UK approaches 1,000 dead in 24 hours as Johnson continues to recover




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The number of people killed by coronavirus in the UK in the last 24 hours was 980, the highest since the outbreak began. Health Minister Matt Hancock, who chaired the government’s daily press conference to update on the pandemic crisis, said your pain for these deaths and its solidarity with the families of the victims. In total, there have been 8958 deaths from Covid-19 in the nation so far. Likewise, there are 70,272 confirmed cases and 19,304 people hospitalized.

One of them is the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who was transferred to the plant yesterday after remaining three days admitted to the intensive care unit from St. Thomas Hospital in London, after being admitted on Sunday afternoon due to worsening symptoms. Hancock said his condition “continues to improve” and had a word of thanks to the medical team that is treating him. A spokesman for Downing Street, the premier’s official residence, confirmed in the morning that Johnson “is taking short walks” at the hospital. “(Johnson) has spoken to his doctors and thanks the entire clinical team for the incredible care he has received,” said the spokesman, adding that “his thoughts are with those affected by this terrible disease.”

Stanley Johnson, father of the first minister, said for his part “Relieved” by your child’s improvement and stated that now that he has been released from intensive care “he must rest.” In addition, he considers that his illness “has made the whole country realize that this is serious.”

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, who has been supportive of the government since he was elected last weekend as opposition leader, has called for clarity today. on how long he will be “out of action” the Prime Minister, but nobody in the Executive has ventured to give a date for his reinstatement. Meanwhile, it is the first secretary of state and foreign minister, Dominic Raab, who is in command of the government and of emergency management.


United Kingdom reaches its maximum death toll with 980 in a single day

The Minister of Health of the United Kingdom, Matt Hancock, have reported this Friday thatThere are already 8,958 deaths from coronavirus in the country after registering a record number of 980 deaths in a single day, while the number of cases exceeds 70,200.

In the last 24 hours,19,116 people have been tested for Covid-19, of which 5,706 have tested positive. As Hancock has pointed out, he has indicated that the number of people hospitalized with symptoms is 19,304. “We do not forget these numbers, behind each one there is a name, a loss and a family that will never be the same again,” said the minister, who has taken over the press conference from Downing Street.

England remains the worst affected area in the country, with 8,114 deaths, 866 more than the previous day; followed by Scotland, with 495, 48 more than on Wednesday; Wales, with 315, 29 more; and Northern Ireland, which has added ten deaths in the last day, with a total of 92.


A 5-year-old boy, the youngest fatality in the UK, totaling 4,313 dead

The United Kingdom lived yesterday one of its most painful days since the health crisis broke out due to the pathogen imported from China. A minor of 5 years and with previous pathologies died of Covid-19. It becomes the youngest victim of the disease in the country, which also recorded the highest number of daily deaths to date.

The Boris Johnson government confirmed 708 deaths, bringing the total count to 4,313. The British population carrying the virus stands at 41,903 people, after adding 3,735 new infections yesterday. It is, however, the smallest increase in cases computed in the last four days, although the number of diagnostic tests also decreased.

In the face of the evolution of the pandemic, the Executive is redoubling its calls for citizens to remain at home. He fears that sunny days and temperatures up to eighteen degrees these days will incite Britons to take to the streets and parks. “Please, please, don’t do that,” asked the battered Prime Minister in the latest video he broadcast from his quarantine shelter on Downing Street.

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There he has been isolated for more than a week without fever, so it has been up to ministers and scientific advisers to reiterate the preventive message: social distancing will make the highest part of the infection curve come soon, at Easter they estimate. At the moment, it is allowed to leave home to exercise. Minister Michael Gove ventured that an hour’s walk or half an hour on a bicycle is what the law defines as “reasonable” exercise.

Closed parks and gardens

Large parks have already banned vehicle access, and visitor gardens have blocked their doors to the public. This weekend would also be very beneficial for the greenhouses, but they had to close in March. Millions of plants will become compost this year.

Sutton, one of the largest firms selling seeds, flowers and everything that has to do with home gardening, can continue selling, like other companies, through its portal. But the demand since the greenhouses closed is such that customers have to queue to access the website, as in supermarkets to respect distances.


They rebuke him for hanging the flag of the United Kingdom

A cloth in the colors of the United Kingdom flag hanging on the balcony of a La Plata building caused neighborhood outrage yesterday, just in the framework of the commemoration of Veterans and Memorial Day in the Falklands war.

