Refund rules for the tourist package to be suspended

As the travel industry implodes due to the coronavirus crisis, the rules on refunds for canceled holidays must be suspended. Currently, vacationers whose travel has been canceled are entitled to all their money back within two weeks of travel cancellation. But the 2018 tour package regulations were never designed for a complete halt to international […]

Coronavirus: Visit Cornwall tells tourists to “stay away”

Cornwall became the UK’s first major tourist destination to tell visitors to stay away until the end of the coronavirus crisis. Visit Cornwall has published a statement stating: “Visitors should not come to Cornwall at this time, in order to slow down the spread of the virus, to protect themselves and the Cornish communities.” The […]

Coronavirus: which countries have travel bans?

As more and more extreme measures are taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus, or Covid-19, new travel bans and warnings are introduced on a daily basis. Here are the key travel bans you need to know. India Download the new Independent Premium app Share the whole story, not just the headlines Download now […]

Cyprus travel tips: the latest directions for tourists as the coronavirus epidemic spreads

Coronavirus is continuing to spread around the world, with thousands of new cases confirmed every day. Airlines around the world are canceling flights and suspending entire routes. Italy, with over 9,000 confirmed cases, is the most affected nation outside of China. Download the new Independent Premium app Share the whole story, not just the headlines […]

Coronavirus: latest travel tips for Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia

The whole of Italy was blocked in the midst of the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Now that the FCO has recommended “everything but essential travel” in the country, vacationers can finally begin to recover some of the costs of any canceled travel. Those with travel booked to other European countries may be equally concerned about what […]