LADA Largus во вс вход версиях подорожала на 6 000 рублей из-за «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС»

Do you want to wear a LADA Largus truck at your disposal? Do you buy a motorcycle at 10,000? Теперь же ее ценник прибавил еще 6 000 рублей, за систему «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС». LADA Largus and ранее продавалась с системой «ЭРА-ГЛОНААС», just like a little bit of a mommy with no money, and a little bit of […]

“AvtoVAZ” presented a special version of LADA Largus for people with disabilities

The Russian station LADA Largus has a new version destined for people with disabilities. Auto for the disabled is built on the architecture of a tall modification of the 7-seat LADA Largus, which was launched in the spring of 2018. The issuance of LADA Largus "invalid" will be treated by the subsidiary company AvtoVAZ under […]