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Pandemic coronavirus

In the morning part, the National Ministry of Health reported that in Argentina there are 3031 positive cases of Coronavirus. During the last 24 hours, 90 infected were detected, 840 recovered and 9 died (145 victims in total).

Ruben Sosa InfectologistIn this context, the pediatrician and infectologist at the Pedro de Elizalde Children’s General Hospital, Rubén Sosa, offered a health and anthropological view of the present caused by the coronavirus. It is that, according to his gaze, today there is a social crisis in Argentina and a confrontation between life and the economy. In this sense, it was asked what citizenship prefers if “to be a living rich, a rich poor or a living poor”.

On the other hand, he referred, in dialogue with ZERO FREQUENCY, at the end of the quarantine, where he focused on the revaluation of public health and learning to reduce respiratory diseases, as today occurs in children as a result of Covid-19.


Fallout 76 players give out free medicine inspired by coronavirus doctors

One of the best things about MMOs is how their players break the rules of the game to recreate situations not foreseen by the developers but that reflect the humanity behind the game characters. Let’s see recently how in Final Fantasy XIV The community joins a processional march that serves as a funeral for a player recently deceased by coronavirus.

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has also reached Fallout 76, although not in the form of viruses precisely: some players of the MMO of Bethesda have started an altruistic initiative consisting of distribute medicines in-game completely free or at a reduced price compared to the stores of Fallout 76.

“Our group offers medical resources, either free or at an extreme discount compared to the prices of the economy in-game

This solidarity action is led by the player‌ VivaciousPassion, who founded a non-profit group within the game called Responders Retaliation (somewhat like guerilla volunteers) who is in charge of bring medicine to other players who need it, either because they have little money, or because they are rookies Engaged in a mission where they are running out of resources.

Any Fallout 76 player can enter the Responders Retaliation Facebook group, tell your case and ask the volunteers for help to receive your medicine ration.

The founder of this initiative, VivaciousPassion, explains that the inspiration to create this virtual solidarity action arises directly from the work of health professionals who are fighting against the coronavirus putting their health at risk: “These doctors have been doing a terrific job controlling the crisis and we have admiration for them. Our group offers medical resources, either free, or at an extreme discount compared to the economy price. in-game.

The long-awaited second life of the Bethesda MMO

Fallout 76 it is the post-apocalyptic MMO developed by Bethesda. Your last update, Wastelanders, seeks to recover the game from a bad reputation that has been earned with a series of creative decisions that have thrown back fans of the saga: with this free patch NPCs have been added, new cities have been created and a new narrative plot has been established that shapes the new MMO story arc.


The Goa7s from Oviedo participate in an online tournament of the Federation

The Goa7s, a recently created Oviedo rugby seven team, will participate in an online tournament organized by the Spanish Rugby Federation. The Goa7s will be represented by its player Abraham in a tournament that will be played with the Rugby20 video game through PS4, Xbox or PC. It is very likely that the 7-a-side rugby season, which is usually played between April and July, will finally be suspended.


Resident Evil 4 Remake is already underway and will arrive in 2022, according to rumors

Capcom already be preparing the remake of Resident Evil 4, with an estimated departure date in 2022, as reported by the media VGC. The British website, which has previously demonstrated good contacts within the industry, ensures that it has received this information from various sources, and that those responsible for its development will be M-Two, the study in charge of the recent Resident Evil 3 Remake.

This Osaka-based studio is led by Tatsuya Minami and formed by several ex of Capcom and PlatinumGames, and its name is because they originally tried unsuccessfully to recruit Shinji Mikami, (M-Two: Minami-Mikami), the creator of the saga resident Evil and director of the fourth installment. They also apparently tried to direct me to remake, but although this will not be so could have given the go-ahead to the project or even have some advisory role.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out

If all of these are true rumors appeared in the last days, Resident Evil 8 will launch next year, in 2021, while Resident Evil 4 Remake will arrive in 2022, curiously both set in a village and with certain somewhat transgressive ideas within the saga, away from the classic zombies.

This will be the game that rumors appeared a few days ago, who said that Capcom was preparing another great remakebut it was neither Resident Evil Code: Veronica neither Dino Crisis.

“Behind you, imbesil!”

