Mentoring, a track to reduce the fracture school

Ultimate session before the resumption of school, Monday, June 22,… Installed in the family lounge, in social housing in paris, Malick has an appointment with Aela. This student of CP performs a part of the duties of the week, a series of additions, with the remote help of this young girl, a student of double degree in philosophy and sociology at the Sorbonne and that since the beginning of the containment is returned to live with his parents, in Brittany. Both of you have never seen it “for real” but since April, spend two hours per week to be exchanged via the application WhatsApp.

“Hosted by the equal opportunity “

Today, Aela also helps Malick to read a text peppered with words containing a ‘W’, interview with kiwi through Ottawa… A text that gives him a hard time. Aboubakary, the father of the young boy is sitting on the couch, next to his son, he does not cease to encourage. He salutes “the invaluable assistance “ that brings the young girl, a volunteer at the Association foundation student for the city (Afev). Him who has stopped the studies in the terminal shortly before his departure to the Ivory Coast to France was largely the level to work with Malick in his duties. But he has two jobs in cleaning companies, with schedules that require multiple trips, including the weekend. “There are some days when I work in the morning and in the evening, I don’t have the time to do the homework to Malick. And the delay accumulates “, he says.

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Also, when the teacher of Malick asked him to put his son in contact with Aela, Aboubakry did not hesitate a second. It is also hoped that the young student, 18 years of age, will continue to support Malick after the resumption, and even next year. It is good, Aela, who has already worked in the animation and said “hosted by the equal opportunity “does not stop in so good way. “I can’t wait to really meet Malick, to go beyond the school, to play with him, to do cultural exits… “

Open horizons

Because it is the same principle of “mentoring” proposed by the Afev : combine homework assistance to support wider, which opens up horizons, and bring down the mental barriers.
Other actors involved in this field, for example by offering assets to become sponsors.

“We allow the creation of a strong social tie that would not have been able to see the light of day in another frame “stresses Laure Dethomas, director of the association Proxité. “We start from the needs and aspirations of the young person to put it in relationship with the suitable person, that will help him gain self-confidence, work on his career, his orientation, building bridges between the school and the company. “

22 000 sponsors and as many of the young people helped

Proxité part, with the Afev, and six other associations or foundations, of the Collective Mentorship mobilized to children and families in difficulty who has launched, at the end of April, a coaching with a remote aimed at students of primary, middle school and high school who were at-risk of dropping out. “Our group is also allied companies to provide 3 000 computers with connections to students previously identified as at risk a rupture educational lack of digital tools to keep track of their distance learning courses “, full Laure Dethomas.

Convinced that the support of students weak or deserving makes even more sense after the crisis of the Covid, which has tended to widen inequality, the Collective mentorship intends to continue its lobbying with the public authorities. To this day, the structures that he brings together total 22 000 sponsors.


Professional ‘Mentoring’ to break gender stereotypes | Economy

15 prestigious directives in Spain. 15 university students wanting to eat the world; 15 innovative projects or ideas, and three months to develop them together thanks to the knowledge that the mentors will bring to their young students. So is the shadowing I, boss, a mentoring initiative promoted by the communication agency Trescom With the collaboration of multiple Spanish companies and academic entities, and the objective of promoting and making female empowerment visible in the world of entrepreneurship, still largely dominated by men.

Presented at the beginning of March at the Esade Campus in Madrid, the program has barely suffered setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic, and mentors and students stay in touch a month later through videoconferences and emails. For Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation, “betting on equality is not only a matter of principle, but also of strategy: the data shows that companies led by women are twice as profitable, despite obtaining less than half the financing of men ”. In his opinion, “inequalities such as the gender gap, which affects 50% of the population, must be reduced.”

“The program serves to approach these girls and show them the reality, but also so that they know that it is possible, that it does come,” says Gloria Gubianas, co-founder of the sustainable fashion firm. Hemper and one of the mentors of I, boss. Juanita Bedoya, her mentor, wants to develop a brand of handbags and accessories made with denim cutouts from textile factories, thus reducing the waste of fabrics. But the projects are very varied, ranging from a platform to improve the quality of life for cancer patients (by Carla Montull) to a technology that helps children develop their soft skills (from Nur Younis) and a marketplace for future moms (by Patricia Aranda), to name a few examples.

“I think it is an important initiative for the new generations. We lack references that help to eliminate the mental limit that sometimes, as women, we impose ourselves, and that still put us in certain systems,” says Laura Nevola, CEO of IDP Pharma and another one of the mentors. “Also, working with such enthusiastic youth brings a lot of positive energy.”

A relationship with benefits for all

But what exactly does the mentoring? It is a professional accompaniment in which the transmission of knowledge is facilitated through learning with a mentor or tutor, who advises and guides another person in order to enhance their professional skills and abilities. “Any committed person, who is truly passionate about growing professionally and accelerating their potential, can benefit from such a program. This will help you learn from consolidated experience, connect with a world of new opportunities and access a network of networking ”, reveals Esther Cid, expert in mentoring digital and CEO of Tipscool, a startup of education technology.

Initiatives like Me boss They help young entrepreneurs to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make their ideas come true. “If I had not participated in several accelerators, where excellent professionals helped us in the process of creating our company, our journey would not have come this far,” confesses Fátima Lucas, CEO and co-founder of Zymvol Biomodeling, and mentor of the program. “This is why we are aware of the importance of contributing our own experiences in the development of talented young people.”

