Yongnuo announces the Androide YN450 camera with Canon EF lenses

Dubai – By Mohammad Faris © Unlimit Tech Submitted by yun430 YN450 camcorder with Canon EF lens appeared on technology without limits. Yongnuo has announced the Canon YN450 camera with a built-in interior design with Canon EF lenses, which also works with the Andoride operating system and supports 4K images. Yongnuo offers its new version […]

Orowoo launches the new mobile broadband offer

DOHA:Orowoo launched a new presentation in separate packages of mobile Internet (Mobile Broadband), marking the achievements of the Oeadoo Supernet network in 2018. The new offer was designed to allow customers to enjoy the Internet by giving them additional data for free for 6 months with all Subscriptions. In these packages. The new offer offers […]

“Bullet” penetrates the head of a citizen “Thalini” Taif .. A sudden act of “murderer”

Thanks for reading the news about the "bullet" penetrated by the head of the citizen "Thalini" Taif .. A sudden act of the "killer" and now begins with the details Jeddah – Monitoring of the Gulf 365 – Taif: A shot killed the life of a citizen of Thrace, after entering the head in the […]

The Crown Prince finds himself with a delegation of American evangelical Christian leaders

Thank you for reading the news about the heir prince to meet with a delegation of American evangelical Christian leaders and now begin with the details. "Be a correspondent". Free service aimed at the participation of the public from all over the world to participate in the image, video and news of the news industry. […]

The last smartphone Y93 of Live at a price of 215 dollars

Dubai – By Mohamed Faris © Unlimit Tech provided by © Unlimit Tech File on this theme The Y93 phone is the latest smart smartphone of Vivo at a price of $ 215 again in Tech Unlimited. A new version of Vivo aims at the market for mobile phones of medium size, with Vivo offering […]

Sheikh Salman says she has majority support in the AFC elections

KUALA LUMPUR: AFC President Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim al-Khalifa said on Wednesday that he had the support of most national federations in a contest for a new mandate ahead of the continental federation in the 2019 elections.The official, who has been in office since 2013, underlined the need for elections in April, in accordance with […]

Honor Magic 2 is officially launched with a slider design

Dubai – By Mohamed Faris © Unlimit Tech For this theme Honor Magic 2 is officially launched with a slippery design back to unlimited technology. Huawei's Honor Company has already announced its new version of Magic 2, which comes with a slider design that reveals the front camera. The Magic 2 comes this year with […]

Anti-aging Prevention of liver and kidney disease

NEW YORK (Reuters Health): The concentration of an enzyme called adrenaline and nicotine oxide (NAD +) is reduced during the aging and restoration of the normal levels of this enzyme in the body. It can prolong both health and age, which makes it the focus Of much research in the fields of food science, medicine […]

In the USA UU., A decision was made on the rate of Nurmagomedov for the victory over McGregor

During the vote, the State Athletics Commission of the State of Nevada, EE. U., decided to pay the mixed Russian martial arts fight Habib Nurmagomedov, who won the Irish Conor McGregor, only half the rate. According to the department's decision, Nurmagomedov will pay $ 1 million, what is it Half of the promised amount reports […]

As obesity worsens mental abilities

With excessive weight, immune cells in the brain deprive neurons of the ability to form new neuronal chains. Microglia cells (green) in the cerebellum of the mouse. (Photo: soniclove2100 / Flickr.com) Dendritic pimples (red spots) in the neuronal processes indicate places where the nerve cell can form a synapse with another nerve cell. (Photo by […]