Excessive? This is how Juan Diego Alvira celebrated his birthday

Juan Diego Alvira It is not changed by anyone. The renowned presenter, celebrates this October 16 one more year of life in the company of family and loved ones.

Through his social networks, the Tolima shared a video how, from the beginning of the day, set companions had different details with him.

Thank you all for your messages and good vibes“, he claimed Juan Diego Alvira on his Instagram account.

In the images shared by the presenter of Noticias Caracol you can see how the cameramen arrived at the recording set they congratulate him emotionallyLater, in full broadcast of the newscast, he received some flowers and several words of encouragement.

His wife Ana María Escobar also made a publication on their social networks that consists of a family photo accompanied by a happy birthday sign.

“Your north has been part of our path, you have shared your dreams with me, your life is an inspiration for this family, You, our infinite love, we adore you“said Juan Diego Alvira’s wife.

The video in which you can see how the man from Tolima was honored by several of his setmates has more than 130,000 views, 15,000 likes and a large number of comments in which his followers leave all kinds of messages.

“Happy birthday my Juan Diego you deserve to be very happy”, “God bless you brother, many blessings”, “Happy birthday to the man who wakes us up every morning with a beautiful smile and the best energy”, were some of the comments of your friends and followers.

This is the publication in which you can see how Juan Diego Alvira celebrates his birthday.


Juan Diego Alvira talks about his wife’s ex

Ana María Escobar, wife of the journalist, told in the usual virtual program ‘En la mira con Alvira’, which the communicator does through his Instagram, that he studied at the same university as him, but their love relationship did not start there.

Escobar, also a journalist, He referred to his ex as “a special person” whom he respected and loved very much during the 5 years that they were as a couple.

It was there when Alvira he interrupted her to say, jokingly, that better They will call the ex-boyfriend “the unnamable”, alluding to Voldemort, the villain of the ‘Harry Potter’ saga.

The communicator nodded her head, and went on to say that this was one of the reasons why she did not interact much with Alvira during her college days; also the presenter was a few semesters ahead.

“Juan Di, I really am very devoted to my relationships. The truth is, I didn’t even have the chance to find out who you were, because I spent 5 years totally devoted to my relationship. The truth is that I did not ask for you or for anyone, ”Escobar confessed to her husband.

However, although the journalist did not know much about Alvira, andHer ex-boyfriend does.

In fact, she said, on a day of ‘Love and Friendship’, Alvira helped his now wife and her then partner to enter a disco to celebrate.

“There was no possibility that we could enter [al bar]. […] But Juan José [el ex] He saw you at the door and said: ‘Oh, I already found a friend of mine there; I’m going to tell you to help us’. And she said to you and you: ‘Sure, of course, keep going.’ I don’t know what you did but you helped us get in, ”Escobar said.

Alvira clarified that she did indeed have a link with Juan José, but they were not very close friends.

“I met Juan José, strangely we had there… we weren’t great friends, or anything like that, but we had a bond, a relationship; we knew who was who, and we knew each other; naturally we spent a long time at the university ”, clarified the host of Noticias Caracol.

Although Escobar says that she did not exchange a word at that party with her now husband, the former jealousy with Alvira.

The years passed, and, in the workplace, Escobar and Alvira met again. The first thing he asked her was if she was still with her boyfriend from college; since then they have not stopped communicating.

However, the presenter asked his wife to confess: “Answer honestly, because You have never told me this, were you still with Juan José, with the unnameable? “, to which Escobar replied no.

After 3 months of dating, the journalists became boyfriends, and after almost 4 years of relationship, they got married. They had a family, first, with pets and, after various treatments, they managed to father their daughter, María del Mar.

Below you can see the conversation about Escobar’s ex (from minute 16):