According to whistleblowers, it was a British flag – later it was revealed that it was a towel – which remained for a good part of the morning hanging on the railing of a balcony overlooking the street in a building in the Parque Saavedra neighborhood, which was not went unnoticed in the neighborhood.

For a complainant neighbor “it is crazy, it is inadmissible that in full memory of what happened in the Malvinas, someone hangs a British flag.”

It should be noted that due to the social isolation measures decreed by the Government, both in our city and throughout the country, the commemorative acts by the Argentine heroes fallen in the 1982 war conflict in defense of national sovereignty should have been suspended.

However, this did not prevent everyone from turning to the internet to express themselves through the memory of Malvinas.

Later a video appeared in which you can see how a man, who claims to be an ex-combatant, rebukes the neighbor who hung the flag. The homeowner tries to explain that he put it to dry, but he received a shower of insults.

“I put it to wash and it had nowhere to hang it,” said the reproached neighbor.

In the end, according to what was revealed, everything ended when the young man who had hung the flag removed it and gave it to one of the neighbors who had come to rebuke him.


This year, as stated, without face-to-face tributes due to the preventive and compulsory quarantine, the network of networks was flooded with videos, posts, photos and recitals to honor the fallen and former combatants of the Falkland Islands War. Also, many people put allusive flags on the balconies. Both the La Plata Former Combatant Center (CECIM) and the House of the Former Malvinas Combatant Soldier (CEMA) carried out different virtual activities for more memory, truth, justice, sovereignty and peace.


UK giving “immunity certificates” to patients recovering from the virus

The Minister of Health,Matt Hancock,has reported this Thursday that the authoritiesthey will give “immunity certificates”to all those patients who have recoveredof the Covid-19and have generated antibodies.

Thus, these people will be able to leave home and return todo “normal life”despite quarantine measures in force, according to information from the local newspaper ‘The Independent’.

The measure, which has already been announced also inGermany, will be implemented after carrying out the relevant large-scale antibody analyzes, an issue that, as Hancock regretted,It could take “a while”.

After being asked about the German model, the British minister has indicated that “this is an important issue that will be valued”, but he regretted that it is still “too soon”.

The authorities of the United Kingdom have confirmed this Thursdayat least 569 deaths from coronavirusin the last 24 hours, a new daily record that raises the provisional number of victims of this pandemic to almost 3,000.

The British Ministry of Health has specifically registered 2,921 deaths from Covid-19, the vast majority in England. The number of those infected has continued to rise to over 33,700, after adding more than 4,200 cases in a single day.


They must pay! Trump’s challenging message to the Dukes of Sussex – Telemundo Utah

President Donald Trump assured on Sunday that the United States would not pay for the safety of the Dukes of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, if they moved to the United States.

“I am a great admirer of the Queen and the United Kingdom. It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the (United Kingdom), would reside permanently in Canada. Now that they have left Canada to come to the US, however, the US will not pay their security protection. They must pay! “Trump said on his Twitter account.

The Dukes’ Office responded shortly thereafter: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to request security resources from the US government. Security preparations have been made with private funds. “

This week, several US and UK media revealed that the couple had changed their residence to settle in Los Angeles, the capital of the entertainment industry.

According to an exclusive published by People magazine and The Sun newspaper, they moved to southern California earlier than expected due to the coronavirus crisis, in order to prevent the closure of borders from affecting their working life in the US, since up to now they lived in Canada.

The news of the change of residence coincides with the announcement that the Disney factory made this week about its first collaboration with Markle, who will lend his voice to narrate a documentary about nature called “Elephant”.

This is the first audiovisual-related job for the American actress after she decided to leave Hollywood to marry Prince Harry in 2018.

The issue of their safety has already raised blisters in Canada, when they moved to this country and announced in January their effective “resignation” from the British Royal House.

British media claimed that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had relayed to Queen Elizabeth that Canada would bear at least part of the cost of the Dukes of Sussex’s residence, but it was unclear whether he would ultimately bear those of security.

The cost of security for the Dukes of Sussex in Canada was estimated to be as high as C $ 1.7 million a year, about $ 1.3 million.


United Kingdom passes 1,000 deaths after a new record

The British Government has announced this Saturday that the number of deaths fromcoronavirusin the country it already exceeds a thousand and that the total number of infections has already exceeded 17,000 people.

Specifically, the death toll since the epidemic was declared is 1,019, and the number of infections is already 17,089, according to a statement from theBritish Ministry of Health.

This death toll represents aincrease of 260 fatalitieson the previous day (759), an increase higher than the record set in the previous balance, of 181 deaths.

The Health Department has already tested a total of120,776 people,according to the official statement, of which 103,687 have given a negative result.

