Munich: woman confronts Lamborghini drivers – she embarrasses herself

Munich: woman confronts Lamborghini drivers – and embarrasses herself completely on 02.03.2020 at 07:48 a.m. A Lamborghini on Maximilianstrasse, the luxury mile in Munich. (Icon) Photo: imago images / Joko Munich. Mad story Munich, We would all have loved to see the face of the Lamborghini driver involved. But what had happened? The story that […]

Opel Astra is in 16th place in the registration statistics

ÜFor many years, the Opel Astra was the eternal second on German roads and through the local registration statistics. Of course, behind the eternal first, the VW Golf, and when the Opel managers still had time for it, they were very grieved. Those years are over. But the Golf is still ahead, but the Opel […]