Coronavirus, over 500 thousand dead worldwide | New lockdown near Beijing | The second wave begins in Israel

Beijing, over half a million in lockdown – The situation in Beijing remains “serious and complex” after the new rebound of the infections in recent weeks: local authorities have ordered the lockdown for almost half a million people in an area close to the city to avoid a second wave. The confinement took place in the canton of Anxin, 60 km south of Beijing, in the northern province of Hebei. Eleven cases related to the outbreak of the epidemic in Beijing have in fact been identified in that area, the semi-official Global Times newspaper reported.

Great Britain, red zone risk in Leicester – Leicester, in England, is in danger of being placed in lockdown due to an increase in coronavirus cases, British Interior Minister Priti Sushil Patel has announced to the BBC. “Health Minister Matt Hancock – he explains – has launched a series of measures in support of Leicester such as carpet tests and resources to local authorities”. In the city there are 658 new cases in two weeks for an outbreak in a food company and gatherings outside restaurants and kiosks.

New wave in Israel – “A new wave” of the coronavirus pandemic has started in Israel. Health Minister Yoel Edelstein said this after an initial ministerial consultation on the fight against Covid. Edelstein said he proposed new restrictive measures to religious events and limitations on prayers and other groupings. “Measures – he explained – that will help stop the virus now without having to resort to a lockdown”.

Australia, new outbreaks in Melbourne – New anti-coronavirus lockdown measures could be imposed in Melbourne after 49 cases of Covid-19 were identified on Saturday, the highest number since April. Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has announced that he is considering whether to ask citizens to stay home in the next few days. In the rest of Australia the virus has almost completely disappeared. In the west of the country there was only one new case, in New South Wales three and they were all people who had returned from abroad. Zero infections in Queensland and the south. In Victoria there are 2,028 cases at the moment.

Outbreak born from the exchange of a lighter? And one of the new coronavirus outbreaks in Melbourne, as reported by the premier, may have been caused by the exchange of a lighter among hotel employees. “They kept their distance but passed the lighter,” said Daniel Andrews at the press conference, adding that the same employees always drove together “thus being much closer to each other than is desirable.”

The cases in Latin America – Meanwhile, no encouraging news from Latin America of a contraction of the pandemic: in the last 24 hours, in fact, the infections have increased to 2,421,046 (+63,092) and the deaths are now 110,457 (+2,506). Brazil still leads today’s increase both in cases of +38.693, which brings the total to 1.313.667 infected, and in victims (+2.506, 110.457). The South American giant is followed by Peru and Chile.

Colombia beats Cina – Colombia recorded 4,149 new cases on Saturday: this is the third daily record in a week with a balance that brings the total number of infections to 88,591. The South American country thus exceeds China in number of cases. At the same time, CNN reports, Covid-19 deaths increased to 2,939 in Colombia (+128 compared to Friday).

The numbers of the CIna – China has registered 17 other cases in the last 24 hours, of which three “imported” and 14 of internal origin in Beijing: the National Health Commission announced. According to the NHC, reports CNN, China has registered a total of 83,500 infections and 4,634 deaths to date.

In Russia 9 thousand dead – In Russia the death toll has exceeded the 9,000 threshold: this is what emerges from the count of Johns Hopkins University. According to data from the American university, 9,060 people died in Russia out of a total of 633,542 confirmed infections. There are 398,311 people healed.


Why does California have low COVID-19 numbers in the US drama? – Telemundo 52

LOS ANGELES – Early confinement and other prevention measures promoted by the state government have allowed California, with more than 40 million inhabitants and some 300 deaths from COVID-19, to become an example of how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in United States.

So far, the nation’s largest metropolis, Los Angeles, with more than 10 million citizens, has recorded fewer than 6,000 cases and 132 deaths, far from New York City, which has 8 and a half million inhabitants. and it has confirmed some 130,000 infections and more than 4,000 deaths.

“California has been doing quite well in the COVID-19 pandemic, with a relatively low number of infected per 100,000 people and a low death rate,” said Professor Karin Michels, head of the Department of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).