Resident Evil 4 originally launched in March 2005 for Nintendo GameCube and a few months later for PS2, and supposed a before and after in the saga, with a decided turn towards the most intense and spectacular action, which was later continued by subsequent deliveries, since it was a complete sales success. Critically acclaimed, today it is still the highest rated game in Capcom history, and not only changed the saga forever, but also the genre of the action in the third person, in details such as the placement of the camera, which marked a trend.

It was all a playable and technical prodigy At the time, it has been reissued on countless platforms since then, and can be played in remastered versions on current platforms, keeping much of its charm intact. Unlike the old ones Resident Evil 2 and 3, which had a lot of room for improvement and updating when turning them into contemporary games, it will be interesting to see how Capcom faces this remake, What can be quite a challenge for those responsible, since the bar of the original game is still very high.

While we wait to know the future of the saga, you can already enjoy Resident Evil 3 Remake, which launched a few days ago on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is again a spectacular update to the PlayStation classic that launched 20 years ago. If you are already playing it, we recommend that you visit our guide, so that you discover all its secrets.


These Apple TV + series are currently free to buy

These Apple TV + series are currently free to buy

Last changed: Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 12.52 p.m.

For All Mankind, Dickinson, Servant Poster (c) Apple / Collage

The American streaming provider Apple TV + currently offers some series for free. So everyone can get an overview of the offer of the provider. Apple wants to support people who currently have to stay at home because of the ban on contacts.

We are in the middle of Easter and are allowed toWuhan Whoopsie Daisy“Not in front of the door. Well, you can, but not with eggs, dance and stare at the fire like you normally do. Easter. As a serial junkie, people like to use the canned food. Stupid only if there is hardly anything new, but you have not yet tried Apple TV + and are looking for something to bang.

You can click on the offer from the title be accessed. You need the Apple TV app. This is on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac, selected Smart TVs from Samsung and LG as well as on Amazon Fire TV– and RokuDevices available.

These series are currently available without a subscription to Apple TV +


In the US series Dickinson plays Hailee Steinfeld the American poet Emily Dickinson. At the heart of the Apple series are the young years of Dickinson, so it’s a coming-of-age story. It is about the human striving to be heard, at a time when it is hard to determine freely as a woman. The interesting thing about it: The series is designed as a comedy that wants to joke about the social injustices of the 19th century – especially with a view to gender roles. So the series takes place during Dickinson’s lifetime, sometime between 1830 and 1886, but the tone is said to be modern.

Here is the trailer:

Little America

The Apple TV + –Anthology series Little America is about short stories from the everyday life of immigrants in America. The project comes from Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon.

Here is the trailer:

For All Mankind

At the heart of the Apple series For All Mankind the question is what the world or our solar system would look like today if the race into space between the USA and the USSR had never ended. Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) plays NASA astronaut Edward Baldwin, while Sarah Jones (Damnation) and Michael Dorman (Patriot) play a famous space couple named Tracy and Gordo Stevens. Jodi Balfour (The Crown) can be seen as pilot Ellen Waverly and Shantel VanSanten (One Tree Hill) and Wrenn Schmidt (The Looming Tower) are in the cast.

Here is the trailer:


Horror director and plot twist king M. Night Shyamalan is behind the mystery series Servant. Parents Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean Turner (Toby Kebbell) hire young nanny Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) to help them care for the newborn baby. But soon we have to realize that not everything is as it seems.

Here is the trailer:

Furthermore, the series “The mother elephant“,”Helpsters“,”Snoopy in space” and “Four friends and the goose hand“To see without subscription. There are also various pilot episodes of other AppleTV + series.

It is best to click this link right away:


Dantzagunea opens an online dance hall in Errenteria due to the coronavirus

An essay in Dantzagunea de Errenteria./Arizmendi
A trial in Dantzagunea of ​​Errenteria. / Arizmendi

Gipuzkoa dance center sessions will start on Monday with Amaia Elizaran


The Gipuzkoa Gipuzkoako Dantzagunea dance center, located in Errenteria, has opened a new virtual room to keep dance activities, which will be developed through videoconference.

In this way, each day a creator will offer a program based on its choreographic language. Also, once a week some choreographers will talk about their creative process.

The first session will be this Monday at ten in the morning with Amaia Elizaran, on Tuesday at the same time with Igor Calongue, on Wednesday also at ten with Iker Arrue, on Thursday with Ohiana Varela and on Friday at eleven in the morning with Jone San Martin and Mikel R. Nieto.


