Chancellor delivers speech to nation – he wants to announce that now – News

Sebastian Kurz (VP) wants to deliver a hopeful speech to the battered nation at the ceremony for “75 years of the Second Republic” on Monday and, above all, encourage those who went bankrupt because of the corona crisis.

The 75th anniversary of Austria’s declaration of independence and the associated establishment of the Second Republic will be celebrated on the coming Monday. Due to the corona crisis, the planned ceremony will take place in a reduced form this year. Following a long-standing tradition, this day also begins in 2020 with the wreath-laying ceremony of the Federal Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and the Minister of Defense at the castle gate – this time Sebastian Kurz (VP), Werner Kogler (Greens) and turquoise Claudia Tanner have to do with fewer soldiers of the guard and guard music to take.

New speech on the state of the nation

The ceremony from the Federal Chancellery will be broadcast on ORF from 11:00 a.m. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will address the population in a 15-minute speech from the Chancellor’s Office. Some details from this speech leaked to the nation on Saturday evening. Sebastian Kurz said it was an anniversary in the middle of a time of crisis “Today”– According to information. Austria “had many successes and wonderful moments, but also always faced challenges and crises together”.

“Will master this crisis”

A few weeks ago, if he had to issue drastic warnings (“We will all know someone who died of Corona”) about the virus, the head of government will now be positive. The Chancellor would like to say “hope and optimism” to the people against the background of the current crisis management, as opposed to the Chancellery “Today” called. Austria will “open a new chapter” at the start of the 76th year of the Second Republic and will also overcome this crisis through “cohesion, hard work and joint efforts”.

“Abandonment demanded a lot from us”

After the phase of “renunciation, deprivation and loneliness that demanded a lot”, according to Sebastian Kurz, “our way back now begins – with gradual upswing in social life and the economy”. For the Federal Chancellor in the coming months it will be a matter of “quickly bringing people back into short-time work and unemployment into full employment” and “helping everyone who has been completely deprived of their economic existence by the virus overnight.” In short: “Companies and their employees now need our full support.”

For this, the government will “work harder” to “make the comeback for Austria together”, Sebastian Kurz wants to tell people in his speech on the state of the nation on Monday, it says.

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Styrian corona party tiger has already celebrated with Putin – Styria

That millionaire, whose corona pool party recently attracted attention, has already celebrated with ex-Foreign Minister Kneissl and Putin.

People come together to celebrate. However, given the still high risk of coronavirus, this is not currently desirable. A round of Austrian millionaires in Styria recently whistled. They demonstratively celebrated a pool party in the time of Corona. The Graz public prosecutor is now investigating several suspects.

In the meantime, new backgrounds about the group have come to light. The Ober-Partytiger celebrated in 2018 as a guest at the wedding of the then Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl. There he caused a sensation with a very special gift, “which even caught the eye of Russian President Vladimir Putin,” reports the “Krone”.

However, this is of no use to him after his media-effective pool drink. “The public prosecutor’s office in Graz initiated an investigation on its own initiative. The criminal police were commissioned to investigate the matter,” spokesman Hansjörg Bacher confirmed. Investigations are being carried out against four persons known by name and other unknowns.

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That is why there was a bloody deed from son to mother (81) – Upper Austria

Long-standing disputes are said to have led to a murder in Kronstorf (Linz-Land district). It was probably about the fact that the homestead has no heirs.

The mother (81) was in the clinch with the son (46), who lived with her at the large farmstead in Kronstorf and who ran it after the death of her father 19 years ago, for years. There was a lot of controversy about family planning: the 81-year-old wanted an heir for the farm, but the 46-year-old had not found a woman.

Rifle fetched from room

On Friday and in the night of Saturday, the dispute had escalated into violence. The son is said to have got his small-caliber rifle shortly after midnight and shot twice in the head and neck of the 81-year-old mother. The woman was dead on the spot. The man then dialed the police emergency number, confessed to the crime and was arrested without resistance.

Man is fully confessed

The man was also confessed to the police questioning. The mother’s body is now to be autopsied. The man was taken to the Garsten Prison after the questioning and after consultation with the Steyr public prosecutor’s office. Is being investigated for murder.

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Out of the buffets: what else is changing – news

Tourism wants to welcome guests to Austria again in summer at the latest. A package of measures was presented to show how this could work.

It is not yet clear when and if a summer season can start in domestic tourism, but plans are already being made. One thing is clear: there will be strict restrictions for the guests. Nothing is official, but a border opening for guests – for example from Germany – is currently being discussed.

