Prepare for credit shocks with the arrival of US oil companies debt, Moody warns

Concerns rise when North American oil services and drilling companies face a $ 32 billion debt wave that will arrive in 2024 this year, a concern even before oil prices plummeted to a low of nearly two decades and the coronavirus epidemic turned into a global pandemic. Now the prospects seem particularly gloomy for weaker […]

Saudi Arabia will further increase oil production

DUBAI – Saudi Arabia launched another salvo in its oil market war with Russia on Wednesday, unveiling plans to increase its oil production capacity to a record 13 million barrels per day. The increase in capacity comes after the kingdom sparked a price war with Russia signaling its intentions to increase production and cut prices. […]

Police dismantle the rail block in eastern Canada

Canadian police dismantled a railway blockade led by indigenous anti-peline demonstrators on Monday that had stifled passenger and rail traffic for more than two weeks. The move threatens to trigger a new round of indigenous protests and marches, observers say. The police intervention also marks another setback for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts to support […]