How to turn UAZ “Pickup” into a dream car

The market offers turnkey solutions that make it possible to unleash the potential of an SUV.

The Ulyanovsk truck is rather boring, and Russian motorists, being amateurs to go out into the countryside and drive off-road, will agree with this. However, more and more products are appearing on the market that make UAZ Pickup a dream car.

An example of this is the “Bear” kits, which are designed strictly for UAZ “Pickup”. This means that nothing will have to be “collective farmed” in the car, everything is ready for installation and adjusted for this.

So, there is a kit that provides for UAZ “Pickup” the installation of “nishtyak” essentials: larger wheels, snorkel, basic kung without side windows, aluminum sheathing of the cargo platform, roof racks and kung racks, an enlarged “reserve” bracket under the bottom and tailgate with organizer. It will cost about 130 thousand rubles, and this price can not be called popular, but those who decided to prepare the car for outdoor activities are ready for this.

And if you have enough money, then you can go beyond the listed “goodies”. The appearance of the UAZ “Pickup” can be transformed due to the body kit, and it will be not just decoration, but also protection. For example, brutal front (with optics) and a rear bumper, extended wheel arches with wings, as well as protection of steering rods will cost about 100 thousand rubles.

Total, for 230 thousand rubles it turns out quite a boring UAZ “Pickup”, the functionality of which opens up new horizons for him, and the appearance of the car will make passersby turn around. With such a handsome “Russian Prado” you can not wait, but go to the “secondary”, find a pickup truck (you can find a good one for 600 thousand rubles), and make a wheelbarrow out of it for the soul.


In Cameroon, the Archbishop of Douala suggests using plants to relieve Covid-19 patients

► The facts

For some time now, the Archbishop of Douala in Cameroon, Mgr Samuel Kleda, has been much talked about. It is said, in fact, that this naturotherapist discovered an effective potion against the coronavirus which has already infected more than 1,700 people in the country, for 58 deaths.

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Since the disclosure of this news, which first went by word of mouth before attracting media attention at the Cameroonian and African level, hundreds of people flock to the bishopric of Douala to get this famous herbal composition.

Joined by La Croix Africa, the Archbishop adopts cautious language. ” Taking into account the symptoms of people who are presented as having coronavirus, I apply herbal recipes and these people feel better. I didn’t say I found a treatment for the coronavirus. Serious studies are needed to reach this conclusion.

He further specifies: ” I’ve been interested in caring for the sick from medicinal plants in the African Pharmacopoeia for 30 years. It started when I was rector of the Petit Séminaire de Guider, in northern Cameroon, to care for children. I continued the experience when I became bishop of Batouri and I continued in Douala

► Enthusiasm

Despite the prudence of the principal concerned, the recipe of Bishop Kleda raises great hopes in this country where the health authorities are not far from being overwhelmed by the increase in the number of cases of infection with Covid-19.

Paul Mahel, a Cameroonian journalist known for having led numerous debates on the pan-African television channel Vox Africa, spoke for example on the subject. On his Facebook account, he joked about the awkward explanations of the Cameroonian research minister who had indicated that the bats were at the origin of the spread of Covid-19: ” Instead of counting the bats, the people from the Ministry of Research should go and talk to Bishop Samuel Kleda “, He advised.

Like him, the Cameroonian philosopher and academic Alain Minkanda was enthusiastic: ” I pay a vibrant tribute to Archbishop Kleda during his lifetime. A great man by his physical, moral stature and by his humanism. I salute his discovery against the Covid-19; he who has excelled for decades in the pharmacopoeia when he was bishop of Batouri.

Maurice Kamto, an unsuccessful presidential candidate in October 2018, adopted the same tone in a press release published on April 27. He thus addresses his ” warm congratulations to Bishop Kleda for his efforts and his product against the Covid-19 “, Saying it should be” a source of national pride

► Testimonies

For their part, those who believe they have been healed have made their testimonies public. This is the case of Irena Ngomo, a resident of Douala and a Catholic Christian. “ Three weeks ago, I had symptoms of coronavirus disease with dry cough, cold and burning throat. Then I had breathing problems, ” he confides. This Christian, who has not been tested at Covid-19, believes that he felt better after taking the treatment proposed by the Archbishop of Douala.