California Governor Gavin Newsom was one of the first in the country to enact relatively strict confinement, allowing only “essential” activities such as going to the grocery store and pharmacy, and exercising respect for safety distances between people.

In contrast, eight states – Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming – have not mandated their residents to stay home.

“The governor issued ‘home security’ and ‘shelter’ orders relatively quickly. Universities like UCLA and other large employers closed even earlier and sent people to work, teach and study from home,” said Michels, who has extensive experience in disease prevention, public health and statistical methods.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, California schools may continue to be closed until the end of August.

Newsom also took the initiative to decree the closure of schools, which will remain closed until next year, as a preventive measure; in asking President Donald Trump to send a hospital ship to Los Angeles to support local hospitals before it reached a hypothetical peak in the number of cases, which has not yet occurred; and in closing the state’s beaches and parks.

Another point that seems to have helped so far in the exceptional case of California against COVID-19, according to experts, is the low population density of the state, which reduces the possibility of contagion and allows better compliance with the rules of social distancing.

 Despite having a large population, Californians do not live in
as dense as New Yorkers. Cities spread with
Few skyscrapers: Relative to other states, many more people in
 California lives in houses, not in apartment buildings or buildings
high, “summarizes Michels, who is based on data from a study of his


California has had a much lower per capita death rate than most of the nation’s largest states, with the exception of Texas.

“The state has a low average age and a high
density of healthcare facilities, which may have contributed to
 the low mortality rate, “explained Michels.

According to a recent study published in The Lancet, the mortality rate among those infected with 20 years of age is 0.03%, while for those 70 years of age it is 8.6%.

Cautious tone

 Californian authorities have projected alarming numbers in the
recent weeks, although so far those estimates have not been

Newsom himself foresaw two weeks ago that more than half the state’s population, or about 25 million people, would become infected, so he begged its residents to follow the guidelines to the letter.

For his part, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, did not hesitate to forecast that the city “would follow in the footsteps of New York” in number of cases, a catastrophic scenario that is still far away.

COVID-19 affects children differently than adults. This is what the doctors say in the following video.

The United States on Monday exceeded 10,000 deaths from coronavirus, with 10,335 and almost 350,000 infected, making it the third country with the most deaths after Italy and Spain, according to the count of the Center for Systems, Science and Engineering (CSSE) from Johns Hopkins University (Maryland).

The new data is known after this Sunday
President Donald Trump, during his usual daily press conference,
make sure “this will probably be the hardest week, between this
week and next, and there will be a lot of death. ”

The state of New York, the great epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, accumulates with these latest figures a total of 4,758 deaths and 130,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19, compared to just over 122,000 that it had a day earlier.


Setien’s numbers in his first hundred days at the helm of Barça

Quique Setién This Wednesday marks his first hundred days as coach of Barcelona. The Cantabrian coach landed at the Camp Nou on January 13. We review this ephemeris in five data.

Solo leadership

When Setién arrived at Barça, the team had 40 points and shared the lead with Real Madrid, although the azulgranas occupied the first position thanks to the ‘goal average’. Now, one hundred years later, Barça is the solo leader with two more points than the Whites (58 to 56).

Messi celebrates the goal that gave Barça the victory against Real Sociedad in the last league game played by the Catalans.
Messi celebrates the goal that gave Barça the victory against Real Sociedad in the last league game played by the Catalans. / Albert Gea (Reuters)

Second highest possession in Europe

With the arrival of Quique Setién, the Catalans increased the percentage of possession in games thanks to the new coach’s style of play. Since then, the average possession per game in all competitions is 69.5%, being the second highest in all of Europe, tied with Bayern Munich and only slightly below Manchester City (70.9%). .

