Excessive? This is how Juan Diego Alvira celebrated his birthday

Juan Diego Alvira It is not changed by anyone. The renowned presenter, celebrates this October 16 one more year of life in the company of family and loved ones.

Through his social networks, the Tolima shared a video how, from the beginning of the day, set companions had different details with him.

Thank you all for your messages and good vibes“, he claimed Juan Diego Alvira on his Instagram account.

In the images shared by the presenter of Noticias Caracol you can see how the cameramen arrived at the recording set they congratulate him emotionallyLater, in full broadcast of the newscast, he received some flowers and several words of encouragement.

His wife Ana María Escobar also made a publication on their social networks that consists of a family photo accompanied by a happy birthday sign.

“Your north has been part of our path, you have shared your dreams with me, your life is an inspiration for this family, You, our infinite love, we adore you“said Juan Diego Alvira’s wife.

The video in which you can see how the man from Tolima was honored by several of his setmates has more than 130,000 views, 15,000 likes and a large number of comments in which his followers leave all kinds of messages.

“Happy birthday my Juan Diego you deserve to be very happy”, “God bless you brother, many blessings”, “Happy birthday to the man who wakes us up every morning with a beautiful smile and the best energy”, were some of the comments of your friends and followers.

This is the publication in which you can see how Juan Diego Alvira celebrates his birthday.


This would be the real reason why Mónica Jaramillo left Caracol

A few weeks ago Mónica Jaramillo surprised her followers with a news that saddened them, after 7 years of working for Caracol Televisión, the presenter announced that she was leaving the newscast, at that time it was not clear what her departure from the channel was due to, only it was said that she would dedicate herself to undertaking other personal projects.

“This was one of my first photos when I arrived at Caracol. Today, with the same smile, more years and more experience, I can say that I have been very lucky. It was a dream come true. Thanks to you for your affection, you were part of it, ”said the woman from Antioquia at that time.

Many wondered who would take the place of the journalist in the program, Publimetro not only confirmed the departure of Jaramillo, it also mentioned that his replacement would be Alejandra Giraldo.

Giraldo also works at Noticias Caracol, only in the noon broadcast, then he went on to cover Mónica Jaramillo in the mornings, accompanied by Juan Diego Alvira.

However, since the Caracol Televisión communicator left it has been rumored that the reason was not because she wanted to undertake other projects, but because the channel fired her.

Channel 1’s variety show ‘Lo Sé Todo, in a recent broadcast spoke about it. According to their presenters, Caracol and Jaramillo had differences after she participated in an advertising campaign without the consent of the channel.

It is worth bearing in mind that this is not the first time that this rumor has been referred to, a few days ago, Negra Candela also said that this would be the real reason behind the news of her departure.

“Unofficial reasons: to run an advertising campaign for a recognized product for children’s fever without the authorization of Caracol. He repeated with a bicycle brand, a client of the company, and he got there. Call to discharge justified the decision due to the decrease in her monthly income after the cut in her salary, something that happened to the talent of all television channels due to the quarantine, ”explained La Negra Candela.


Fanny Lu returns to discredit with photos in bikini

He post includes a caption that reads: “Vitamin D. Happiness” with suns and kisses emojis. The images are close to reaching 25 thousand likes and has hundreds of comments from her fans that fill her with compliments, for example:

“Spectacular body”, “God, woman, you’re going to kill me, I’ll have to stop following you”, “Perfect”, “beautiful”, “Regia”, “What a goddess and beautiful”, “Oops Fanny, but you’re taking too much, you are regal ”,“ I love you, Fanny Lu, you are beautiful ”and many more.

Fanny Lu made headlines a few days ago when she announced the publication of her most recent single called ‘En Mis Tacones’, the song has a message with which it intends to vindicate the role of women over men.


Strong criticism of Mateo Carvajal for behavior with his son

A few weeks ago, the son of Mateo Carvajal and Melina Ramírez, Salvador, completed his first year of life, despite the fact that the romantic relationship between the two celebrities ended in 2019, both have been very committed to the well-being of the child.

Both the athlete and the presenter usually show some tender moments that show the upbringing of the child, for example, a while ago a video in which Ramírez showed how Salvador’s hair was when she tried to cut it off, the baby’s shearing became very viral Because of the desperate quarantine measures, it amused many on social networks.

However, now there are strong criticisms against the Antioqueño and the way in which he takes care of his only son, a few hours ago Mateo Carvajal shared a video on his Instagram account, in the short he is seen giving food to Salvador, but he uses the same spoon with which he feeds it for him also to eat.

He post has a caption that says: “Good morning” and has almost 170 thousand likes in the social network, although several negative comments can be seen in which Carvajal is scold for his behavior.

Among the criticisms are the following: “It is not healthy to share the same spoon! Mateo, you can transmit and infect your baby with all your viruses ”, he himself responded by saying:“ Take care to take care of yours so that this does not happen to you ”.


The joke with which Mike Bahía would reveal Greeicy Rendón’s pregnancy

Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía have one of the most stable relationships in the national show business, they have been a stable couple for several years, they support each other in their personal projects and have been very wise during the time of the pandemic.

Their fans often wonder if they plan to get married or even have children soon, taking into account all the time they have been together and that they are of an age to form a family, however, they have stated that they do want to, only that they are focused on their successful careers.

