Americans begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan

Dhe United States strike force has gradually phased out of Afghanistan following the United States’ agreement with the Taliban more than a week ago. A spokesman for the American armed forces announced late Monday evening that the troops would be reduced to 8,600 men within the next 135 days. The armed forces are still able […]

Armed men kill at least 27 people at the Kabul memorial

Armed men killed at least 27 people and injured 29 others in the capital of Afghanistan during a ceremony to commemorate a minority Shiite leader. Several prominent political leaders escaped the Friday ceremony, including Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s chief executive officer and one of the main contenders in last year’s presidential election. Afghan security forces […]

Kabul is also the capital of robberies and heinous crimes

The largest Afghan city, plagued by the number of displaced people fleeing the war, is plagued by misery and gangs. Through Margaux Benn Colonel Aryan Faizy (center), head of the Kabul police criminal investigation department, patrols the city with his men on January 20. JIM HUYLEBROEK / The New York Times-REDUX-REA / JIM HUYLEBROEK / […]