Arthur drives the ball against Vinicius in the March 1 classic.
Arthur drives the ball against Vinicius in the March 1 classic. / Javier Soriano (Afp)

A total of 21 players used

Despite the serious injuries of Luis Suárez and Ousmane Dembélé, who have not yet been able to play under the orders of the Santander coach, Setién has used 21 different players. They are the 17 available from the first team and four from Barça B: Ansu Fati, Àlex Collado, Riqui Puig and Carles Pérez, the latter before leaving on the winter market. The most used are Antoine Griezmann and Ivan Rakitic, who have participated in the twelve matches directed by Setién, followed by Leo Messi, Marc-André ter Stegen, Sergio Busquets, Frenkie De Jong and Arthur Melo, with eleven participations.

Griezmann finishes in a match against Eibar.
Griezmann finishes in a match against Eibar. / Alejandro García (Efe)

Eight wins, one draw and three losses

Of the twelve games Setién has led, Barça have won eight, tied one and lost another three. The 5-0 wins against Leganés (Copa del Rey) and Eibar (Liga) are Barça de Setién’s biggest goals so far. As for defeats, the team has lost to Valencia and Real Madrid, in the League, and against Athletic Club in the Copa del Rey.

Messi, Piqué and Riqui Puig celebrate the victory against Granada.
Messi, Piqué and Riqui Puig celebrate the victory against Granada. / Lluis Gene (Afp)

Eight different scorers

In addition, in these twelve duels a total of eight different players have seen goal: Leo Messi (eight goals), Antoine Griezmann (five), Arthur, Clement Lenglet and Ansu Fati (two) and Sergi Roberto, Sergio Busquets and Frenkie de Jong with one goal each. As for the assists, Messi stands out with seven, followed by Nelson Semedo, Ivan Rakitic and Arturo Vidal, with two, and De Jong and Jordi Alba, with one each.

Ansu Fati and Messi celebrate a goal.
Ansu Fati and Messi celebrate a goal. / Lluis Gene (Afp)


De Blasio presents “war” budget and demands urgent rescue from the Government – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – Ensuring health, safety, food and a roof for all are the priorities of the budget presented this Thursday by the city of New York, some accounts of “war” in the face of the coronavirus crisis, which come accompanied by an appeal to the American president Donald Trump to allow a “rescue” of the Big Apple.

With tax revenues slumping as a result of the slowdown in economic activity, the mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced “painful” cuts of more than $ 2 billion to try to balance the budget in the year that begins in June.

According to his calculations, New York is going to lose some 7,400 million dollars in income, a “horrible” number, according to admitted De Blasio, that requires a determined intervention of the federal Government.

The mayor urged Washington to cover this deficit in full and warned that without that money, the basic needs of New Yorkers cannot be guaranteed.

“If they can find 58,000 million to rescue the airlines, surely they can find 7,500 million for the largest city in the country,” stressed the mayor.

Democrat De Blasio appealed directly to Trump, whom he asked for a clear signal of support for his hometown for Senate Republicans to give the green light to necessary aid.

As he insisted, the city is already doing everything possible on its part, with a budget of $ 89.3 billion, $ 6 billion less than the proposal that the City Council had initially made in January, $ 3.4 billion less than last year’s accounts and using the reserves he had accumulated to have “balanced” accounts.

Among other things, the budget foresees that all public activities be drastically limited and, for example, this summer the swimming pools will not be opened.

De Blasio also warned New Yorkers not to hold out too much hope about beach opening, given the risk of contagion from the coronavirus posed by the huge crowds seen in places like Coney Island.

Public resources, he insisted, will be devoted to basic issues: health, safety, food and housing.

“These are four things that people are mostly thinking about and the government has to focus on those four things. Things that would have been a priority two or three months ago cannot be now. Things we would like to focus on in times of peace cannot be the priority in times of war and these are times of war, “said de Blasio.

The Democrat also warned Trump and Republicans that their desire to restart the economy as soon as possible will be ruined if the basic needs of the population are not met or if they precipitate and cause a resurgence of COVID-19. .

Trump, De Blasio insisted, has only one chance to do this well and, if he is wrong, he will regret it for a long time.

In addition, New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea offered a video conference on Thursday to detail how the coronavirus has affected the city’s police forces to date.

