ECB recommendation: dividend block for banks

Dhe supervisors of the European Central Bank (ECB) are calling for a ban on distribution for banks in the Corona crisis with their unforeseeable economic damage. As the ECB regulator announced on Friday evening, the institutes should refrain from distributing their profits or buy back their own shares by October. ECB supervisors expect banks that […]

Fear of the loss of dividends

Dhe profit distribution for the past financial year has already fallen victim to the corona crisis in many companies. More and more public companies cut their dividends. MTU Aero Engines and Lufthansa are included in the Dax. The car rental company Sixt, the printing press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer, and the steel dealer Klöckner have […]

Confederation gets into debt like never before

DThe German state has to issue a record volume of new debt securities this year to cushion the economic damage caused by the corona crisis. As the financial agency responsible for federal debt management has now announced, the issue volume is now increasing from the originally planned 216 to 218 billion euros to 335.5 billion […]

The dollar is also a problem for the United States

DThe dollar exchange rate has appreciated significantly in recent weeks. This trend turned somewhat on Monday after the US Federal Reserve announced almost unlimited bond purchases to support the economy. Christoph Hein Business correspondent for South Asia / Pacific based in Singapore. The euro, which has recently come under heavy pressure, recovered to $ 1.08 […]

Stress test for American bonds

DThe corona crash also left deep marks on the bond market. German and US government bond yields continue to drop to record lows, while risk premiums for risky corporate bonds jump. The bond market thus reflects the current mood on the financial markets to avoid risks as far as possible. The yield lows of many […]

BIS: Coronavirus unsettles the stock markets

The corona virus shakes the stock markets. The price losses are the worst since the financial crisis. Picture: dpa The bank of central banks sees the recent bear market as a bad awakening. The price drops on the global stock exchanges amount to $ 6 trillion. Politicians are ready to act. AThe Bank for International […]

Corona virus scares the stock markets

Dhe corona virus and its spread to Italy is of great concern to investors. On Monday, stock prices initially fell in Asia, particularly on the South Korean stock exchange in Seoul. Subsequently, investors in Europe also switched to crisis mode: in Italy, which was particularly affected, the leading index fell by 5.6 percent on the […]