The Sonorama hosts a festival at your house this weekend

With the third week of confinement almost consumed, it is inevitable to think of summer. It will be strange that he has not already imagined himself wearing shorts and enjoying a good terrace with friends. With less than a meter and a half of distance between colleague and colleague. What a desire, yes, to enjoy a few drinks in the company of someone of flesh and blood who does not pixel on the other side of the screen. And above all, what you want from a good concert. That the calendar does not lie and reveals to us that it’s been almost a month without enjoying a live band. At least in the usual format, because technology is helping to organize a performance as easy as clicking.

The Sonorama Ribera festival, which has been held for more than 20 years in Aranda de Duero, has wanted to join this initiative in a very special way. For three days it will recall the best moments of last year’s edition. Sonorama Ribera At Home consists in forty performances that can be followed in streaming through its website starting this Friday at 1:00 p.m.

The perfect opportunity to enjoy a festival that you missed by running out of subscription or, why not, to return live to a group that you discovered in Aranda and since then you have not stopped recommending. All this with a single purpose, to liven up the quarantine to all music lovers. These days you are the headliner. The main stage goes to your house »they promise.

The poster highlights two of the headliners from last year: Love of Lesbian and Biscayan Shinova. In fact, the full concerts of both groups will be broadcast. In addition, the online festival will offer the opportunity to enjoy again the concert that gave Nacho Cano with more than a dozen guest artists. And many more proper names: Tarque, Tequila, Miss Caffeina, Zahara, Fuel Fandango, Morgan, Viva Sweden, Carolina Durante, Fangoria… In addition, on Sunday the performance of the English will be broadcast Crystal Fighters, who put the Anglo-Saxon note on the festival and will do it again this time. The difference? That this time, instead of in shorts, you can enjoy it in your pajamas.


‘LaLiga Santander Fest’ raises more than 625,000 euros in a historic online festival

‘La Liga Santander Fest’ has raised this Saturday 625,108.47 eurosthanks to a historic and massive festival that has brought together fifty artists such asAlejandro Sanz, Juanes, Aitana, José Mercé and David Bisbal, among others, and 20 First Division players representing all the clubs to fight the coronavirus.

The event organized by LaLiga and Banco Santander,presented by Eva González and Tony Aguilar, It has lasted more than four hours and has brought together the best of the musical world in a ‘macro-concert’ unprecedented in the history of Spain. This charity marathon will continue to receive donations until Sunday, March 29 at 2:00 p.m.

All the money raised will be donated, through the Banco Santander Foundation, which has also contributed one million face masks, to help mitigate the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, the largest volume will be directed to the purchase of sanitary material and will be channeled following the government’s health priorities, in coordination with the Superior Sports Council (CSD).

In addition, a part of the funds raised at ‘LaLigaSantander Fest’ will gointended for the #SaldremosJuntos initiative, led by Saúl Ñígueztogether with other athletes, journalists, ‘influencers’ and designers to help SMEs and freelancers affected by the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus.

One of the first footballers to appear was the captain of Real Madrid,Sergio Ramos, who said “there is no better place than home” to fight the diseaseand he hoped that “football and music” will serve these days “to disconnect and have a better time”. Santi Cazorla joined the merengue defense, who assured that “among all” it will be possible to “make a huge donation”.

One of the funniest was Joaquín Sánchez, the captain of Real Betis. “We are going to kick the virus that we are going to send to his home, which is fine”, while the former player from Valencia and Barça, Gaizka Mendieta, LaLiga Ambassador, showed his amazement at the “impressive cast of artists and athletes “who formed the event. “I want to thank the professionals who make these eternal shiftsand that they take care so that we are all safe and sound. We know what a show of support is – when we received applause in a stadium – and now we have to be on the other side to support them because they are giving everything, “added the former midfielder ‘che’, in the same line as Fernando Morientes, another of the agency’s Ambassadors.

Iker Muniain, from Athletic; Koke and Saúl, from Atlético de Madrid; Oier Sanjurho, from Osasuna; Manu García, from Alavés; Piqué and Rakitic, from Barça; Jorge Molina and Jaime Mata, from Getafe; Víctor Díaz, from Granada; José Luis Morales, from Levante; Hugo Mallo, from Celta; Javi López and Wu Lei, from Espanyol; Xisco Campos, from Mallorca; Lucas Vázquez, from Real Madrid; Unai Bustinza, CD Leganés; Asier Illarramendi, from La Real; Javi Moyano, from Valladolid; Sergi Enrich, from Eibar; Jesús Navas, from Seville; and Dani Parejo and Rodrigo Moreno, from Valencia.

