Doctor Coen Feron (28) himself ended up on the IC with corona | 1Limburg

While Coen Feron, as an anesthesiologist in training, was busy rescuing corona patients in Maastricht UMC, he turned out to be infected. The 28-year-old doctor even ended up on the ICU where he had to be given artificial respiration.

His biggest fear was getting the ventilator. But he now knows that the impact after leaving intensive care is also very great, he says de Volkskrant.

‘Do not overreact’
On March 24 things went wrong and Coen Ferron ended up in the hospital where he normally works. At first he thought it would be over soon. “I thought: don’t you like Coen, are you hyperventilating?”

But when he recognized his own colleagues from the intensive care unit and the Emergency Room, the seriousness of the situation came to him.

To the ventilator
His colleagues wanted to put him on a ventilator immediately. “Baloney,” he said to them. “Not going to happen.” But by midnight it still had to happen. Everything in him screamed that he did not want this, he says in the newspaper. He was terrified.

For days, Coen Feron was kept asleep on the IC. He even had to be tied up because he was so restless.

Panic attacks
Finally he comes through; he may be released from ventilation and leave intensive care. But the impact of this drama is huge. Feron suffers from panic attacks. They just flood him out of nowhere. “I would prefer to run hard now,” he says in de Volkskrant. “and get to work as soon as possible. But I know I’ll walk into a wall.”

Physically he is far from the old one. But a lot has also changed mentally. He thought that patients were through the hardest once they got out of the ICU, but now he knows they have a long way to go.