Specifically, the New York police have registered 7,155 positive cases for COVID-19 among its members, about 20% of its staff and 27 officers have died from the virus.

Shea also detailed that it is estimated that between 1,400 and 1,500 of the sick police officers have returned to work.

“You start to see a little light at the end of the tunnel and it seems that the worst is over,” said Shea, who regretted the losses and asked for a moment of silence.


Customers remain loyal – almost no cash outflows in March

Frankfurt While investors in Europe fled from investment funds with the outbreak of the corona crisis, Dekabank’s business has remained almost stable. Georg Stocker, the new chief executive of the savings bank fund service provider, said on Tuesday: “Looking at sales shows that customers have reacted very prudently so far.” In March there were almost no net outflows overall, Stocker continued. This applies to both private and institutional investors.

This means that Deka is in a much better position than other asset managers. According to an analysis by the rating agency Morningstar, funds in Europe have recently suffered violent outflows. According to the estimate, based on around 90 percent of all funds offered in Europe, investors sold shares for a good EUR 200 billion net in the crisis month of March.

The final numbers will be even higher. The Morningstar estimate does not include institutional business with large investors.

By contrast, Deka is supported by the business with securities savings plans. In the first twelve weeks of this year, it sold more than 250,000 savings plans. “The now well over five million savings plans are a clearly stabilizing factor for our portfolio,” said Stocker.

The former head of Sparkassenvertrieb, who has been a member of the Deka Executive Board for a long time, moved to the top of the company at the beginning of the year, succeeding Michael Rüdiger. Stocker emphasized that Deka had come through the crisis properly so far. “We are well prepared for any further aggravation of the situation.”

Like other financial institutions, Deka did not want to make a forecast for 2020. The economic consequences of the corona virus are not yet foreseeable, said the Deka boss. Deka is one of the largest asset managers in Germany. At the end of 2019, it was managing a good 310 billion euros. The recent stock market turmoil has reduced the value by around 25 billion euros.

Deka boss defends certificate strategy

Last year, the fund company, which belongs to around 380 German savings banks, earned slightly less than in 2018. The so-called economic result fell from 452 million euros to 434 million euros. The result was burdened by provisions for pensions. The economic result differs in some items from classic earnings indicators, for example in certain interest rate transactions.

In 2019, Deka raised a net 18 billion euros, significantly more than in the previous year. A good 11 billion euros of this came from private customers. They invested five billion euros in certificates and six billion euros in funds. Deka has only been issuing certificates for a few years, but is now the market leader in Germany according to the derivatives association DDV.

Consumer advocates repeatedly warn of risks of loss through certificates and sometimes consider the products to be too complicated. Stocker defended Deka’s approach: According to him, a small part of the certificates due in 2020 are currently in the red. It is about certificates with a volume of 350 million euros, which corresponds to 2.5 percent of the total volume of certificates of 14 billion euros. “The extent to which the nominal amount will still be repaid depends on how the market develops until the due date.”

A large part of the Deka certificates are interest-oriented and not related to the stock market, Stocker explained. Many share certificates, in turn, would have buffers and would run even longer. The certificates were deliberately chosen “so that extreme situations like now have a negative development”.

Dekabank expects the gross domestic product to decline by almost five percent in the current year. A plus is expected for the coming year. Deka chief economist Ulrich Kater said that if this happened, one would be confident that the Dax achieve 11,500 points again next year. The leading German index fell by a good 30 percent within six weeks. It fell below 8500 points at times, but has since recovered somewhat.

The corona crisis also has an impact on the desired consolidation of the top public law institutes: It is on hold for an indefinite period, as savings bank president Helmut Schleweis said just under three weeks ago. He has in mind that ultimately there is only one central institute for the savings banks. The starting point should be a possible merger between Deka and Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen, which is majority owned by savings banks.

The talks between the two Frankfurt institutes only started shortly after the beginning of the year. However, resistance from various sides within the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe had become clear. There are currently four large Landesbanken: in addition to Helaba, LBBW in Stuttgart, BayernLB in Munich and NordLB in Hanover.

