lot of waves, and the superstars around Captain Messi felt that the club management put them in a bad light. Rousaud had revealed discrepancies in the management of Barça last Wednesday at the radio station Cadena Ser: “Bartomeu called me and said he wanted to change the management because he distrusts some of the directors, including me.”

Now the board members came before him. Bartomeu’s position still seems to be consolidated in the club’s “Game of Thrones”, as one employee described the processes behind the scenes at ESPN. The remaining 13 directors apparently strengthened the president’s back, there would be no further resignations. With this, Bartomeu should sit firmly in the saddle for his final 14 months as president of the Blaugrana – despite all skirmishes.


Bartomeu will meet with his managers telematically at 16:30

FC Barcelona will hold a meeting on Monday via telematics Board of Directors at 4:30 p.m., chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu, in which new members are expected to communicate after the six resignations.

A source consulted by EFE confirmed the schedule of the telematic meeting, although he did not ensure that the six casualties produced by the resignations of a few days ago (Emili Rousaud, Enrique Tombas, Silvio Elías, Josep Pont, Maria Teixidor and Jordi Calsamiglia).

At the end of the meeting, the club will issue a release, without appearance of the spokesperson.
With the restructuring of his management team, Bartomeu hopes to end a new crisis in the Barça institution, produced by the ‘Barçagate’, that originated when the hiring of an external service to improve the image on social networks was publicly known.

Ongoing audit

Barcelona expects to report shortly, not today, on the audit content on ‘Barçagate’, after it was revealed that the club had hired a company to enhance the image of the board, but for whose service off-market amounts were paid, and whose role also ended up being the discharge of criticism of players of the first team, as well as ex-members of the entity.


The ‘Barçagate’ also splashed La Masia

The ‘Barçagate’, the digital crisis uncovered by Cadena SER, not only affected the first team and the management sino that has also splashed La Masia, as revealed exclusively by the daily Sport. A study of content on social networks was ordered, including Barça B, a Barça subsidiary, like the rest of Barça’s base football without informing the executive structure.

Jaume Masferrer, the president’s adviser, who is now suspended from employment and salary after learning of the scandal, commissioned this follow-up, according to journalist Xavi Torres. Neither the club’s executive nor any manager knew of the movements ordered and later known by the SER information.

In the case of La Masia, those responsible received an economic report from the first months of the 2019-20 season and discovered, according to Sport, an invoice of 99,000 euros from Tantra Soft, a consulting company in computer and information technology, linked to employment and I3Ventures, the ‘Barçagate’ company.

Pending the audit

The club has not yet released the audit it commissioned to clarify this convoluted matter, which first forced Bartomeu to explain even to the four captains (Messi, Busquets, Sergi Roberto and Piqué) rather, it has been used as the main argument for the resignation of the six directors who have left the board this past week.


“Now what is at risk is Barça himself”

“You have to start from scratch. The management model that in recent years has allowed us to be the best multi-sport club in the world is no longer useful. Now what is at risk is Barça itself.” Víctor Font, pre-candidate for the presidency of the Barça club, wanted to send a message after the crisis in the box at the Camp Nou.

Through a long missive, Font has indicated that he had been warning Barça’s partners that the club is heading fully “towards the perfect storm” and recalled that “if the risks were great, now they are gigantic” after the appearance of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Embarrassing climb”

“For months we have witnessed a shameful escalation of chapters in the institutional behavior of the club,” said the leader of the project ‘Yes to the Future’, recalling that “evil does not come from now.” He recalled “the condemnation of the club for the Neymar case, the disagreements between employees and players with executives and the audit of the case on social networks, which seems to confirm the scandal.”

Victor Font He recalled that “under normal conditions, the gravity of the events would have caused Sí al Fut to ask for resignations and the immediate call for early elections.” But nothing is normal since the appearance of the coronavirus. “It would be irresponsible not to. But with the country confined and without knowing when we will return to normal life, it is practically impossible to collect signatures, present candidates, campaign and open the polls this summer.”

For this reason, the leader of ‘Sí al Futur’ ends his letter by demanding three points from the board:

1.- Explain in a totally transparent way the economic situation and the total debt of the Club and to what extent this debt limits the short-term action plan.
2.- Delay the taking of all those structural decisions that are not essential, since we do not know for sure what the impact of the coronavirus will be on the life and economy of the Club. It is vital to postpone the decision on Espai Barça until the new Board of Directors is elected.
3.- Offer maximum prudence and transparency when making operations (investments and sales) with players.


