O.J. Simpson equity: NFL earnings, replacement career and attorney fees

O.J. Simpson he is one of the most polarizing professional athletes the world has ever seen. The former winner of the Heisman Trophy and the NFL Hall of Famer was one of the most successful and media personalities of all time, especially considering his feasible acting career. He was perhaps most famous for storming the […]

O.J. Simpson uses the infamous car chase photo for Coronavirus’s joke

O.J. Simpson is very active on social media and had an interesting thought about the coronavirus pandemic. On Wednesday, the former Pro Football Hall of Fame, returning to Twitter, joked about the virus with a throwback photo. Simpson shared a 1994 snapshot where he fled in a white Ford Bronco, shortly before being arrested for […]

Coronavirus even has O.J. Simpson wears gloves

This time, put on the gloves. O.J. Simpson wore gloves and a surgical mask while disinfecting the cash in a Twitter video he released on Wednesday joking about the extensive measures he is taking to stave off the coronavirus. Simpson, 72, can be seen in the seemingly cool clip from the sweaters of a visor […]

O.J. Simpson wears a mask in Odd Coronavirus Photo at Costco

With the COVID-19 virus, the AKA coronavirus, which has become a concern among US residents, a rush to essential items has occurred. Citizens stocked up on toilet paper, bottled water and dry products to prepare for potential shortages. The former NFL dating back to O.J. Simpson is among those who escorted, which he showed with […]

The Yankees minor league team quickly cancels the OJ Simpson Trial

If the baseball glove does not fit, you must absolve or at least cancel your poorly conceived O.J. Simpson promotion. The Yankees’ Single-A affiliate Charleston RiverDogs in the South Atlantic League quickly launched a promotion called “O.J. Trial Night” which was scheduled for May 26. “After taking a step back and reflecting further on the […]

O.J. Simpson does not work as a coronavirus

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – O.J. Simpson is attracting a lot of attention online again, this time for a coronavirus tweet and stockpiling. Coronavirus? Who’s afraid? pic.twitter.com/nNIxVwwGLB – O.J. Simpson (@ TheRealOJ32) March 6, 2020 The legendary footballer and former inmate posted a photo of him on Thursday outside a local Costco with a load of […]

Garcia: Trump and Jesus are not in the same category Letters

I read the February 20 letter about how Trump is in the same category as Jesus. Is this person real? Do you really believe that Jesus and Donald Duck walked on water or fed the masses of people with just one fish and bread? I really believe you have to go to church and confess […]