More: Private investors are particularly affected by breakdown series on trading platforms.


Corona in Limburg: figures from 2 April | 1Limburg

At least 223 Limburgers have since died of the corona virus. At least 828 inhabitants of our province have been hospitalized or have been hospitalized there with corona symptoms.

A total of 1,598 people were tested positive in Limburg. That is 85 more than was known on Wednesday. Here are the main figures released by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) on Thursday afternoon.

Passed away
The graph shows the number of persons who died from the coronavirus and were officially diagnosed with this virus before their death. More people are believed to die from the coronavirus, but if they have not been tested, they will not be included in the statistics.

Hospital admissions
In total, at least 828 Limburgish corona patients have been or have been hospitalized. There is a delay between the actual admissions and the passing on of these figures by the hospital to the GGD. As a result, it seems as if fewer people have been hospitalized in recent days. These figures will be corrected in the coming days.

The total number of hospitalized corona patients is currently already higher than reported here.

The number of infections is much larger than the graphs show. Only the seriously ill, people in the risk groups and healthcare personnel are tested. As a result, many people who are or have been infected with the virus do not appear in the official figures of the RIVM. The graphs do show a downward or upward trend.

The story behind the corona figures


Background: GGD Noord idiosyncratic, no figures on deaths 1Limburg

Lots of figures are published every day about the corona crisis. This seems to create an exact image, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is unknown how many people from Limburg have contracted the virus and we do not know for how many people the virus has been fatal.

It is even more confusing that the two GGD institutions in Limburg have different policies. RIVM reports on Monday that 864 people have now died in our country. RIVM does not make a breakdown by province. Those figures are known to the GGDs.

After initially both Limburg GGDs published the figures on deaths daily, the GGD North and Central Limburg now refuses to publish these figures. The argument is that it is not always clear whether people have died as a result of corona or as a result of another disease.

There is something to be said for that argument, but RIVM apparently does not make this distinction. The quirky road of the GGD Noord ensures that there is no longer any insight into the total number of deaths in Limburg. The overview in the graph below therefore only runs until March 29.

The last number we know of is 150 deceased from Limburg. The GGD Zuid still publishes daily how many people have died south of Echt-Susteren.

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When it comes to infections, the RIVM counter in our province is now at 1,309. In reality, that number is much higher. The explanation is simple: the fewer people you test, the lower the number of infections detected. In the Netherlands, only seriously ill people and healthcare personnel are tested.

Instead of 1,300, 20,000 to 30,000 people could have been infected in Limburg. The GGD makes such estimates. Most people do not get seriously ill and a small percentage end up in the hospital. With 20,000 infections and ‘only’ ten percent hospital admissions, you are still talking about 2,000 admissions in Limburg. This is spread over a period of a few months, so it does not have to lead to insurmountable problems.

IC beds
This is otherwise the case with intensive care beds, where very seriously ill people end up. There are normally about 100 IC beds in Limburg. That number has now been expanded by a few dozen and perhaps doubled, but the national coordination center does not want to say how many IC places are available in Limburg today.

The reason for this is that it has been decided to spread IC patients across the country. The provincial division no longer matters.


Newsblog Saxony-Anhalt: Number of Covid 19 victims in Saxony-Anhalt increases to five

3:30 p.m. | Simplified tax breaks for citizens and businesses

Citizens can henceforth simplify a simplified one because of the corona pandemic Application for tax relief put. This option is also intended for companies, as the Ministry of Finance announced on Monday. Specifically, according to the information, requests to adjust the tax advance payments, deferral of tax payments or enforcement deferral can be requested from the tax office in a simplified procedure.

It is pointed out that the need for the relief is not generally justified by the Corona crisis, but concrete effects should be described.

3:15 pm | Who wants, who have not got?

On the edge of the Dölauer Heide in Halle, this picture was seen on Monday: One or more donors hung toilet paper rolls on the signpost. If you shy away from the way to the supermarket, you can secure an emergency supply when you drive past.