In addition to the cited artists:Antonio Carmona, Antonio José, Antonio Orozco, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Beret, Cami, Danna Paola, Diogo Piçarra, El Arrebato, Juan Magan, Lang Lang, Lola Índigo, Lucas Vidal, Luciano Pereyra, Luis Fonsi, Manuel Carrasco, Miriam, Mon Laferte, Morat, Pablo Alborán, Pablo López, Raphael, Rosario, Sebastián Yatra, Stool, Tini and Vanesa Martín put the grain of sand from their houses.


Spain and Germany will dispute an online friendly

Spain and GermanyThey will dispute next Monday (18.00) aonline friendly matchFIFA20 will feature the participation of four players per team, from four different teams: the men’s absolute, the women’s absolute, the under-21 and the ‘efootball’.

Thecoronavirus pandemicforced to suspend the two friendlies that the Spanish team was going to play these days against the Netherlands and Germany. “The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and OSL Spain-DeAPlaneta quickly mobilized to transfer these matches to the virtual playing field,” the RFEF explained in a statement, stating that the match will be broadcast on Teledeporte.


Oleksandr Usyk promises to take world heavyweight titles from Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury Boxing news

The Ukrainian is the mandatory WBO challenger for Anthony Joshua

Last updated: 22/03/20 7:12


Oleksandr Usyk rejected Dereck Chisora’s tactics ahead of the O2 clash

Oleksandr Usyk rejected Dereck Chisora’s tactics ahead of the O2 clash

Oleksandr Usyk has promised to get world titles from Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury as he attempts to break British heavyweight dominance.

The pound-for-pound Ukrainian star has set his sights on British duo Joshua and Fury, who hold all the belts in the world, but first prepares to take on Derek Chisora ​​at The O2 on May 23, live on Sky Sports Box Office, only in his second fight in the top division.

Usyk became the undisputed champion of the cruiser while winning the World Boxing Super Series and is not discouraged by the prospect of challenging the unified king Joshua, or the newly crowned WBC Fury champion.

Anthony Joshua holds the WBA 'super' IBF and WBO titles

Anthony Joshua holds the WBA ‘super’ IBF and WBO titles

“I work hard on it,” Usyk said, when asked about his goal of holding all the world’s heavyweight titles.

But the extremely talented southpaw didn’t have a preference for Joshua or Fury, replying: “I want to fight both.”

Joshua has already fielded a mandatory IBF title fight against Kubrat Pulev at Tottenham Hotspur stadium on June 20, live on Sky Sports Box Office, with Fury expected to defend his WBC title in a third fight with Deontay Wilder, although Usyk is paying little attention to either champ.

New WBC champion Tyson Fury will face Deontay Wilder again

New WBC champion Tyson Fury will face Deontay Wilder again

“The last thing I think about is who will fight who. No prediction,” said Usyk.

Usyk was installed as a mandatory WBO challenger for Joshua after going heavyweight, but was unwilling to sit back and wait for his title shot.

The 33-year-old suffered a bicep injury before his division debut against Chazz Witherspoon, a stoppage win in the seventh round, while he was recently hampered by an elbow problem and wants to hone his skills with Chisora’s fight.

“I have to stay active. I have to box,” he said. “If your vocation is passive, it is not good. If you stay active, it is very good. This is my active vocation.”

Usyk defused any tension by asking for a selfie with Chisora

Usyk defused any tension by asking for a selfie with Chisora

Promoter Eddie Hearn is ready to organize an undisputed heavyweight world title fight between Joshua and Fury before the end of the year, but Usyk’s team remains determined to challenge the Olympic gold medal teammate first.

“Right now, we have to win [against Chisora], then after the mandatory fight for the WBO must take place, “said Usyk manager Egis Klimas Sky Sports.

“I think Anthony wants this fight too. Good fighters want to fight good fighters. Anthony sees a great challenge in Oleksandr and wants to go there. Everyone says Oleksandr will give Anthony trouble, but Anthony believes otherwise, so he wants to prove that he is harder.

“In the UK it would make sense – it wouldn’t make sense to go to the United States with a boxer from the UK and one from Ukraine. UK fans know Usyk.”