Coronavirus arrests punch the Chinese economic gut

SHANGHAI – Commercial activity in China became largely negative for the first time when home sales, construction activity, retail sales and industrial production plunged, pushing unemployment to a record high, signs of the expensive economic damage associated with trying to control the spread of coronavirus. Taken together, the data, which dates back to the first […]

The EU plans to ban entry to its borders, but barriers are rising within the blockade

BRUSSELS – The European Union has stepped up its battle against the new coronavirus, unveiling a plan to ban non-essential travel to most of the blockade, but EU-wide efforts face decreasing support among members more focused on national well-being . On Monday, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen proposed a 30-day ban […]

Hospitals push surgery to make room for coronavirus patients

Hospitals that are preparing for an influx of coronavirus patients are canceling some surgeries and shifting routine care to virtual visits, an effort to make room for those critically ill and prevent infections as the global pandemic spreads wide. national. An increasing number of hospitals, including Brigham and Boston Women’s Hospital, the New York Presbyterian, […]

Coronavirus deaths outside China outnumber internal deaths

Coronavirus deaths outside of China surpassed domestic deaths for the first time, as the center of the pandemic has moved significantly to the United States and Europe and has forced an increasing number of countries to limit travel and meetings to contain the spread. More than 3,300 people from countries including Italy, Iran and Spain […]

The Top Health official urges Americans to stay home amid the coronavirus

WASHINGTON-U.S .. officials warned that much more needs to be done to slow the spread of coronavirus and help the economy cope, urging Americans to significantly curb their social activity and calling for further action by Congress. The warnings on Sunday came after the Trump administration expanded travel restrictions from Europe and faced criticism about […]

Coronavirus measurements put new limits on daily life

People around the world on Sunday were adjusting to a new reality of life during the coronavirus pandemic, as more restrictive government and business restrictions restricted travel, shopping, elections and even religious services. Governments have imposed a series of measures to limit the meetings of large numbers of people in an attempt to slow the […]

Face masks of South Korean rations in the fight against Coronavirus

SEOUL: just before 13:00 on Friday, Son Jae-son marched to his local pharmacy, looking for a valuable item in South Korea: his weekly ration of two face masks. South Korean health officials urged all citizens, even healthy ones like Mr. Son, to wear filtered masks, making the product disappear from the shelves. With his family […]

Countries close national borders as coronavirus spreads

Countries, including the United States, have introduced more aggressive measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and combat economic damage, with some increases in border controls and movement restrictions. As a sign of how the pandemic center of gravity is moving to Europe and the United States, Apple Inc. said it would close […]