Upper Austrian Tourism Councilor Markus Achleitner already has plans in his pocket about how a summer season could work, the “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten” reports. In planning with other regional councils for tourism, it is conceivable to open swimming pools at fixed intervals for loungers. However, guests would have to act “with common sense”.

No more buffet?

As with the cash register in the supermarket, the reception desks in hotels could be given plexiglass protection. But the buffet is not looking good: breakfast, lunch and dinner would have to be served so that no groups can form at a buffet. In the case of cable cars and the like, individual transportation must take place; only one person or family may enter a cabin.

A solution with one-way regulations should even be possible for zoos so that visitors cannot get in the way on the paths. As Achleitner says, the main problem for most tourism companies is the entrance and exit area. He suggests that they have to be increasingly regulated via barriers and turnstiles, “as is already the case in thermal baths or cable cars”.

It is hoped that businesses and hotels will be able to open again in mid-May. The government plans to announce its plans for this next week.

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Corona outbreak in Tyrolean refugee home – Tyrol

14 people are accommodated in the home in Imst. A resident was diagnosed with corona during a health exam.

A resident of a refugee home in Imst in Tyrol has tested positive for the corona virus. The man had been admitted to the Zams hospital for other medical reasons, where, as usual, a corona test was carried out automatically, which was positive, the country said in a broadcast on Friday evening. The man was isolated in the hospital.

The refugee’s course of illness was very mild, he had no symptoms typical of the coronavirus, it said. A total of 44 people are accommodated in the home.

“On the part of BH Imst, all residents of the home were tested by a mobile screening team,” said Raimund Waldner, district captain of Imst. The results were expected for the weekend.

Cordoned off at home

It was also ordered that residents should not be allowed to leave the refugee home until further notice. The area of ​​the home was secured in such a way that residents had the opportunity to go outdoors without being in touch with outsiders. Strangers were no longer allowed to enter the property for the time being. The building is cleaned and disinfected.

According to the state, one of the residents had already been transferred to the refugee home in Telfs last weekend. For safety reasons, a screening by the medical officer was also arranged for him, his two roommates and the home manager there.

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20 minutes – Two women fall 190 meters to their deaths

According to initial findings, the two 75-year-old women embarked on a hike in the direction of Braunwald from Rüti GL station. For reasons still unexplained, they fell

about 190 meters deep. They suffered fatal injuries, as reported by the cantonal police in Glarus on Friday.

The two retirees were reported missing on Monday, April 20. As part of the search, the missing persons were found on a helicopter search flight in a rune at around 740 m above sea level. found.

The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the public prosecutor’s office in the canton of Glarus in cooperation with the cantonal police in Glarus.



50,000 cancer patients at risk from Corona – news

A British medical doctor predicts that up to 50,000 cancer patients could die from corona if they were not treated early enough.

British oncologist Karol Sikora makes a grim forecast: Because cancer investigations have been suspended in British clinics because of the corona pandemic, up to 50,000 people could die of cancer in the future if they were not treated in time.

Sikora, who works at Rutherford Health, is concerned that 2,300 cancer cases per week are currently undetected. “If this goes on for six months, I suspect there will be at least 50,000 cancer deaths in the coming years. That’s a daunting number,” the doctor told The Sun.

Do not neglect other diseases

“We usually diagnose about 30,000 people with cancer every month. But in April, there are probably less than 5,000. The reason for this is very simple: People have not been examined at all.”

The doctor warns against not neglecting other diseases in the corona crisis. Millions of lives are at risk, says Sikora. He even speaks of “the next public health disaster in the UK”.

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Infected premature baby has defeated the corona virus – News

Born far too early, Baby Peyton was already infected with the corona virus. Scotland’s youngest Covid patient is now considered cured.

“She’s our little rainbow in the middle of a storm,” Tracy and her husband Adrian “AJ” Maguire from the Bellshill suburb of Glasgow are overjoyed. Because of possible complications, their daughter was born prematurely on March 26, 2020, eight weeks before the actual date of birth by caesarean section. Little Peyton Elizabeth only weighed around 1.5 kilos.

After the first weeks of constant care in the hospital, the young mother noticed that her baby was sniffing barely audible and a slight cough. Peyton was immediately tested for a virus infection by the doctors.

Opposite the BBC, Tracy Maguire remembers the moment. It was one of the “worst things” she had ever seen. “It was the first time I saw my baby crying. I held her, cried myself and tried to get through everything together.” The little girl was only three weeks old when the doctors diagnosed the shock: Corona.