Pierre Ekassi, bank executive in Douala wants to be more formal: “ I was tested at Covid-19 in Douala, after approaching someone who returned from Italy a month ago and who is said to have died of coronavirus recently. I had signs of the disease as we are told on television. While I was waiting for my results, I went to see Archbishop Samuel Kleda and his team who offered me a medicine for free. I have been feeling better for two weeks.

According to various testimonies, the experience in herbal medicine of Bishop Samuel has been known for more than 30 years. With natural plants, he thus put in place medical compositions and gave treatments for diseases such as stomach ulcers, gout, high blood pressure, and many others.

For the time being, the Cameroonian public authorities which have set up a plan to fight the Covid-19 pandemic have not yet reacted to “the Kleda solution”.


The chambers of Girona create a platform for solidarity to coordinate bids and demands for material against covid-19

Les three chambers of commerce in Girona have created one Solidarity platform that brings together offers and demands for material against covid-19. It consists of a web and one mobile application adapted, through which those who want to donate material – such as sewn masks at home – introduce what they offer so that those who need it can receive it. The platform is called ‘Covid-19 Community’ and is open to businesses, volunteers, entities and individuals. It has already been made available to the rest of the Catalan chambers. “A tool to coordinate this whole wave of solidarity can be very useful; many companies and entities need materials and many give it away altruistically,” says Joan Ribas, Vice President of the Chamber of Girona.

The new solidarity platform was born with the aim of managing the material needs to address the pandemic and the generosity of companies, producers, volunteers and individuals. It’s called ‘Covid-19 Community’ and it has a web page ( and an app adapted to the needs of protective material to prevent coronavirus infection.

It has been promoted by the three Girona chambers of commerce (Girona, Palamós and Sant Feliu de Guíxols) and has been developed by two Girona companies, Artic Studio and Sixtemia. It is precisely by adapting a technology already used by the Girona Chamber of Commerce and the Carlemany Forum for its internal communications. And that now, it is opening abroad to help curb the pandemic.

The operation of ‘Covid-19 Community’ is simple. Anyone who wants to offer supportive material, protection elements or other resources must go to the link and fill out a form. And on the other hand, those who need to receive it, must make a request through the link

The platform verifies the offerings and fits them with the demands to handle their delivery. The chambers of commerce and their network of contacts are tracked territorially, with the technical support of the teams of Artic Studio and Sixtemia. In addition to the public web, this internal tracking is done through an application that allows the control of stocks and the monitoring of requests and offers.

“Coordinating solidarity”

The vice-president of the Girona Chamber of Commerce, Joan Ribas, explains that the idea of ​​creating the platform arose when the Girona chambers became involved in donating tablets and protective items for hospitals. “We realized that a tool to co-ordinate this entire wave of solidarity could be very useful, both in the critical moments of the pandemic and afterwards, during deconfiguration,” says Ribas. He adds, “Many companies and entities need materials and many are willing to give in altruistically, for the benefit of the community.”

For its part, the technical manager of the project, Marc Mascort, says that the solidarity platform “channels the avalanche of information derived from the solidarity of people, entities and companies, centralizing it in a single application and facilitating decentralization of area management and material types. ” “In the face of such a great challenge, we need to be well organized, and we knew that TiCs were essential to this goal, so we took up the challenge of creating a solidarity platform for this purpose,” concludes Mascort.

The three Girona chambers of commerce have made the tool available to the Catalan Chambers of Commerce, which are just starting to implement it.


Autocasión and AutoScout24 extend their crash plan to renting to release the used stock




The renting channel will increase your offer by 20% of models of less than five years old in 2020 compared to that of four years ago – the period in which the contracts were signed whose vehicles will land next year in the second-hand market -, according to MSI data for Sumauto.

