Violent kidnapping with a gun to a large feed

Four arrested for the violent assault on a great businessman of the chronic industry and his wife in his luxury attic in Marbella

The building where the robbery occurred.

The building where the robbery occurred.

On Monday of last week the president of one of the largest companies in the Spanish food sector lived inMarbellaA nightmare you never forget. As has knownTHE WORLDFrom police sources, this great businessman of the chronic industry and his wife were violently assaulted in his luxurious Costa Rican city at gunpoint by a South American man with a police record. The marriage, of advanced age, was handcuffed and received several electric shocks of 14,000 volts with a tser gun (prohibited weapon) that could cost them their lives in a 45-minute assault planned by a twenty-year-old Ecuadorian with a wealthy family and residing in Marbella. A young man who had planned for some time what he thought would be a perfect hit. A coup calculated to start through the big door his criminal career outside the real estate interests of his father inSpainYMexico.

A month and a half ago, this person of just 23 years convinced a former colleague of a central institute of Marbella and an employee of a well-known multinational to set up an intermediary company that could sell luxury properties and other services to the greatest fortunes of theCosta del Sol. The ambitious young man wanted to take advantage of the great contacts of his acquaintance to enter the intermediation market strong, one of the most buoyant businesses on the Costa del Sol. His contact to enter the high spheres had given computer classes to his youth the wife of the president of a food giant and knowledgeable that he was eager to sell his important collection of high-end vehicles, among which wereRolls RoyceYBentleysHe told the promoter of the idea. This, presented by his host, approached the home of his future victim in an exclusive building located on the promenade of Marbella, photographed the collection of vehicles and observed in the house the collection of high-end watches that the businessman of 80 had years old on several shelves. Days later and when he had already devised his plan, he told his contact with the tycoon that he had received an email from a potential buyer of his car collection. The reality is that he had created a fake gmail in a Marbella office and sent that email to himself as a guarantee that he could access the address of the businessman who will be his victim given the interest of the latter to sell his cars.

A fake buyer

According to police sources, the young man had partnered with a Portuguese who owns prostitutes in Marbella and with a history of trafficking in people and drugs, with a former boxer dans of 60 years of age with residence in Marbella and with a Venezuelan who moves in The low bottoms of the city. All of them will meet in a baker near the beachfront home of the businessman to prepare the coup on Monday of last week and the roles will be exchanged. The young man, who points to the brain of the coup, will deliver the tser to the South American, the flanges with which the latter will handle the couple and a pot of urine. The twentieth will appear in the building of the president of the large food company in the company of the South American man who pretends to be the buyer of the car collection. The marriage was with the intermediary and the false buyer in the garage where he showed the cars to the false interested party.

Just after and to close the agreement, they all went up to the victims’ house. Once there, the Latino asked permission to go to the service and left the sink with the tser in his hand. He gave several discharges to the marriage and gagged them with some bridles to a chair. To the intermediary and accomplice too. He put some blindfolds on them and simulated shooting with his partner at his robbery partner. They had thought so much about the theatrical scene that he threw over the pot of urine that he had prepared to pretend that his accomplice was scared to death and that he was a victim more before an eventual arrival of thePolice. The robber began to search the whole house and had the help of the intermediary, since he had placed, unlike the attacked couple, a transparent bandage and with his gaze he indicated to the rooms where the high-end watches were placed in some showcases.

When it was done with these valuables, the assailant ran out of the house with the bad luck that the businessman’s wife could break loose and called the concierge of the property, who tried to stop him in his escape. The offender became very nervous, jumped a security fence from the building and began the flight to a rental car where the other two perpetrators of the assault were waiting for him.

He could only take a thousand euros in metal since his career dropped his watches. This vehicle will be key later for the identification of all the authors of the theft, since it was aMercedes class Cwith a sticker ofrent a carWhere the car is rented.

Prison without bail

The four involved are in prison without bail and are charged with crimes of robbery with violence, illegal detention, belonging to a criminal organization and possession of a prohibited weapon. Three of them have recognized the facts, including the youngest and supposed plot brain in that group. All were arrested in an operation developed to perfection by the National Police of Marbella to which the victim claimed that they would protect their identity in order not to alarm their children, who are not aware today of the violent assault and who are who manage the day of a chronic company with a large volume of export. This newspaper has been able to know the identity of the assaulted businessman, although to protect him he has decided not to reveal his personal data.

According to the first inquiries of the National Police, the alleged brain of the coup and the youngest of the whole group had approached the PP of Marbella to enjoy more contacts and legitimacy to reach the great fortunes of the Costasoleo municipality. He even took over the party in the last general elections and tried to have his intermediation company, which was not constituted, counted on the sponsorship of the Marbella City Council through a business incubator, according to police sources. It also moved perfectly by the most elite places of Marbella night and established a relationship with some of the most influential personalities of the municipality of Malaga. The assault on this great businessman was his first blow. When he was arrested, he tried to deny his connection to the plot, but the police investigation found the photograph he placed in the said baker whereprecookedthe last details of the assault with the other three authors.

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