The network showed station wagons from Chevrolet – not competitors Volkswagen Caddy?

The only plus is the price.

After the Chevrolet station wagons were shown on the net, motorists were perplexed. Many of them said that this is a cheap parody of LADA Largus, and not competitors of Volkswagen Caddy, as the representative of the company says.

The production of new products started in March 2020 and is aimed at the automotive market of Kazakhstan. Moreover, Chevrolet intends to compete not only with the German light commercial vehicle for 1,631,300-2776,100 rubles, but also with the LADA Largus localized in the republic, whose value does not even reach a million – 622900-933900 rubles.

However, the brand’s developers took into account the nuances by making the 8-seater Damas passenger minibus and Labo mini truck as cheap as possible due to Uzbek car kits. Therefore, it is not surprising that new items will cost customers 582 and 600 thousand rubles.

Given the length of LADA Largus, which is 4470 millimeters, the news from Chevrolet do not differ in particular capacity, namely it is valued in micro-vans and mini-trucks. The total length of the new products does not exceed 3.5 meters, and the heart of the rear-wheel drive cars is a 0.8 liter gasoline engine, which is paired with a manual gearbox.

It’s hard for motorists to imagine how much power is under the hood, so they are still confident that Chevrolet Damas and Labo are not a competitor to LADA Largus, and even less so Volkswagen Caddy.


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