British Prime MinisterBoris Johnson, has encouraged the population since the quarantine to which he is subjected after confirming this Friday that he had tested positive for coronavirus, thus becoming the first recognized world leader of Covid-19 sick.

“Thank you all who do what I do: work from home and prevent the virus from spreading from home to home,” he said through his accountTwitter.

“We are going to beat this virus and we are going to beat it together.Stay homeprotect the Health service and save lives, “he added.


the health system faced with a “tsunami” of seriously ill

Boris Johnson, who has asked the British for two weeks to wash their hands well several times a day for twenty seconds while singing “Happy Birthday”, announced Friday March 27 “Developed mild symptoms of coronavirus”, to know “Temperature and persistent cough”. “I have been tested, said the British Prime Minister, on the advice of the government medical officer, and the test appeared positive. So I work from home “. Boris Johnson now in solitary confinement continues “To communicate with any (his) team to lead our counterattack against the coronavirus”.

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All members of his cabinet could now be tested, like many deputies. Health Minister Matt Hancock and his deputy minister Nadine Dorries also announced that they have tested positive for coronavirus.

Johnson hails “huge public service effort”

In his statement, the British chief executive did not forget, above all, to pay a keen tribute to the “Employees of the national health system” (NHS) and more broadly to salute “The enormous effort of the public service and the 600,000 people who have volunteered to take part in the great national effort to protect people from the consequences of the coronavirus”. In fact, the British health authorities have recently greatly accelerated their response to the spread of the Covid-19 which, on Friday March 27, left 759 people dead in the country.

London will soon have 7,500 intensive care beds, up from just 275 in early March. At the time, four weeks ago, the UK as a whole had 3,700 intensive care beds for adults, of which just under 90% were occupied. As of April 15, all operations deemed non-emergency will be canceled, in the hopes of freeing 30,000 more beds, among the 98,000 in hospitals across the country.

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A temporary hospital has also been established in the Excel conference center in the east of the capital. With 4,000 beds, it will be managed by NHS employees, with support from the military. Two other makeshift hospitals are to be created, in Manchester and Birmingham. So far, 700 soldiers have been deployed in the country to help the sick. In addition, 7,500 former NHS employees have agreed to return to work in hospitals.

As Boris Johnson said, more than 600,000 ordinary citizens have also responded to the health care system’s call to help the British people who are deemed to be most at risk. According to the online site set up for the occasion, they will bring food to people who remain isolated for twelve weeks, transport the healed patients to their homes, and transport materials between hospital sites. Finally, it will be up to them to speak on the phone with people confined alone.

“Explosion in the number of seriously ill patients”

All of these measures seem necessary to counter “The continuous tsunami”according to the expression – widely quoted since – used on Thursday March 26 by Chris Hopson, the executive director of NHS Providers, the organization that brings together all the services of the health system. He then evoked a “Explosion in the number of seriously ill patients”, who arrive, “Wave after wave” in London hospitals.

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The NHS budget suffered less than other public bodies from the authority measures launched by the conservative David Cameron at the beginning of the previous decade. Spending on health has increased on average by 1.4% per year after inflation between 2009 and 2019, which is much lower than the average increase recorded since its creation in 1948, of around 3.7%. Former government science advisor David King says 10 Downing Street has been warned “In 2016, in an unpublished report, hospitals would not be ready to face an epidemic of this kind”.

Finally, while the country, like all of its neighbors, lacks ventilators, the government admitted on Thursday 26 March that it had not participated in a grouped respirator program launched by the EU, officially “Because of a communication problem”. “As confirmed by the European Commission, we are eligible to participate in joint purchases during the transition period (…) and we will take into account participation in a future program”, said a government spokesman. Meanwhile, London has ordered 8,000 respirators, doubling its own inventory.


Coronavirus, UK closes pubs and restaurants

British authorities have taken further steps to slow the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. ” We tell cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants to close tonight, as soon as they can reasonably be, and not to open tomorrow, “ Premier Boris Johnson said Friday in his daily press conference on the disease. They can continue to provide takeout services. We are also asking nightclubs, theaters, cinemas, entertainment centers and gymnasiums to close. “

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He justified these measures by explaining that ” the speed of our healing depends entirely on our collective ability to manage the virus now ” On Sunday March 22, the National Trust, which manages national parks and many old mansions, ” Unfortunately “ made the decision to close its parks, gardens and parking spaces in the countryside and near coastal areas “Due to high demand”.