“The club’s reaction has been very dirty”

Emili Rousaud has not discreetly left the directive of the Barca. President Josep Maria Bartomeu He asked him to resign and the former vice president agreed, along with five other managers, but on his own terms, making a considerable noise. He has aired discrepancies over various aspects of club management, particularly regarding the costly hiring of a social media monitoring company. Rousaud, president of Factor Energia, reviews in this interview these last days of unexpected notoriety, possibly useful in view of his future candidacy for the Barça presidency.

Inside the club he has been outraged at the accusation that someone has put his hand on the box. Do you regret having used it? Let’s see, if you listen to the radio interview, and I’ve heard it twice to make sure, what I’m saying is that an illicit profit has been generated and someone has kept it. That is quite evident. You will not like the phrase, which in fact I did not use, but Jordi Basté. “Is this like putting your hand on the box?” He asked. And I said that from this point of view, yes. I say this to clarify it. People who may have been upset is because they do not know the subject. Perhaps not the luckiest expression to describe what has happened. Not that it is not correct.

In the last few hours, some managers have distanced themselves from their line. I think Jordi Calsamiglia’s note has been circulated by someone from the club. And the only thing that tastes bad to me is that he says I’ve questioned the honesty of the board. I never have. Unlike. I have always said that the invoices had been cut so as not to go through the control of the board. And if you have no record it is impossible for you to have anything to do with the subject.

The club spokesperson wondered why you did not make these complaints when you were inside. It is an absurd manifestation. These complaints have already been made inside. That is precisely why he is kicked out. The President has fired managers who had been very critical of the hiring. In fact we forced like no one else to start the audit and for Jaume Masferrer to be suspended from employment and salary. If it seems little complaint … The fact is that now that the audit is nearing completion, he wants us out. I think there is a relationship. The president can say: ‘no, there is none, I have lost their confidence.’ Well ok …

“Putting your hand in the box is perhaps not the luckiest expression to describe what has happened. Not that it is not correct. But well, I have stopped, this war is over now. And the club will not be interested in continuing either”

Emili Rousaud

Former vice president of Barça

How do you rate the response of the club? There is a reaction from the club that is quite dirty, but I already expected it. Both because of the spokesman’s statements and because of the threat of taking legal action. I have explained some issues in a reasoned way. That I am not inventing anything.

It seems that he has declared war on Bartomeu. Bartomeu degrades us and asks us to resign at a strategically chosen moment, confined, without showing our face, at Easter & mldr; They are not ways. When I finally take the step, I explain why I’m leaving. I don’t do it just because, or because I did something wrong. Wrong things have been done, but it has been them. It is very important to understand: if I let this happen without doing anything, I would now be the official candidate, huh? And I am not stupid. What happens is that I do not congregate with this type of performances. But well, I already stop, this war ends now. On Tuesday I have to go to work to move my company forward. I also can’t spend all day with this story. My family is also fed up ..

You haven’t had any other conversations or exchanges of messages with Bartomeu since you asked him to resign, I understand. To talk about what? Bartomeu is a very resilient person and always has a very good mood. But I think it wouldn’t make sense. On Tuesday he asked me to leave and I told him to let me think. It was he or someone of his who leaked it to the press. If not, I wouldn’t have come out to say anything.

How will the audit end? What I try to put in full view of the world is that when I go out, some action is taken. The six directors who resigned asked for two things. First: responsibilities are cleared. Second: if there has been an illicit economic benefit, let’s try to recover it.

“Barça would have been better off with a 20% or 25% annual salary reduction for the players. But I do not criticize the players. They have given what they have been asked of the club and have also helped the workers. Perfect”

Emili Rousaud

Former vice president of Barça

And can’t it be that more has been paid off the account without implying that no one from the club has benefited? You can say: ‘I have not appropriated the money, the supplier has appropriated it, it has deceived us’. But he has deceived us because of him! In the end the important thing is Barça. If you have caused damage, it is because you have paid excessively for a service and because internal procedures have not been followed.

But isn’t this different from saying that you have gotten your hands on the box? No, sorry, it’s not much different. You have caused the same financial damage, either by appropriation or by letting someone else appropriate it. The damage caused to the club is the same; it only changes who has benefited from the illicit amount generated. Someone inside or someone outside.

It has collided with the president also over the issue of cutting players. I have not questioned the President about this. The only thing that I said is that there was a group of managers that we considered that the economic hole is very important as a result of the coronavirus and that it would be necessary to be more ambitious in the negotiation with the players. But this is already starting. This is not a criticism. By asking me to resign, he tells me that I have criticized the players through the press. And it is not like that. I have never criticized them. I had only said that given the economic impact, it would be better to be more ambitious than 70% of the monthly base salary. Madrid have done better than Barça, for example. Or Bayern. Or Juventus. But hey & mldr; What he said is that I cannot criticize the players if you ask them for 70% and they give it to you, and on top of that they help the workers. They have behaved perfectly. Player criticism, zero.

