The Steam Game Festival has free demos of GDC games

The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition is live today until March 23rd. The special Steam page features indie games that would be featured at this week’s Game Developers Conference, which has been canceled to help reduce the spread of covid-19. Some games have been available for a while, while others coming soon have free demos […]

Persona 5 Royal Impressions

Two weeks ago, I jumped into a first copy of Persona 5 Royal, expecting to play a few hours to take a look at some of the news. Now I have finished the second dungeon of the game and I have started to accept a new reality: somehow I am going to replay everything Person […]

What’s going on with GeForce now

Screenshot: Ubisoft Since officially launched last month, game publishers have flocked to Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming platform. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, meanwhile, has defended the service, claiming that it is the most developer-friendly option out there right now. “Epic wholeheartedly supports NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service with Fortnite and the Epic Games Store titles they […]

2K Games is the latest publisher to remove its games from Nvidia’s streaming service

Borderlands 3 it’s just one of many games removed from GeForce Now. Screenshot: 2K Games / Change Last month, GeForce Now, Nvidia’s game streaming service, officially came out of beta. And since then numerous publishers have withdrawn their games from service. Activision Blizzard, Bethesda is Inland games have already extracted the titles from the service. […]

The player climbs to the top of the citadel in the half-life: Alyx promotional area

Image: Half-Life: Alyx SteamedSteamedSteamed is dedicated to everything related to the PC gaming service of Valve and its surroundings. The release of Half-Life: Alyx it is a historical event for two reasons. First and of course, it is new Half life I play after 13 years of disturbing radio silence. Secondly, it is an excellent […]

I like one of the two new colors of the Xbox controller

Photo: Microsoft Look at this beautiful piece of play equipment. Microsoft calls it Phantom Magenta, but we call it “purple”. Not the Atomic Purple of Nintendo fame, but a richer and more mature shade. I want to uncork it and drink deeply from its hand-encrusted oil tanks. His today in preorder, along with a white […]

Outriders is like fate mixed with the heart of darkness

Image: Square Enix tread“Art makes it seem a grittier rip off than Destiny, but having played the game for a couple of hours, it feels more like it Gears of war mixed with Mass effect. Occasionally it reminded me of a sizzling reel of James Cameron: the bucolic paradise of Avatar giving way to the […]

NZXT’s new mini case creates a small gaming PC

Photo: NZXT Vertically aligned boxes are beautiful. This is the first thing I learned from NZXT’s H1 Mini PC, a new gaming PC preconfigured with the monolithic H1 mini-ITX case on the outside and the impressive space economy inside. This article covers two articles released by NZXT last week. The first is the H1 case, […]

Dota Underlords is no longer able to log in earlier and better than ever

Image: Valve SteamedSteamedSteamed is dedicated to everything related to the PC gaming service of Valve and its surroundings. For a handful of weeks last year, Equips Underlords has devoured my whole life. Then suddenly I stopped playing. At the time, Valve’s entry into the arena of suddenly crowded fighters suffered from the same problem as […]