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The Prime Minister’s communication, like his strategy to fight the virus, varies greatly from that of his continental counterparts. Friday March 20, Boris Johnson wanted to thank the British many times for their “Huge efforts”, even if “This is difficult, and goes against the British instinct for freedom.” He stressed that the country had registered “A big reduction in the number of people going to pubs”.

Change your habits

He then asked the British to stay at home ” to protect the health care system and save lives ” To those tempted to go out to party on Friday evening, he explained, ” Please don’t do it. You may think you are invincible, but there is no guarantee that you will only have mild symptoms, and you can be a carrier of the disease and pass it on to others.

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Boris Johnson, on the other hand, does not intend to put in place coercive measures to force people to stay cloistered in their homes, which would amount to making the entire population pay for the indiscipline of an extreme minority. Especially since ” 75% reduction in unnecessary social gatherings must be achieved to affect spread of the epidemic, science tells us ” This is one of the reasons that allowed him to allow employees in sectors considered to be key (health, education, delivery men, supermarket cashiers, etc.) to leave their children at school to allow the country to turn around.

Containment for 13 to 14 weeks

Boris Johnson has also shown unrivaled openness in Europe. He never hid that these containment measures will be long. As of last week, he clarified that “Isolation will be difficult” and that he “Will last 13 to 14 weeks” in order to overcome the peak of the epidemic, estimated by British scientists between the end of May and the end of June. The epidemic spreads a week late in the UK compared to France.

Government scientific and medical advisers have also revealed that partial and alternate containment could take place for at least a year and a half, until a vaccine is found.


Oleksandr Usyk promises to take world heavyweight titles from Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury Boxing news

The Ukrainian is the mandatory WBO challenger for Anthony Joshua

Last updated: 22/03/20 7:12


Oleksandr Usyk rejected Dereck Chisora’s tactics ahead of the O2 clash

Oleksandr Usyk rejected Dereck Chisora’s tactics ahead of the O2 clash

Oleksandr Usyk has promised to get world titles from Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury as he attempts to break British heavyweight dominance.

The pound-for-pound Ukrainian star has set his sights on British duo Joshua and Fury, who hold all the belts in the world, but first prepares to take on Derek Chisora ​​at The O2 on May 23, live on Sky Sports Box Office, only in his second fight in the top division.

Usyk became the undisputed champion of the cruiser while winning the World Boxing Super Series and is not discouraged by the prospect of challenging the unified king Joshua, or the newly crowned WBC Fury champion.

Anthony Joshua holds the WBA 'super' IBF and WBO titles

Anthony Joshua holds the WBA ‘super’ IBF and WBO titles

“I work hard on it,” Usyk said, when asked about his goal of holding all the world’s heavyweight titles.

But the extremely talented southpaw didn’t have a preference for Joshua or Fury, replying: “I want to fight both.”

Joshua has already fielded a mandatory IBF title fight against Kubrat Pulev at Tottenham Hotspur stadium on June 20, live on Sky Sports Box Office, with Fury expected to defend his WBC title in a third fight with Deontay Wilder, although Usyk is paying little attention to either champ.

New WBC champion Tyson Fury will face Deontay Wilder again

New WBC champion Tyson Fury will face Deontay Wilder again

“The last thing I think about is who will fight who. No prediction,” said Usyk.

Usyk was installed as a mandatory WBO challenger for Joshua after going heavyweight, but was unwilling to sit back and wait for his title shot.

The 33-year-old suffered a bicep injury before his division debut against Chazz Witherspoon, a stoppage win in the seventh round, while he was recently hampered by an elbow problem and wants to hone his skills with Chisora’s fight.

“I have to stay active. I have to box,” he said. “If your vocation is passive, it is not good. If you stay active, it is very good. This is my active vocation.”

Usyk defused any tension by asking for a selfie with Chisora

Usyk defused any tension by asking for a selfie with Chisora

Promoter Eddie Hearn is ready to organize an undisputed heavyweight world title fight between Joshua and Fury before the end of the year, but Usyk’s team remains determined to challenge the Olympic gold medal teammate first.

“Right now, we have to win [against Chisora], then after the mandatory fight for the WBO must take place, “said Usyk manager Egis Klimas Sky Sports.

“I think Anthony wants this fight too. Good fighters want to fight good fighters. Anthony sees a great challenge in Oleksandr and wants to go there. Everyone says Oleksandr will give Anthony trouble, but Anthony believes otherwise, so he wants to prove that he is harder.

“In the UK it would make sense – it wouldn’t make sense to go to the United States with a boxer from the UK and one from Ukraine. UK fans know Usyk.”