TNT will again show all three seasons

Sex, scandals, intrigue, and the pursuit of happiness — all in one bottle.

The actors of the series “Sweet life”. Photo: channel TNT.

As of June 29, the channel TNT is going again to broadcast a dramatic picture of the “Sweet life”, which is positioned as the most outspoken Russian TV series about relationships.

Recall, this is a story about love and passions of a generation of 30-year-old in Moscow. It is filled with intrigues, scandals, sex and divorce. Premiere of the first season was held in 2014 on one of the online platforms and immediately earned the interest of the audience. The series has grown to three seasons. TNT first aired the evening of censorship, and in the night — without her. A few years later it was time to repeat the experience.

Characters become a successful club owner in the ongoing pursuit of happiness in personal life, family couple, experiencing a crisis in the relationship, dancer, arrived in the capital of the beautiful life, the Caucasian daughter of a wealthy businessman, whose father has found a groom. The suspense sharpens another character is a former ballerina, masterfully knows how to break hearts. Her appearance in the story changes the life of the main characters 180 degrees.

The writers were Irina arkadieva, which then released another popular history “of BEHAPPY”, and Peter’s Grandchildren, who worked on the series “Call DiCaprio!” and “Peace! Friendship! Gum!”.

See “Sweet life” on the channel TNT from June 29 — Monday to Thursday at 21:00.


Potap talked about what he understood by the age of 39

On May 8, Alexey Potapenko, a Ukrainian producer and singer, better known under the pseudonym Potap, celebrates his birthday. His creative genius gave the public such groups as Time and Glass, MOZGI, and, of course, his own duet with Nastya Kamensky. A year and a half ago, a musician married his stage partner, and since then they have been demonstrating a happy marriage, continuing to unwind their stellar career.

This year, Potap turned 39 years old. The artist celebrated his holiday at home with his beloved woman. Kamensky prepared him a morning surprise: a yellow inscription appeared on the lawn in front of the house: “Happy bday Oleksii.” And right in the morning, the man decided to turn to his fans with a speech from an adult sharing experience.

“If you ask me what I understood in 39 years, for thousands of concerts, millions of spectators, and hundreds of megahits, then I will answer – love! To live and be in love with life, with your woman, family, children, in your business, in your homeland! Surround yourself with the people you want to hug! ” – wrote Potap on Instagram.

In this regard, it is worth recalling the words of singer Nikolai Baskov. A few months ago, he took part in the YouTube show “Musicality”, where he argued with a young rapper about the meaning of life. The 43-year-old “golden voice of Russia” then spoke out that living is for the sake of love – for the people around you and for your work. It seems that all successful and self-confident men come to such an understanding by the age of forty.

“I love you, my little frog”: Potap confessed Kamensky’s feelings before a chintz weddingAs the musician noted, the wife is a muse and makes him happy.

Do you agree that the main thing in life is love?


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Kobe Bryant’s funeral service on the cause of the bomb breaks out: live streaming, updates

Kobe Bryant’s widow sued the helicopter owner who crashed in the fog and killed the former Los Angeles Lakers star and their 13-year-old daughter last month while publicly mourning their deaths Monday in a emotional public ceremony.

Vanessa Bryant’s wrongful death lawsuit filed with Los Angeles Superior Court stated that the pilot was negligent and negligent by flying in cloudy conditions on January 26 and was to have stopped the flight that killed all nine people on board. The cause is called Island Express Helicopters Inc. and also addresses the representative or successor of pilot Ara Zobayan, listed only as “Doe 1” until a name can be determined.

The lawsuit claims that Zobayan has been negligent in eight different ways, including failing to properly estimate the weather, flying in conditions for which he has not been authorized and failing to control the helicopter.

Kobe named HOF finalist

Kobe named HOF finalist

half past one

Tuesday 25 FebruaryOffered by Beteasy

He said the company “promotes and engages in unnecessary and unnecessarily risky means of transportation in such circumstances.”