“All this has increased the degree of knowledge about me, who was very low, and if I end up running for elections, it will add up. The desire has not passed me”

Emili Rousaud

Former vice president of Barça

How much do you think the cut to the players should have been? Barça would have been better off negotiating a cut in the annual salary. Maybe 20% or 25%. I just want to say that the proposal coming out of the club is unambitious. In this everyone has their opinion.

And after these heated days, have you lost or strengthened your desire to be president of Barça? The desire to introduce myself has not passed me. For me it is an honor to serve the club that I love, and all these explanations that I give is due to a moral obligation that I have with the member. If in the end I create the candidacy I would not do it criticizing the current board, but with proposals for the future and taking into account that the next scenario is very complicated.

It can be thought that the noise that has actually generated is the beginning of his electoral campaign. I will not say that it is a misinterpretation. All this has increased the degree of knowledge that I had about myself, which was very low, and it still is surely, but it is true that, when the time comes, if I introduce myself, I am still just thinking about it, it will add up. Although someone may interpret that it does not help in some points, there is a reality, and that is that if you are not known you do not have the possibility of getting your messages across. But leaving the Barça board is a very sad moment. And if I do it is for a matter of personal coherence. I am an honest person, although it sounds ridiculous if you tell yourself, but the reality is this.


The ‘Barçagate’ audit will recognize that the contracting of I3 Ventures is out of the market

The audit commissioned by Barça on the digital crisis uncovered by Cadena SER has not yet been officially presented, but the Sport newspaper has had access to a report in which it is specified that the cost of the work of the I3Ventures was excessive and outside the market price. While waiting for it to be known, the only measure is that Jaume Masferrer, adviser to President Josep Maria Bartomeu, has been suspended from employment and salary.

Not only that. That audit, which is missing, as explained Emili Rousaud, the former Barça institutional vice-president, “still a couple of interviews” to be completed. But Price Waterhouse Coopers, the company that Barça entrusted with that task, maintains that the price paid, about 980,000 euros, is well above what is usually paid for jobs like this.

Bills below 200,000 euros

Also the research that is being done, as Rousaud denounced, that the invoice was cut into five parts to avoid passing through the club’s awards committee, which must validate any contract above 200,000 euros. In the case of I3 Ventures, the invoices were 198,000 euros.

In addition, as reported by the Sport newspaper, the contracts signed were with five companies all linked to I3 Ventures, maintaining a wording and practically identical clauses.


Messi Club FC Barcelona trouble: six directors out

FFootball clubs prove every summer break that they don’t need games to make the headlines. This is no different in the crisis surrounding the corona virus. So FC Barcelona is currently blazing. In the dispute between board members among each other and between board and players, the chairman Josep Maria Bartomeu tried to relieve the pressure and deprived four board members of the competencies. Now six members have resigned from the body. They say three more are planning the same move.

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Things never went really well under Bartomeu near Barça. He was vice president when club manager Sandro Rosell resigned in January 2014. In summer 2015, after the impressive triumph of the Champions League, championship and royal cup, Bartomeu was confirmed as chairman. The term of office expires next year. The fact that she was never free of anger is surprising when you look at the sporting record: there are four championships, four wins in the Royal Cup, one title each in the Champions League, in the Super Cup of the UEFA and in the Club World Cup. Also in the currently interrupted football season, the Catalans lead the league by two points ahead of Real Madrid and would have good cards for a move into the quarter-finals after a 1-1 draw in Napoli in the Champions League. And yet the quarrels never ended.

Bartomeu never had a happy hand in the selection of staff. After just one year as president, he dismissed Andoni Zubizarreta, who had been sporting director for many years. The goalkeeper legend is considered the real architect of sporting success. One of his last official acts was the signing of the contract with Marc-André ter Stegen. For Zubizarreta came Éric Abidal, former center-back in the service of FC Barcelona. He found no substitute for the players who left the club and is said to get along extremely badly with the team. Abidal had accused the players of not working enough and provoking the dismissal of coach Ernesto Valverde in February. Lionel Messi fought back accordingly.

There were similar communication problems prior to the club’s agreement with the players on wage cuts in the face of the Corona crisis. The players waive 70 percent of their earnings and will also pay two percent into a crisis fund intended for the club’s employees. Captain Messi announced this again via social networks and at the same time complained about reports launched to the public that the team was fighting salary cuts.

