Corona virus: “No kiss for grandma”

© Gerd Altmann on Pixabay / Shaking hands, giving Bussi .. Better not 14.3.2020 Tips for everyday life and more – The corona virus wave is rolling through Europe and the elderly and the elderly are number one risk group when it comes to infections, especially acute respiratory infections. “There is still no need to […]

Colima’s Diary

Thursday, February 27, 2020 8:09 pm + – This forum addressed the situation of the quality of care and patient safety, according to WHO’s vision. The Secretary of Health and Social Welfare of the Government of the State of Colima, Leticia Guadalupe Delgado Carrillo, participated in the VII Cooperation Forum Institutional of the XXII International […]

Breakfast burns twice as much energy as dinner

© Free-Photos pixabay / breakfast 02/24/2020 Different calorie utilization depending on the time of day – examination of the section for psychoneurobiology of the University of Lübeck shows details An extensive breakfast should be preferred to a sumptuous dinner to avoid obesity or blood sugar spikes in diabetes mellitus. This emerges from a study by […]