Suspense over the judgment in the Fillon case

► Why is it not safe to have the judgment Monday, June 29?

Following the trial, following the trial in March, the judgment of François Fillon, his wife Penelope and his former deputy in the National Assembly Marc Joulaud is expected to be returned to the Paris Correctional Court on Monday, June 29.

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But recent statements by Éliane Houlette, former patron of the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF), now retired, have changed the situation. On June 18, before a commission of inquiry of the National Assembly on the independence of the justice, she explained that she had undergone many early 2017 “Pressures” of his hierarchy, via the Attorney General, who wanted to have a “Fast transmission” various investigative acts concerning François Fillon, then in the midst of the presidential campaign.

These requests for feedback of judicial information are legal and relatively common. But since this Prosecutor’s Office is under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, some have then considered that the “ pressures “Evoked are proof that the Fillon affair was indeed used politically. To put an end to the controversy, Emmanuel Macron asked the Superior Council of the Judiciary for an opinion.

Defense lawyers, who believe that the investigation has always been a charge, have seized this new episode to request the reopening of the proceedings, so as to admit the statements of Éliane Houlette, as well as the future opinion of the Superior magistrate counsel.

It is therefore up to President Nathalie Gavarino to respond to this request, from Monday June 29 at 1:30 pm If she refuses it, she will render her judgment. If she accepts, the deliberation could be postponed for several months.

► What are the facts that led to the trial?

January 25, 2017, while François Fillon is LR candidate in the presidential election, The chained Duck reveals that Penelope Fillon was employed as parliamentary assistant to her husband and then to her deputy Marc Joulaud, from 1998 to 2007 for a total amount of € 500,000. The article adds that Penelope Fillon also benefited from a fictitious job between May 2012 and December 2013 at the Revue des deux Mondes, property of billionaire Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, a close friend of the couple.

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The same day, the national financial parquet, suspecting a fictitious job, opens an investigation for “Embezzlement of public funds, misuse of corporate assets and concealment of these crimes”.

The candidate then greets a “Particularly quick decision” who “Will silence a slander campaign”. The next day, he said he would give up if he was indicted.

1is February, The chained Duck publishes a new article revealing that Penelope Fillon has in fact been employed since 1988 and has received a total of more than € 900,000 gross. Two of her children, Marie and Charles, were employed as parliamentary assistants from 2005 to 2007.

On February 2, France 2 broadcasts extracts from an interview granted in May 2007 by Penelope Fillon to Daily Telegraph, in which she declares to have ” never been the assistant ” from her husband.

On March 5, as defections accumulated on the right, François Fillon declared on France 2 that ” no one “Cannot” prevent being a candidate ».

On March 14, he was indicted for “Embezzlement of public funds”, “concealment and complicity in the abuse of social property” and “Breach of reporting obligations to the High Authority for the transparency of public life”. On March 28, it was Penelope Fillon’s turn to be indicted, in particular for “Complicity and concealment of embezzlement of public funds”.

On April 23, after a campaign greatly disrupted by the affair, the candidate of the right came third by obtaining a little more than 20% of the votes.

► How was the trial?

Questioned by the court from February 26 to March 9, the Fillon couple tried to convince of the reality of the work of parliamentary assistant of Penelope in the service of François. Each in his own way, him all returned anger, she more shy. The salaries mentioned represent € 613,000 net of public money for three contracts between 1998 and 2013. According to the defense, it managed its local agenda and the mail, was a « relais » and “Eyes and ears” from her husband in the riding. The spouses produced testimonies from former collaborators or attestations from 34 inhabitants or elected officials of Sarthe.

But tangible evidence of this work has remained tenuous. Thus, at no time were written traces of written notes produced. Penelope Fillon also did not remember the names of the many people received. In addition, in Sarthe, obviously, neither the journalists nor the elected officials nor the inhabitants, nor even the other collaborators knew that Penelope Fillon was the assistant of her husband.

Unconvinced, the two prosecutors of the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) pronounced, the March 10 and 11, 2020 heavy requisitions, asking for five years in prison, including three years suspended, € 375,000 fine and ten years of ineligibility against François Fillon. For his wife, they demanded the same fine and a three-year suspended prison sentence. Finally, against Marc Joulaud, the Public Prosecutor’s Office asked for a two-year suspended sentence and a € 20,000 fine. The lawyers are pleading for release.