But a recent Instagram Story left the followers of the famous couple with several doubts, Mike Bahía recently recorded himself speaking with Greeicy Rendón, “Today they told me cachetona, right?”, She tells her boyfriend.

“Could it be that you are pregnant?” and she says “No”, but makes a gesture of concern and of not being sure to say “no”.

Although everything seems like a joke, the situation caused several reactions on social networks, for example, on Instagram you see some comments: “Can you imagine? They would be precious as dads ”, among others who show surprise at a possible pregnancy of the interpreters of ‘Esta Noche’.


The excesses of Epa Colombia at the El Dorado Airport

It is worth noting that recently the Bogota woman was the center of various comments on social networks, this is because she decided to use the question tool on Instagram Stories, her followers took the opportunity to challenge her in various circumstances, some very funny, others quite unpleasant.

In the video compendium, there is a part in which an Internet user asks her to eat her dog’s food with milk, she takes the food and begins to serve it in a bowl with milk, “Oh! They look like fruit loops! ”, She begins to eat with a spoon, but the disgust she feels when she sees his face is remarkable, after a short time she begins to return it amid retching.

Another follower challenged her: “Put your head in the toilet for ten seconds”, then Epa Colombia appears in her bathroom ready to show that she has no scruples of any kind, she stands on the toilet and succeeds.

“Eat an egg”, they also asked her in the middle of the round, she breaks a raw egg and serves it in a glass cup, however, this time she was not able, she tried to swallow it, but ended up returning it to the point of vomiting .

Likewise, an Internet user asked her: “Friend, run around the neighborhood that you are finally leaving”, then she appears walking through the streets of her neighborhood shouting: “Neighbors, I am going to tell you!”


The shocking photo of Fanny Lu in a tiny bikini

Fanny Lu fell in love with her followers on social networks. The singer, who is quite active on digital platforms, shared an image in which she shows all her beauty and sensuality.

Through her Instagram account, the singer of hits like ‘You are not for me’, ‘Braggart’, ‘Happy’, among others, published a photograph showing how her body looks in a bathing suit.

“I feel sorry for you, but it’s that simple,” Fanny Lu said on her social networks.

In a few hours, the publication has more than 30,000 ‘likes’ and a large number of comments in which its followers leave all kinds of messages.

“Bombazo”, “That mermaid escaped the pirates”, “Perfection has a name and is called Fanny Lu”, “Beautiful Fanny, you are getting better every day”, “You are the worthy representation of Colombian beauty, God bless you “were some of the messages from his friends and followers.


Lina Tejeiro sent a message to those who criticize her for “rudeness”

The actress Lina Tejeiro She is a woman who has given enough to talk about among her followers and critics, especially due to the physical changes that she has presented over the years. However, There are also those who question his way of being or speaking and he sent them a message through their social networks.

Everything happened after the recent bikini photos with which Tejeiro showed off her bodySome of his followers asked him why he was wearing the bathing suit backwards, to which he replied with a laugh: “just because I feel like it.”

Faced with this response, questions arose from “very susceptible people”, as she herself called them, with whom she apologized, clarifying that it is her way of joking and “laughing.”

“There are very sensitive people around here, I apologize. They ask me why I answer like this when they ask about something (…) because I find it funny, it’s a way of laughing. I do not answer them like that seriously, because finally I explain them and give them the answer to what they are asking me“Lina Tejeiro clarified.

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Then he excused himself again to those who were upset or offended by his words: “It’s not because it’s rude, I find it funny. If I offended you, please excuse me“he added.

Finally, the 28-year-old actress from Villavice concluded this intervention by assuring that there are more people who know her and know what her sense of humor is. She said “thank you” to them.


This is the new and luxurious apartment of Epa Colombia

Days ago, Epa Colombia shared with his followers his excitement at having the possibility of making this dream come true.

“I want to tell you that today my dream. I could not have a good study, nor a professional career; Mom and Dad had no money, we were very poorBut they taught me to work early in the morning, where I became a fighter, enterprising, hard-working woman, without fear of success; these were my bases of being the businesswoman that I am today, “she said Epa Colombia in the text that accompanies its publication.

In the image you can see the influencer on her knees in her new home, in what seems to be thanking God for this acquisition.

The post has more than 100,000 ‘likes’ and a large number of comments in which his followers leave all kinds of messages.

“Blessings and more blessings. You are great and you must continue fighting to grow more every day”, “Beautiful my Epa, beautiful you deserve it, we are going if you can You can have many enemies but you have us who do not judge you”, were some from the messages of your friends and followers.


Chichila Navia fell in love with her followers with a photo in a tiny bikini

It is worth noting that weeks ago Chichila Navia turned on social media. The actress, who is quite active on digital platforms, shared some images in which she shows her most sensual side.

Through your Instagram account, the actress shared several photos in which she appears naked promoting a product.

Between us we must support each other, not harm each other Do we do it? ” Chichila Navia on their social networks.

The post in which you can see the actress posing on a chair, has more than 20,000 ‘likes’ and a large number of comments in which her followers leave all kinds of messages.

Beautiful, talented, good mom, wife, friend, caring, it is all in a woman I am very admirer of yours “,”You stay divine in every way With clothes or without clothes and you have to be very silly in this life to dare to tell you how you should take your photos women do not take photos how we please You always so loving to answer I imagine it is because of your position as a public figure “,”Very cute but I don’t like suggestive nude photos, you contribute more if you put very nice paint on those shoes “, were some of the messages that actress Cecilia Navia received.