Uses martial arts techniques to injure policemen trying to stop an illegal party – Portugal

The PSP announced this Tuesday the arrest of six people in Greater Lisbon for crimes against public authority during the dispersal of gatherings. In one of the events, the participants, who “uttered injuries and threats” to the police, resorted to martial arts techniques to escape the authorities.

In a statement, the Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the PSP states that a detention took place on Sunday, in the parish of Mina d’Água, Amadora, before a gathering on the public road, even after the authorities had been on the spot and dispersed people, warning for the illegality of the concentration.

However, the PSP was called back to the place, where it found another gathering, one of the men said that he would not leave the space, at the same time that he directed injuries against the police. He was arrested for disobedience, as well as for the crime against public authority.

The remaining citizens at the scene fled, no longer allowing any arrests or identifications.

In the same dawn, at 3:45 am, five more men were detained for being suspected of committing crimes of offenses against the qualified physical agent of authority, injuries and disobedience.

After several noise alerts at the unspecified location, the policemen went to a residence where they found a party going on, with about 20 to 30 people.

During the departure from the house in question, the participants “made injuries and threats” to the police, which led to four arrests.

When these were taking place, the remaining citizens advanced towards the police “with a hostile, challenging and aggressive body posture”. In the attempt to immobilize, one of the suspects – the fifth detainee – always tried to evade, using martial arts techniques.

Two policemen had to receive hospital treatment with various injuries.

The six detainees have already been brought before the court, all of whom have been given a term of identity and residence (the least serious coercion measure), according to the police.

This measure is of mandatory application whenever a citizen is constituted accused. In addition to the identification of the accused, he is obliged to appear before the authorities whenever the law requires it or is notified to do so.

The suspect is also unable to change his residence or be absent from it for more than five days without communicating how he can be found.

In order to control the spread of covid-19, the Government placed mainland Portugal in a contingency situation as of 00:00 this Tuesday and until September 30th.

The new rules to contain covid-19 – most of which have already been applied this summer in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area – include limiting concentrations to 10 people, unless they belong to the same household, on public roads and in commercial establishments, and prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages in service areas or at fuel filling stations.

In retail establishments, including supermarkets and hypermarkets, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited from 20:00.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages continues to be banned on the public road, and alcohol is also banned in outside spaces of restaurants and beverages after 8:00 pm, except in the context of meal service.