“The doctor tried to calm me down, but I could only sob. As good as she was, I kept asking myself how she could get infected. How can she fight it when she is so tiny? ? It was just this insecurity … “

The premature baby should then be separated from his parents and treated in an isolation ward. Not being able to hold her newborn daughter in her arms for a full 14 days, but that was inconceivable for Mama Tracy. She pleaded with the doctors to stay with her baby until they finally agreed. “As well as they looked after her, I am her mother. Even if it were just a cold, I would want to stay with her,” the woman continues. However, her husband Adrian was not allowed to visit her, he had to wait for his family at home in self-isolation.

On Monday, he was able to hold his daughter in his arms for the first time since. Scotland’s youngest corona patient is now considered cured.

The young family was very happy to thank the doctors and nurses of the Wishaw General Hospital. “They are doing a job that is totally surreal – they are risking their lives just to make sure my baby is fed and even holding them in full armor,” said Tracy Maguire. “It is incredible, you will never understand how grateful I am to these people. Peyton is the most important thing in this world to me and I have entrusted it to them.”

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20 minutes – what’s going on at FC Basel?

FC Basel is currently in bad air. It even seems to some that the situation in the club could explode soon. There are several indications for this. Finally, the threat from the president of FC Basel, Bernhard Burgener, to sue the “SonntagsZeitung” if it published unproven speculations.

How come? How did the club’s biggest crisis come in a long time? Why is FC Basel no longer the quiet club that you know from previous years? There are no exact answers to these questions. The Tamedia editorial team (fee-based) nevertheless tried and answered a few urgent questions.

Cash reserves have shrunk

One question that Tamedia’s editorial team answers is that of finances. So FC Basel, when Burgener took over the club, stood there sporty and economically brilliant. The squad had a value of CHF 52.4 million. And in addition to the equity capital of CHF 15.8 million, FC Basel 1893 AG had reserves of CHF 22 million in the form of provisions for replacement purchases. There was also still CHF 22 million equity in FC Basel Holding AG as additional protection.

Most of this money now seems to be gone. “In two and a half years under the leadership of Burgener, almost two thirds of the former total reserve of CHF 60 million was used up,” wrote the Tamedia editorial team.

Players are suspicious

This raises the question: Will FCB still be able to pay its bills in the future? Of course, no editorial team in the world knows what the exact situation is and how the Corona crisis will continue to impact, not even the Tamedia editorial team. But when FCB CEO Roland Heri says in an interview with the website “”the fact that the liquidity of the club is currently requiring special attention makes one sit up and take notice. Short-time working and waiving wages could improve the financial situation, but the problem: negotiations with the players stalled.

But why is that? On the one hand, the Tamedia editorial writes, the players are suspicious of the sporting aspects. Several players were disturbed by the fact that titles and successes are still being spoken of briskly, but the squad is not being strengthened. And: The players have less and less trust in those responsible. The president is far away. And they would not be informed about the club’s financial situation.

What’s next?

The mistrust of the players is best seen in a statement that they published on Instagram, especially in one sentence: “All players in the first team are prepared to waive part of their wages in the next few months when there are no games, provided they know where the money goes and what it is used for.”

So it will be interesting to see how it goes on. Will those responsible still find a way out of the crisis?

All existential questions that the Tamedia editors have asked and answered about the situation at FC Basel can be found here (subject to a charge).




The Viennese politician has these long-term consequences after Corona – Vienna

2,228 people are currently suffering from Corona in Vienna. 1,615 people are considered to have recovered, including housing councilor Kathrin Gaal (SPÖ).

“I’m healthy again. My problem is that I still can’t smell very well. I don’t smell anything at all, that’s the only thing that is left to me. Otherwise, I’m fine again,” said Gaal in the ORF program “Vienna Today”.

The first symptoms of the disease were headache, fatigue and, above all, body aches. Fortunately, she only got a mild form of the disease, says Gaal. “I didn’t feel good for two or three days, then it got better,” reports the city councilor.

Cut off from the family and isolated

“I was really alone in the bedroom for two weeks. My husband put food and drink in front of my door, then knocked and then left,” says Gaal. She also had no contact with her child for two weeks, which she found to be a psychological challenge. She is very happy that no one has infected her by strictly observing the quarantine rules.

Loneliness and birthdays alone

As a private individual, Gaal agrees to the government’s measures. She also emphasizes that Vienna naturally supports this. Nevertheless, she points out: “It is already time to think about it – and this is already happening – to let people together again”. She experienced what the lack of social contacts means when her father had to celebrate his 80th birthday alone. “It does something to you,” said Gaal.

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