The rise in renting will make that, of the almost 600,000 vehicles young people who will reach the second-hand market, 13.8% come from this channel and are less than five years old, which will mean injecting more than 82,000 units from long-term rental into the stock.

Sumauto, specialist in vertical automotive portals, which groups Autocassion and AutoScout24, among others, has extended its anti-crisis shock plan to renting operators to help them find a quick delivery to your VO stock, multiplying its visibility by diversifying its online channels, precisely in a year 2020 in which around 82,000 vehicles are expected to enter the second-hand market, according to MSI data.

This initiative, which comes at a time of market paralysis with an 80% drop in sales of used models in March, according to Ganvam, will allow renting companies in this second phase advertise your VO stock on both platforms, so that giving visibility to all their vehicles can come out totally free, whether or not they are customers of the company.

This shock plan with anti-crisis effects – which began on April 1 (with dealers and merchants as beneficiaries) and which will be in force as long as the state of alarm that requires the physical establishments to be closed continues – will help ease the financial burden which is the depreciation of the value of your fleet, knowing that, for every day that a vehicle passes in stock, it loses an average of 12 euros, according to data from TÜV SÜD

Sumauto remembers that renting is a financial business and the residual value is its main risk factor and the most determining factor when setting the rental fee, since it is the repurchase value of the vehicle at the end of the contract.

With this anti-crisis plan, during the months that the most critical foresees, the renting operators will have additional help for the sale in this exceptional situation, thus reinforcing the diversification of their online channels to exit the fleet and multiplying the possibilities of finding a buyer among the nearly 4 million visits that each month add up to the portals of Autocassion and AutoScout24.

For Frédéric Cantaert, commercial director of Sumauto, “Vehicles from renting have a great acceptance in online portals, since they are young, well-maintained vehicles with few kilometers. With the market stopped, these companies could suffer the consequences of the devaluation of their VO models if they remain in stock for a long time, which would go directly against their income statement. With this promotional effort of immediate application, we want to be a help for renting and lead the recovery of the market with what we know how to do best, advertise your cars for general contacts and sales ”.

Sumauto is the specialist in vertical motor portals, which combines Autocasión, AutoScout24, Unoauto, Motocasión and Mascus. His understanding of the national and European markets, his nature as a digital native combined with his experience in transforming the classified into a marketplace, position him as a digital partner of knowledge for dealers and sales, providing solutions that integrate the entire life cycle of the Buying and selling a vehicle to make your business more profitable and your investment in media more efficient. Sumauto brings together more than 3,700 professional clients and more than 4 million unique monthly users. More information in


Radio Classique offers a concert in favor of the hospital

It is often said – supported by more or less scientific but always sympathetic studies … – that Mozart’s music soothes babies, develops the intelligence of older children, acts as a balm on suffering souls. We also know that, by his Masonic commitment and his friendly nature, the author of The Magic Flute made fraternity and humanity the honey of his genius.

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It is a great idea, therefore, on the part of Radio Classique to invite music lovers and, more generally, all those looking for a beneficial interlude within their confinement, on Friday April 17 at 8 p.m. to indulge in moderation. his music. Since The Marriage of Figaro until Requiem, through the Clarinet Concerto and the famous Little Night Music.

Young musicians playing

Captured in June 2019 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris (TCE), the evening presented by Christian Morin, loyal and smiling host of Radio Classique, gathered around the National Orchestra of Île-de-France under the direction of Pierre Dumoussaud, the cutting edge of French instrumentalists and singers. Here are, among others, the clarinetist Pierre Génisson, the double bassist Yann Dubost, the soprano Angélique Boudeville or the baritone Jean-Sébastien Bou.

From their home, listeners who wish can put themselves in the position of the spectator passing through the ticket office counter before entering the room. In the form of a virtual ticket, everyone has the leisure, to make a donation, from 30 to 150 €, in favor of hospitals and nursing staff. The funds raised will support the purchase of medical equipment and the installation of rest rooms, both in hospitals and in nursing homes. The donations will also be used to support housing and emergency travel for doctors, nurses and nursing assistants.