2:55 pm | Magdeburg 2020 without “Long Science Night”

Although it was only planned for June 6, the “Long Night of Science” in Magdeburg will not take place this year. As the city announced, the organization is currently difficult due to the Corona location. In addition, it is not predictable how the situation will develop in the coming months. Therefore, the city, together with the university, university of applied sciences and the scientific institutions, agreed on one Postponement of the 15th “Long Night of Science” agreed.

It is now scheduled to take place on May 29, 2021. Almost all of the city’s scientific institutions traditionally open their doors at the event – they provide information, show experiments and invite people to participate.

2:40 pm | Uchtspringer experts offer psychological telephone advice

As of Wednesday, the Uchtspringe specialist clinic will set up a hotline with experienced psychologists. According to the clinic, people who suffer from the consequences of the corona crisis should be given an open ear – for their fears and burdens.

The department head doctor in the clinic for psychotherapeutic medicine, psychosomatics and addiction medicine, Annegret Ankerhold, said: “Extensive decommissioning of public life is difficult for some people to cope with.” For many people, social contacts are a protective factor against psychological problems. This is now falling away.

Care phone for psychological problems of the Uchtspringe specialist clinic

The hotline will be open from Wednesday, April 1, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on 039 325 70 6795.

02:25 pm | Weißenfels basketball players are working hard for donations

The Bundesliga basketball team from MBC Weißenfels also hit the corona crisis hard. Since the season is paused, the important audience income is missing. The wolves speak of “one of the greatest challenges in the history of the club”.

The MBC has therefore started a crowdfunding campaign. Special association goodies will be offered until April 20 for donations. From a virtual ticket for 15 euros to a player sponsorship for 10,000 euros. In addition, the trainer team around Silvano Poropat offers basketball training, for example for companies.


Coronavirus: 1,194 Limburgers tested positive, 97 new | 1Limburg

In the past 24 hours, 97 new confirmed infections in Limburg have been reported to RIVM. This means that since the outbreak at least 1,194 people from Limburg have been infected with the corona virus.

Infection doctor Christian Hoebe of the GGD Zuid-Limburg emphasizes that this only concerns the number of proven infections. “The actual number of infected Limburgers is much higher, at about 20,000 to 30,000,” he said on L1 Radio on Sunday morning.

Limburg figures
Most infections were registered in the municipality of Maastricht: 173 inhabitants tested positive here. That is 11 more than was known on Saturday. In Peel en Maas and Venlo, the number of positively tested inhabitants increased the most, by 15. In Peel en Maas there are now 134 confirmed infections, in Venlo 86.

Also read: GGD doctor: ‘Presumably 20,000 people from Limburg have corona’

Passed away
At least 137 Limburgers have now died of the coronavirus, said infection doctor Christian Hoebe of the GGD Zuid-Limburg on L1 radio on Sunday morning. Although the actual number of deaths is probably even higher according to him.

Also read: At least 137 Limburgers died of coronavirus

National figures
Nationally, the death toll from the coronavirus has risen by 132 to 771 deaths. More than 10,000 Dutch people have now been tested positive for the coronavirus. The number of patients who have been or have been hospitalized has increased by 529 to 3,483.

In relative terms, Limburg is the most affected province of the Netherlands after North Brabant. Compared to the number of inhabitants, we have the second most number of infections here, as shown in the graph below.

According to Hoebe, the cautious flattening of the curve nationally is due to the measures taken last week. Tightening this was also important, he said. “That extra move was urgently needed to get everyone on their toes,” says Hoebe.

Hoebe thinks the intelligent lockdown is as effective as a full lockdown. “I am very happy with these measures. That way, according to the rules, people could still go outside. At least we still have a little freedom of movement.”

Footnote numbers
Figures are not complete. Sometimes reports of deaths only come in after a few days. The actual number of infections is also higher than stated here. Not everyone who is suspected to be infected is also tested. This is mainly done for people who are hospitalized and for care providers.