Tyler Herro flirts with model IG Katya Elise Henry: Fans React

Tyler Herro sends #NBATwitter into a frenzy after apparently successfully shooting Katya Elise Henry. Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro was enjoying a good season on the pitch before the NBA season ended indefinitely. In his 47 appearances, the 20-year-old shooting guard averaged 12.9 points with 4 rebounds per game while shooting 39% from a distance […]

OnlyFans denies violation of the site after a huge online loss

The very popular pay-for-play website, OnlyFans, is denying that their system was hacked after a large amount of their content was released on the web. Earlier this week, their users complained that their content had arrived on the Internet without their consent, which led to speculation on the subscription-based social media platform that may have […]

Tyler Perry gets the second autopsy on Nephew who died in prison

Tyler Perry hired a doctor to perform another autopsy on his nephew, Gavin Porter, who allegedly died of suicide in prison. Tyler Perry is coming to the bottom of his nephew’s suspicious death by ordering another autopsy from the young man, after prison officials told his family that he had committed suicide behind bars. On […]

Burger King’s new “Moldy Whopper” ad is educational and disgusting

Showing what a 34-day Whopper should look like, Burger King sucked and did more for their latest food hype. Burger King continues to do more when it comes to their advertising programs, from offering customers despised of love for free Whoppers on Valentine’s Day in exchange for photos of their ex to distributing free burgers […]

Aubrey O’Day interrupts today’s payola radio practices

But it’s illegal! Last year, Aubrey O’Day went on to “Sway In the Morning” and exposed modern-day payola practices. The entire interview has mysteriously and suspiciously disappeared from the Internet, but a clip has surfaced in which it divides the amount of money that artists of different genres pay to secure points in the radio […]