The biggest resentment at Barça was the commissioning of a company that specializes in online marketing. It is said to have agitated on social networks against players who are not on Bartomeus’ side, such as Messi, Xavi Hernández or Gerard Piqué. Piqué, for example, was accused of immoral business for organizing the Davis Cup in Madrid, Spain, as the sports manager. Spanish media already spoke of “Barçagate”.

The club is said to have paid 900,000 euros for the campaign; The transfers have been divided into several amounts of less than 200,000 euros, so that they do not have to be approved by the association’s award committee. This commission included, among others, the previous Vice-Chief Emili Rousaud, who has now resigned after Bartomeu had taken his office away. Rousaud had recently made serious allegations.

A journalist from the Catalan regional radio RAC1 asked him if someone had reached the till at Barça. “Honestly, I think so,” said Rousaud, adding: “Who? I don’t know. ”The club had hired an accounting firm to clear up“ Barçagate ”, and work is nearing completion. However, an internal committee should review this report before publication. So far, alongside Bartomeu, he also had his two vice presidents, who were now shot. With the new composition on the board, the club boss would now have more influence on the final report.

The resignations are more than an image problem for Bartomeu. If more than two thirds resign or fewer than five people remain on the board, this would be dissolved according to the association’s statutes. Then Bartomeu would have to start a new election, which he has been resisting for weeks. But 13 board members still remain loyal to him. This would keep him in office until summer next year despite all the quarrels.


Barça’s box is burning

Emili Rousaud intends to leave the Barca ship with an open declaration of hostilities against Josep Maria Bartomeu. The former Barça vice-president, who formalized his resignation on Thursday night with five other board executives, dropped a huge bomb on Friday in an interview on Rac-1, which he had not seen for years around FC Barcelona. “I honestly think someone has reached into the box.”

The denunciation of corruption by the one who should have been the continuation presidential candidate shatters any aspiration of Bartomeu to close in a controlled way an open crisis by himself. It caused the first detonation when demanding the resignation of four managers on Tuesday, which became effective on Thursday night with the addition of two more members. But Rousaud’s accusations incorporated gunpowder into the situation.

FC Barcelona replied a few hours later with a statement threatening to take criminal action against Rousaud in the face of “the serious and unfounded accusations.” Bartomeu, who jumps from one scandal to another relentlessly, chose not to come to the fore and avoid rifirrafe, but from his environment they explain that, despite feeling hurt, he interprets the criticism of the former vice president as an endorsement of his decision to break a a board that he deemed ungovernable, removing those he considered not paddling in favor and surrounding himself with a cohesive team in the complex stretch that remains until the summer of 2021.

Bartomeu feels that criticism de Rousaud endorse his decision to break the board

This weekend he plans to convene a telematic meeting to finish off the remodeling of a meeting that has dropped from 19 to 13 members. Rousaud said on his new radio tour that three more managers would be meditating to follow in his footsteps. From the same club they believe that at most one more box could leave the box. Bartomeu’s intention is to supply casualties with at least one entry.

The block resignation of six managers evokes riots from previous times, the last one during the presidency of Joan Laporta in 2008. However, in this case the difference is that Bartomeu himself is the one who has activated the expulsion button, digested particularly badly by Rousaud, who has opened indiscriminate fire against the president and dared to speak not only of administration unfair but even corrupt.

He alluded to the scandal of social networks, the so-called Barçagate, and the extra cost in the contracting of monitoring services that sometimes led to the creation of profiles from which own players such as Messi and Piqué were criticized. “If you pay a million euros for a job that has a market cost of 100,000 … White and bottled,” said the businessman.

Club compensation

He raised colleagues from the board of directors with suspicion. Who was it? Not at all someone on the board. I don’t know who it was, but you can suspect … », said the former director. He did not want to give names. “I have no proof and therefore cannot say who.” He asked in any compensation to the club for which he considers an embezzlement of 900,000 euros.

On Thursday night the four executives appointed by the president made their departure effective (Rousaud, Enrique Tombas, Silvio Elías and Josep Pont), and they were joined by two more members, Maria Teixidor, whom Bartomeu tried in vain to convince that it should continue, and Jordi Casamaglia, who broke away from Rousaud’s strategy late yesterday.

Around with the audit

The president of the company Factor Energia admitted having also collided with Bartomeu due to the salary reduction of the soccer players. Too little to his liking, “insufficient to cover the disappearance of income. But our advice was ignored, “he said.

Regarding the famous audit, the former director assured that “it is almost finished. I am aware of this ». He regretted in this regard that three of the six directors who make up the delegated commission (his own Rousaud, Enrique Tombas and Maria Teixidor), which must assess the conclusions of the audit, are already gone. The manager suspects that the president intends to get them out of the way to avoid excessive oversight of the results and their consequences.