Tawhida Ben Cheikh, pioneer of medicine, honored by Tunisia

There are unique destinies. That of Tawhida Ben Cheikh is one of them. It took ten years after her death in 2010, at 101, for Tunisia to pay tribute to one of its most illustrious women, the first doctor, pediatrician, gynecologist and feminist in the Arab world. In 2014, the association bearing his name was […]

FIFA 20: The pioneers of virtual football | It’s LaLiga in EL PAÍS

Laura Moreno walks the dog every day in the same park in Fuengirola (Málaga), a routine that until recently met anonymously, with discretion. For the parishioners in the bar opposite it was just the dog girl. Until they discovered their alias on the Internet: LauriXGames, the first professional Spanish player from FIFA, the most popular […]

Carl Sagan: The Galactic Message | Science

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan believed in God in the scientific way, that is, as the set of physical laws that dominate the universe. Therefore, praying to the law of gravity, or the orbital square of the planets, was always nonsense. As much as praying to celestial mechanics, no matter how much its name is evocative. To […]