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Radio Classique also underlines, in these times so random and scary for their future, that the TCE as the artists allowed ” the graceful rerun From this Mozart concert. A gesture which, beyond the anxious declarations of the cultural actors by calling for the help of the public authorities, testifies to their generosity.


Medical students report offers in unprotected residences – Society

He State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) has denounced that some nursing homes have offered employment contractsor sixth-grade students that include tasks directly related to patient care, without liability insurance and without adequate supervision and protection to combat the coronavirus.

This “constitutes a risk for both the patient and the student and their environment“CEEM said in a statement, warning that it has decided” to draw the red lines that it will defend before governments and institutions “on the occasion of the coronavirus crisis.

“First of all, we ask that the ministerial order regulating the medical health aid contract, in such a way that in the event that they are finally forced to contact sixth-grade students, they will join in to carry out non-assistance tasks, “says Antonio Pujol de Castro, president of the CEEM. For the Council, it is fundamental that medical students, like other professionals health, “have adequate protection, both for their health and legal, in the tasks they perform.”

At the training level, students point out that the implementation of teaching such as possible online evaluation It is being very unequal between the faculties and even in the different courses. In the higher courses, the teachers are usually doctors who are currently attending to patients due to the health crisis, “so this measure is not being a reality for everyone“advises the Council.

Regarding the evaluation, the CEEM requests that it be “appropriate to the content“that could have been taught ‘online’ and always with the”enough time frame“between the examination session and the test. In addition, they request that universities take into account the access and availability of students to the means necessary for online evaluation; doing a survey to detect and provide support to those particular cases that require it.


Sara Lolo offers to beat COVID-19

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Mata offers Common Goal to fight the crisis

In these times of grief, the Asturian footballer Juan Mata could not miss his appointment with solidarity. Its Common Goal project, for which footballers give up one percent of their income to charitable casuas, has created a health crisis response fund to “combat the immediate effects of the pandemic and ensure continued support, beyond initial initiatives “, hoping to have the support of the world of football.

Players, institutions, other soccer players and the general public may contribute to the Common Goal initiative, consisting of a pandemic response fund. “The focus will be on providing support to young people from vulnerable and conflict situations,” explained the organization.

In addition, Common Goal has announced the creation of the “Live Match” event, in which players will use the 90 minutes of a game to inspire and support collective solutions to the crisis. Mata will start these meetings today at 8:00 pm through his Instagram account. The Oviedo will connect with fans, with the German Serge Gnabry, with a local NGO that supports through Common Goal and with health authorities for information about the coronavirus.

Juan Mata has described the responses of the players as encouraging: “Together we will make football play a key role in overcoming the greatest challenges that we suffer as humanity. Together we will achieve it,” he said.


Job offers in Girona for immediate incorporation

North Group selects:
Office cleaning in Figueres
Posted: 2020.04.02
– Contract of fixed duration.
– Part-time – indifferent.
We are looking for candidates for a job located in Figueres
The functions of the vacant post are as follows:
-Cleaning offices
-Cleaning of bathrooms
The day is 4 hours a week (divided into two days).
Candidates need experience in cleanliness and immediate availability. If you have a disability certificate, your contribution will be evaluated.
Registration and more information on the offer of Office Cleaning in Figueres

Cleaner (Residence Girona)
Posted: 2020.04.02
– Permanent contract.
– Full time.
From our HR solutions / temporary work / consulting area we seek to incorporate a cleaner (Residencia Girona) for important company in the healthcare sector where the functions will be:
– General cleaning of facilities, rooms, office, bathrooms, etc €
Registration and more information on the offer of cleaner (Residence Girona)

Legal Advisor (Girona)
Posted: 2020.04.02
– Permanent contract.
– Full time.
We seek to incorporate as an important company in the legal sector a legal advisor whose main mission will be:
– Promote and market the legal services of the firm
– Provide legal advice to the client on the case (judicial procedures and work processes).
Registration and more information on the offer of legal advisor (Girona)

