20 minutes – woman attacks pregnant woman with pepper spray

A tangible incident occurred in front of a Migros branch in Suhr AG on Thursday evening. A customer accused a pregnant woman of being too close to her. This violates the distance rules prescribed by the federal government, the customer accused the pregnant woman. The discussion escalated – in the end the pregnant woman got […]

The Xbox now has its own “Overwatch” game tests

“Bleeding Edge” is the name of the latest exclusive game for Xbox One and PC. The foundation is solid, but can be expanded. Since the resounding success of Blizzard’s “Overwatch”, almost all major manufacturers have tried their own interpretations of team arena shooters, and the Moba version “League of Legends” has been around for a […]

20 minutes – kittens see tropical fish for the first time

The trend started Penguin WellingtonThen Annie and Edward joined in: The rockhopper penguins waddle around in the deserted Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which is closed due to the corona pandemic. Her zookeepers filmed her there. What starts with a joke is shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media and quickly became the best […]

Austrian researchers rely on intestinal bacteria – health

Intestinal bacteria may be useful to us in the fight against the coronavirus. All over the world, there are currently various approaches in drug development against the coronavirus. One of them is based on the use of intestinal bacteria. Gut bacteria are known to have many useful properties. The reason that they could be of […]

Austria ‘s mosques are facing “financial ruin” – News

The Islamic Community of Faith in Austria (IGGÖ) raises the alarm. Since fundraising is impossible, numerous mosques are on the brink of bankruptcy. Due to the corona crisis and the restrictions imposed by the federal government, the local mosques are facing nothing. “From one day to the next, the usual fundraisers for daily prayers and […]

Cobra went out on the phone after a death threat – Upper Austria

The Einsatzkommando Cobra had to move to Wels on Wednesday after a death threat on the phone. Two men had threatened to kill themselves. A 31-year-old Welser dialed the emergency call around 1:30 a.m. because an initially unknown man had threatened by phone that he would come to him and kill him with his assault […]

These viruses are much more dangerous than corona health

The corona virus currently dominates the globe. There are known viruses that can exterminate humanity in a very short time. Covid-19 is highly contagious and the consequences can result in death. It is now clear to everyone. However, the rampant SARS-CoV-2 is not the most dangerous virus that currently exists. Viruses are generally divided into […]

20 minutes – “Charlotte no longer has to suffer”

13-year-old Charlotte Figi from the US state of Colorado is dead. As her parents say on Facebook, her daughter died on Tuesday morning. The girl was seen in the United States as a symbol in the struggle for the use of CBD hemp oil for medicinal purposes. The new corona virus The official name of […]

St. Stephen’s Cathedral: Believers stick to church pew readers

Difficult times require creative solutions: believers can now take part in the Easter services in St. Stephen’s Cathedral by photo. Many believers would particularly like to take part in the Easter celebrations in St. Stephen’s Cathedral during this time, unfortunately this is currently not possible due to the Corona measures. Believers are glued to church […]

20 minutes – “That masks don’t protect was white lies”

Switzerland has a firm grip on the corona crisis. Exit strategies and the economic consequences of lockdown are discussed. These questions also concern the former Federal Councilor and SVP strategist Christoph Blocher. In the «Handelszeitung» he comments on it and takes a swing around. He criticizes health minister Alain Berset, the Federal Office of Health […]