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Coronavirus News: Coronavirus cases in India exceeded 300 on Saturday, with several people testing positive for the infection. In Kerala, 12 new cases have been reported bringing the state numbers to 49, while in Punjab it has reached 13. The death toll from a highly contagious disease remains four 22 patients healed so far. Central and state governments are struggling to stop the transmission of the community as they move to close all places where a possible meeting could take place. Prime Minister Modi, in a series of tweets, urged migrants not to go to their cities, warning them that this move could spread the highly contagious infection further. Meanwhile, the Rajasthani government has announced the blockade in the state from March 21 to 31. The Gujarat government has decided to block four cities: Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara until March 25th. CM Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi said that a similar step deemed necessary in the coming days could be taken. Kejriwal has ordered the closure of all stores, malls and other places that are prone to contagion with exceptions given to pharmacies and grocery stores. Delhi Metro services will not be available on Monday 23 March from 10 to 16. Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray has also requested similar measures and a virtual blockade has been called in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Pimpri-Chinchwad.

The Indian railways have announced that no passenger trains will depart from their home station from midnight to 10pm on March 22 during Janata’s curfew. Airlines also announced their reduced or complete interruption of their operations during Janata’s curfew. Indigo said it will only operate on 60% of its routes, while Vistara and GoAir have also announced the reduction of their service to help the government control the spread of highly contagious coronavirus.

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Complaint against Coronavirus + Singer Kanika Kapoor raises questions

Coronavirus India: singer Kanika Kapoor said on Friday she had tested positive.


Singer Kanika Kapoor, who shared on social media on Friday that she tested positive for the highly contagious novel coronavirus or COVID-19, was accused of “negligence” in a first information report (FIR) presented by police on the basis of a complaint from the Chief Medical Officer of Lucknow. A dinner he attended in Lucknow caused a fright among many high-ranking politicians to Delhi, including the parliament and the President’s house.

The FIR – presented in sections 188, 269 and 270 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) – states that when the singer was screened at Lucknow airport on March 14, “a high viral load” was detected. She was advised to “house quarantine”, but the advice was “ignored”.

Kanika Kapoor, however, claimed to have come to Lucknow on March 11th. She also says that she entered Mumbai airport on March 9 after her flight from London, a city that has seen a sharp increase in coronavirus cases in the past month.

According to the singer – admitted to a hospital in Lucknow – she was screened at the airports “but no problems were detected” and she was “unaware of carrying coronavirus”.

Hours before the FIR was presented, while speaking with NDTV, the minister of health of the Pradesh Jai Pratap Singh – one of the guests at the party attended by Kanika Singh – had admitted to having fallen at the airport in the state capital. “There seems to be a delay on our part. I’m going to ask my officers how Kanika Kapoor exited the airport without being discovered,” she said.

Even the minister has isolated himself. “The gathering – a birthday party – was in the garden of a private residence on March 14. My family and I, along with other prominent families from Lucknow and some people from Delhi, attended. I stayed there for about a now and I’m gone “he shared.

On Friday, the 41-year-old singer shared a social media post revealing that she recently developed symptoms and is now isolated. The post was followed by a tweet from BJP leader Vasundhara Raje in which the former Prime Minister of Rajasthan claimed that she and her son Dushyant Singh have self-quarantined. They were among the politicians who had recently attended a dinner in Lucknow, where Kanika Kapoor was a guest.

President Ram Nath Kovind also met with Dushyant Singh. The president canceled all his posts in government measures.

The Uttar Pradesh government, meanwhile, has ordered an investigation into the social gatherings the singer attended during the last week of her arrival in the state capital.

The presence of high politicians in a large meeting raised questions at a time when the Prime Minister asked for social distancing to curb the spread of the coronavirus, which originated in China in December and has since spread to over 143 countries. Worldwide, over 8,000 people have died, more than 2 lakh have been infected. India saw the biggest jump in the number of cases on Friday while 63 other patients brought the total number of cases to 230.


UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh aboard a viral fright after the party said “We stayed for an hour”

Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh spoke to NDTV today (File)

New Delhi:

Uttar Pradesh health minister Jai Pratap Singh, who self-isolated for fear of infection with the coronavirus novel after attending a birthday party on Sunday in Lucknow, told NDTV today that efforts have been made to identify those who had been in contact with singer Kanika Kapoor.

Ms. Kapoor, who confirmed today that she was infected, was at the party. The same goes for a number of other leaders, including BJP deputy Dushyant Singh and his mother, former Rajasthani prime minister Vasundhara Raje. Since then Dushyant Singh has attended parliament and even met President Ram Nath Kovind, sparking fears of a high-profile trail of infection.

“The gathering – a birthday party – was in the garden of a private residence on March 14. My family and I, along with other prominent families from Lucknow and some people from Delhi, attended. I stayed there for about a now and I’m gone “Mr. Singh told NDTV on Friday evening.

Questions were raised about the presence of several high-profile political leaders in this party, particularly at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to stay home to block the transmission of the virus.

Medical experts have advised to practice social removal – or to keep a safe distance (at least 1 meter) from other people – to minimize the possibility of contact.

The UP Health Minister was also asked about his government’s efforts to warn people against meetings in the state. Concerns have been raised that Ram Navami’s celebrations will begin in Ayodhya next week, with tens of thousands of people expected to attend the final two days of the festival.


BJP leaders Vasundhara Raje and his son Dushyant Singh were among those present at the party

“In UP, officials talked to religious leaders asking them to advise against large gatherings. We can’t stop a festival but we’ve asked people not to participate in large numbers,” he said, adding that crowds at political rallies in the state were been discouraged.

Today, a member of the organizing committee told NDTV that the “Ram Kot Parikrama” event marking the start of the celebrations would be canceled.

Likewise, questions were also raised about Ms. Kapoor who claimed to have sought medical care after falling ill on her return from London, but the authorities had not responded.

“Something went wrong somewhere …” Singh said when asked not to get help from Kanika Kapoor, adding: “In a situation like this we do contact tracking to identify all the people with whom it is been in touch. In this case, everyone at the party was told to self-quarantine. “

Meanwhile, three BJP MLAs, including BJP Secretary General Uttar Pradesh, Pankaj Singh, have also gone into isolation after meeting Jai Pratap Singh in Greater Noida on Thursday.

The COVID-19 epidemic, believed to have started in the Chinese district of Wuhan in December last year, has infected over 220 people in India and has been linked to the death of at least four people. Worldwide, this contagious disease has killed over 8,000 and infected more than 2 lakhs.