GNR military attacked in Carvoeiro while trying to end party

A GNR soldier was assaulted last Saturday, when he was trying to interrupt a party, in Carvoeiro, in the municipality of Lagoa. The military tried to warn of the fulfillment of the duty of mandatory withdrawal imposed by the state of emergency in force.

The news was advanced by South newspaper Information and confirmed by DN this Monday.

It is the second assault on GNR military personnel, in the municipality of Lagoa, within a week, the newspaper recalls.

Source of the GNR Command of Faro informed the South that the episode occurred around 8:30 pm and that it was the neighbors who called the GNR once a barbecue was taking place. One of the two soldiers on the patrol was beaten with “a bottle of beer on the head” and needed to be stitched on the head.

In view of the aggression against the military, two men, 22 and 44 years old, father and son, were arrested for resistance and coercion. They were released with a term of identity and residence. The case was brought down to inquiry in the Court of Portimão, says the South Information.

On Sunday, March 22, a military officer from the GNR had already been attacked, also in the municipality of Lagoa, by two young men who were in breach of the duty of compulsory retirement.


The director of Tec de Lerdo is separated due to improper use of the public year

Gómez Palacio, Durango.- The director of the Tecnológico de ciudad Lerdo, Israel “N” was separated from his position due to the improper use of the public exercise, said the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Héctor García Rodríguez.

He said that the criminal judge decided to link this official to the process, attending to the complaints of teachers and the union of that campus.

“We of course reproach the conduct of the educational official after not complying with the requirements to hold the charge, all this provided and sanctioned in article 326 of the Criminal Code of the State of Durango and therefore shortly will be officially disabled so that later be subject to a conviction, ”said the prosecutor.

“Then, it has been linked to the process since last Monday, so the Public Prosecutor of this Prosecutor’s Office has already requested the measures of separation of office, as a precautionary measure, starting the criminal process and waiting for the sentence to end.”

On the other hand, García Rodríguez, who set up a table of complaints at the Lerdo city restaurant “Sabor a Mi”, showed a schedule from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.