The FN has-t-he swindled the State ? Judgment delivered this Tuesday, in the case of campaign kits

The correctional court of Paris will decide Tuesday morning on the matter of campaign kits of the National Front (FN) in legislative elections of 2012.

The seven protagonists, and three persons, including the FN, have swept away the charges at the trial in November, 2019, that has been hulled, three weeks, behind-the-scenes funding of the party (since renamed Rassemblement national (RN).

In his term, the prosecutor’s office in Paris had requested a fine of 500,000 euros against the FN, while the counsel for the State had claimed 11.6 million euros in damages, corresponding to the election expenses reimbursed by public money.

Taking responsible for the president and Emmanuel Macron and Prime minister Edouard Philippe, the RN had denounced on Twitter a “the will of these politicians to kill the RN, rather than let him win at the polls ! “

Beyond a conviction, a heavy fine would put a little more in danger the finance is already vanishing from the RN, who had just find a “amicable agreement “ with his creditor of the Russian federation to reschedule the repayment of approximately 9.6 million euros for a loan subscribed in 2014.

“Return book “

To the floor, the party is made an accomplice “montages smoky “ and loans ” are fictitious “ that aimed, according to him, to “transform the structure “ – the communications company Riwal Frédéric Chatillon, a close advisor to Marine Le Pen, and man’s central device – “in a machine to make money “ and “diverting public money from a systemic point of view “.

However, for the prosecution, the FN played “a leading role “ in the implementation of this system kits – flyers, posters, website, accounting service… – sold to the candidates by Jeanne, the micro-party of Marine Le Pen, and provided by Riwal.

These kits “mandatory “, “identical “, “non-modular “, “overcharged “hid, according to the public prosecutor, a corrupt “it will be funds from the planned repayments of the State “, which covers the expenses of candidates who have exceeded 5 % of the vote.

The micro-party Jeanne, whose prosecution requested the dissolution, was, in fact, the amount of the kit and the interest on the loan to the candidates who made immediate money by buying the equipment. This “return book “ allowed the micro-party, almost devoid of own funds, to advance, almost 9 million euros.

He waited then for the reimbursement of the state to pay for Riwal, his sole intermediary with the printers.Representatives of the public prosecution have also called to punish the suspicious operations during the 2012 presidential and other election campaigns until 2015.

– Expenditure validated by the commission

For three weeks, the defence, as a bloc, has attempted to justify the legality and the ingenuity of this system, designed to alleviate the financial difficulties of the FN after the crushing defeats in election of 2007.

The main argument of the defendants ? The validation in full of the expenses of candidates by the national Commission of campaign accounts in 2012. Pleading the release, the lawyers have denounced “the entrance of politics into the courtroom “ for “eliminate the competition of the political spectrum “.

Against Frédéric Chatillon, the floor has required the most severe sentence : four years in prison, including two suspended sentence and 200,000 euros fine and a ban management final. Former chair of the Gud, the student union of the extreme right, Mr. Chatillon, a 52-year-old is also accused of enriched fraudulently misappropriating profits juicy earned by its companies.

Against two executives of the party, the treasurer Wallerand de Saint-Just and the lawyer Jean-François Jalkh, the prosecutor requested the imprisonment, respectively, ten months and two years. He has also claimed their ineligibility for two years for the first, elected in île-de-france, and five years for the second, mep.

Have finally been requested sentences ranging from 12-month suspended prison sentence up to six months farm for four relatives of Mr. Chatillon : his companion Sighild White, the elected île-de-france Axel Loustau as well as their friends Olivier Duguet and Nicolas Hook, the accountant, now under threat of a prohibition to exercise.


Gualtieri, ECB ruling without consequences – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 05 – “I am sure that a clarification
will happen quickly and the sentence will not have any
practical consequence “allowing the Bundesbank to continue to
participate in Qe. Economy Minister Roberto said so
Gualtieri, commenting on the sentence of the Constitutional Court
German during a hearing at the Finance and Committees
Senate budget. According to Gualtieri, the judges’ findings
“they concern procedural aspects”, moreover “they have reiterated the
full legitimacy “of the PSPP and” do not concern in any way ”
the new Pepp.

Gualtieri also stressed that “the ruling” of the
German Court “in no way affects policy measures
monetary policy hired by the ECB to deal with the Covid emergency,
including the Peep program and its mode
implementation “. (ANSA).