Words to explain the pandemic and overcome fear

Since the dawn of time, mankind has suffered the ravages of plagues, plagues and pandemics. And it has been confined to fend off far more deadly infections in the past than it is today. From Thucydides to Camus, from Seneca to Montaigne or Schopenhauer, philosophers, historians, writers and researchers reflect how these shocks change our […]

Smart Guardiola, boring Barça | sports

The Champions returned and did not disappoint. Almost all the qualifiers are open – although Valencia and Chelsea would need epic comebacks – and this gives the competition even more expectation. The Champions League, from eighth, gives us fun nights and that’s why we are already counting the days for the return matches. Last week […]

Folding mobiles: trend with future or passing fashion? | Innovation

In February 2019, Samsung presented its first folding mobile phone, the Galaxy Fold, in San Francisco. Since then, leading manufacturers participate in a constant race to launch smartphones They bend. Huawei began selling the Mate X in October last year, also equipped with 5G connectivity. A month later, Motorola introduced a new version of the […]

Signatories of the nuclear pact are unable to take measures that help Iran overcome Trump’s punishments

The nuclear agreement agonizes between the increasingly severe sanctions of Donald Trump, the progressive withdrawal of Iran from the agreed points and the ineffectiveness of the European signatories, unable to take concrete measures to deal with American punishments. The Joint Commission of the agreement, which brings together representatives of the signatory countries (Germany, France, United […]

A pharaonic capital for the Egypt of Al Sisi | International

“It will be a bigger square than Tiananmen,” Ahmed (figurative name) boasts, amid the suffocating dust cloud lifted by dozens of trucks that roam in a place strewn with cranes between the Nile and the Red Sea. The employee of the public company that builds the New Administrative Capital of Egypt, 40 kilometers east of […]

Australian Open 2020: Stone by stone, Muguruza continues to progress | sports

Want to come back Garbiñe Muguruza. Removed the blindfold and seeing things more clearly, came the reaction, the decision to rehook the train that moved him happily to the golden space of tennis and, consequently, to recover the lost ground in the last two years . It will cost, and it may not even reach […]

Athletic eliminates Elche on penalties and Valladolid falls in Tenerife | sports

The Cup does not give truce. The new single game format continues to cause shocks for First teams, forced to play, in addition, in the field of the lower-ranking rival. Mallorca was already eliminated against Zaragoza and Osasuna suffered a barbarity to eliminate Recreativo, a Second B. Athletic needed the penalties to leave Elche behind […]