Influencer’s daughter is shocked after the death of the dry ice

A little girl sobbed “where’s dad” after being killed along with two others in an acrobatic tragedy in a dry ice pool. Nastya Didenko was devastated after her 32-year-old father Valentin Didenko was poisoned to death in a bizarre accident on his mother’s 29th birthday. Reportedly, the victims suffered carbon dioxide poisoning after 25 kg […]

Cowardly infestation of cockroaches inside the pipe in the Queensland house: Video

Filming hundreds of cockroaches crawling the skin inside an exhaust pipe in a Queensland home were a warning to homeowners following the recent wet weather along Australia’s east coast. Nuflow Technologies, a Gold Coast-based pipeline repair franchise, has warned residents that recent heavy rains and floods have resulted in an onslaught of crawling crawls into […]