Administrative (Girona)
Posted: 2020.04.02
– Permanent contract.
– Full time.
We seek to incorporate by important company of the legal sector an administrative whose mission will be:
– Attention and information to the clients who visit the office every day.
– Management of the legal advisers’ agenda.
– Review of client files with the necessary documentation.
– Contact with customers by telephone and in person for the request of documentation.
Registration and more information on administrative offer (Girona)

Computer Manager in Palamós
Posted: 2020.04.02
– Contract of fixed duration.
– Full time.
– Salary € 24,000-€ 24,000.
Important Restoration group, it is necessary to incorporate a computer manager for its central offices, located in Palamós.
The functions to be performed would be the following:
– Project management.
– Report management.
– Server administration.
– Database administration.
– Management of backups.
– Administration of corporate email accounts.
– Administration of corporate web page.
– Installation, maintenance and configuration of networks.
– Installation, maintenance and prevention of workstations.
– Installation, maintenance and administration of video surveillance systems.
– Service and telephone support to work units.
Registration and more information on the offer of Computer Officer in Palamós

TAVIL selects:
Administrative / SAT Department in Sant Jaume de Llierca

Posted: 2020.04.02
– Permanent contract.
– Full time.

– Preparation of offers and budgets. Entry of customer orders and organization of material shipment.
– Management of returns of materials. Repairs management with SAT technicians. – Telephone support for incidents.
Registration and more information on the offer of Administrator of the SAT Department in Sant Jaume de Llierca

Engineer Mechanical Technical Office in Sant Jaume de Llierca
Posted: 2020.04.02
– Permanent contract.
– Full time.
Will perform work based on the design, installation supervision and commissioning of machinery and systems
Registration and more information on the offer of Engineer / Mechanical Technical Office in Sant Jaume de Llierca


The Peralada festival offers three pears of its own production on its website

The Castell de Peralada Festival joins the initiative to bring culture closer to citizens during confinement and will offer three operas of own production in its web. From Friday and until the quarantine lasts, the Empordà contest will be uploaded to three full titles, open and free to recover shows released in previous editions.

It is about Combattimento, with music by Claudio Monteverdi and with stage direction by Joan Anton Rechi and musical direction by Fausto Nardi (2016); Turandot, by Giacomo Puccini, with stage direction by Mario Gas and with Giampaolo Bisanti on the podium (2016), and The Traviata, by Giuseppe Verdi, with stage direction and proposal by Paco Azorín and with the baton of Riccardo Frizza (2019).

Released on August 1, 2016 at the Cloister of the Carmen, Combat, love and struggles in the madrigals of Monteverdi, is a small-format opera directed by the stage director Joan Anton Rechi and with Fausto Nardi at the head of the Vespres d’Arnadí formation. With the voices of Sara Blanch, Anna Alàs, David Alegret and Víctor Sordo, Combattimento is a poetic circle inspired by music by Monteverdi, a desperate search for love which, when found, is transformed into confrontation through small musical gems that speak of relationships, the mysteries of love, of falling in love and imposing on the other, trying to overcome – lose it … to discover that we cannot live with this absence.

Also premiered in August 2016, but in the Parc del Castell auditorium, Turandot is the third construction opera km 0 of the festival i the return to Peralada of the theater director Mario Gas with an operatic production. Singers Iréne Theorin, Roberto Aronica, Maria Katzarova and Andrea Mastroni played the main roles in a production that also featured the Intermezzo Choir. The Puccini score was performed by the Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu under the musical direction of teacher Giampaolo Bisanti.

The most recent is The Traviata, presented by Paco Azorín in August 2019. With musical direction by Riccardo Frizza, it is a new production of the festival, also built in workshops in the Alt Empordà, which had an international cast led by Ekaterina Bakanova, René Barbera and Quinn Kelsey, and with the participation of the Symphony Orchestra the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the teacher José Luis Baso at the head of the Intermezzo Choir.