Juan Gómez-Jurado – Diary of an epidemic: Day 14: Applause

Juan Gómez-JuradoFOLLOW Updated:03/28/2020 01: 53h save Every day at 19:58 (in my street there must be several with back clocks) I hear through the windows the roar of the neighbors applauding. The noise comes in even though the windows are firmly closed. For some it will be beautiful, I do not dispute it. Catharchic, I […]

i hate sunday afternoon

Updated:03/16/2020 00: 16h save Related reviews ABC PremiumExclusive content for registered users on ABCLock us up ABC PremiumExclusive content for registered users on ABCAnother government ABC PremiumExclusive content for registered users on ABCThe virus of greatness I hate Sunday. There is a strange melancholy that settles in the body after eating and takes root downhill, […]

Grabois against the field: they are parasites

He also said of sweeping them and regaining their dignity. The social leader, Juan Grabois, came out with the end caps to criticize the unemployment of the field. “We do not learn more because at this stage of the game, with history as a witness, we must be clear that there is a very small […]

artists on war foot against museums

Nativity PolishedFOLLOW Madrid Updated:03/05/2020 00: 57h save He said Paul Valéry that if reality were a casino, the museum would be banking, because it always wins. Maybe he exaggerated the French writer, but not so much. The relationship between artists and museums –dissenting artists vs museums, to be exact – it has always been love-hate, […]

Juan Pablo Villalobos, humor as a battering against hate speech

David MoránFOLLOW Barcelona Updated:02/24/2020 01: 13h save Humor, clockwork mechanism full of contagious jijí haha and loud patting on the table, it is no longer enough. Or it is not the way it was in “I’m not going to ask anyone to believe me,”Delirious and at times crazy novel with which he won the 2016 […]