The advice these young women receive helps them shape their project, from establishing a business plan, analyzing its economic viability and studying the potential market to defining its financial, technological and human needs, benefiting from the knowledge that their mentors possess in each respective field, and in many occasions from their network of contacts. “At first I was a bit lost, because despite having entire notebooks full of sketches and ideas, I did not know how to organize them and reflect them in a business model. Thanks to my mentor, in a matter of two weeks I was able to make a business model canvas, mock-ups, start designing the web and do a lot of research, ”says Nur Younis, one of the participating students.

Mentors and students participating in the 'Yo, jefa' program.

Mentors and students participating in the ‘Yo, jefa’ program.

But not only the students or employees who receive this professional support benefit. These programs also present numerous benefits for companies, since they not only keep them updated on current trends in their respective fields, but also “have people who inspire and are extra motivated to grow professionally, aligned with the loyalty strategy of the human capital ”, wields Cid. “The personal brand that the employee creates is generated in the company a positive value on the feeling of belonging and the specific training that each person gets.”

In most of those who engage in mentoring, there are also an underlying feeling of gratitude, of those who benefited in their day from the help of others and decide to use the accumulated experience to do the same with the new generations. “In my years as an entrepreneur, I have always highly valued the figure of the mentors who have guided me; in many ways they have been key both in learning and in different moments of support, recognizes Fátima Mulero, founder of AuTICmo and mentor of I, boss. “I believe that in the world of entrepreneurship there is a chain of favors that is very beautiful and must be maintained,” adds Gubianas. “When someone knocks on your door because they want to start their own company, from scratch, you immediately open it and you are willing to share your experience, because someone, in their day, also opened it for you.”

What does the mentor do and what does the mentor not do?

It is about guiding and helping them to get the talent they have inside, “and that perhaps no one had ever made it known to them before,” explains José Lozano, an expert in e-learning and mentor in the IEBS business school. “It is a continuous job that sometimes requires a face-to-face conversation, others online and, of course, a work plan with objectives. You have to make them see where their strengths are and where they can improve, how to focus their projects … But I don’t solve their problems or do the work for them, “he says. “I just put a mirror in front of them and say, ‘Look at you, that’s you. Maybe you don’t know yourself well, nor do you know the full potential that you have, but you must make the most of it ”.

For mentoring to be effective, therefore, one thing is needed above all: the will to learn and prosper personally and professionally. Like the students who participate in the program We create opportunities in hospitality, of the Mahou San Miguel Foundation. A social initiative developed for just over three years in collaboration with hospitality schools, social entities and the Public Administration, and aimed at young people in a socially disadvantaged situation in Madrid, Burgos and Barcelona. “In 2019, we had 70 professionals working as mentors; people who maintain constant involvement and commitment, and who also collaborate in the additional training that young people receive, offering masterclasses in professional competences and other matters of interest ”, shares Beatriz Herrera, director of the foundation.

For Gubianas, “mentoring It also serves to demystify the vision that we have of entrepreneurs of success… When I was studying, I saw women entrepreneurs as super distant, and I was convinced that this was something I could never achieve. ” But, as she herself is in charge of remembering, “power, you can”, a maxim that they are also in charge of remembering every day from Tipscool, where they have created mentoring and orientation programs for young talent focused on promoting STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) among young women.

“We collaborate with companies motivated to attract female talent, and recently launched the campaign I can be, to break with gender stereotypes and that girls and girls discover that they can become what they want, through the eyes of references that we currently have as inspiring mentors: great engineers, mathematics, scientists, researchers and leading technologists of our country ”, Cid wields. And it is that, with initiatives like this, it may soon be possible to break down that “glass ceiling”, those invisible barriers that continue to prevent many women from reaching those leadership positions for which they are undoubtedly trained.

Expert Master in Coaching and Mentoring

This master’s degree will train you in subjects such as coaching, coaching personal, with NLP, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, influences of the coaching, confidentiality of the process or deontology.

Master in Coaching and Business Management

Through this course, students will learn the basics of strategy and the coaching for the formulation of objectives within the strategic process, and they will acquire negotiation tools.

Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA)

Students will be introduced to the strategic direction of the company and business marketing, and will know the main keys and tools to achieve a successful sale in the commercial environment.


French start-ups are preparing for very tough times

The young shoots are already feeling the very concrete effects of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Marc Simoncini, founder of Jaïna Capital and founder of Meetic.
Marc Simoncini, founder of Jaïna Capital and founder of Meetic. Sébastien SORIANO / Le Figaro

The warning comes from a French tech veteran. “As an entrepreneur, I experienced the crash of 1987, then that of 2000 and that of 2008 … In view of what goes back from all our start-ups, it will sting hard, much stronger”, tweeted Monday Marc Simoncini, founder of Jaïna Capital and founder of Meetic. If the debate is still raging about the extent of the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic, French start-ups are already feeling the very concrete effects.

As of last week, the message sent by investors to their holdings has been very clear: stop burning cash, stop looking for hyper growth and focus on profitability. In some sectors, companies that have relied on tourism, the crisis has barely started that is almost the end, or almost. There are already plans for layoffs.

Those in less directly exposed areas are preparing for the storm. “In this kind of crisis, it’s always

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