Plcido Rodrguez Guerrero: “The losses for Sporting and Oviedo are not so relevant if the League resumes”

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Plcido Domingo is discharged from hospital after the Covid-19

8 days ago,Placido DomingoHe announced from his Facebook account that he had a coronavirus: “I feel it is my moral obligation to announce that I have tested positive for COVID19, also known as the Corona Virus. My family and I are and will remain individually isolated for as long as medically necessary Currently we are all in good health, but I presented symptoms of cough and fever, so I decided to have the test and the result was positive. “

Days later, on March 28, Plácido wasadmitted to a private hospital in Acapulco. According to CNN information, the tenor has been discharged as confirmed by a source from the Guerrero Health Secretariat.

The husband ofMarta OrnelasHe wanted to thank all the messages of support: “I am very grateful and moved by the wave of messages that I have received from so many people. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Take care of your health, stay safe.”


Plácido Domingo, hospitalized in Acapulco for coronavirus

The Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo is admitted by coronavirus in a hospital in the city of Acapulco (Mexico), where he recovers from the disease.

According to the local newspaper ‘Quadratin Guerrero’, the 79-year-old tenor would have already overcome “the most critical part of the disease” and will be discharged from the Del Prado hospital in the coming days.

The media points out that the tenor “will continue his convalescence in a house in the exclusive Brisas Guitarrón subdivision.”

Last week the singer himself reported his positive in the test for the new coronavirus. “I feel it is my moral duty to announce that I have tested positive for Covid-19, the coronavirus,” Domingo noted in a message posted on his social media.

“I experienced symptoms of fever and cough, so I decided to have the test and the result was positive,” he explained.

In his message, the singer begged citizens to be “extremely careful” to follow basic guidelines by washing their hands frequently, staying at least 1.5 meters away from others, doing everything possible to prevent the virus to spread.


Plcido Domingo, admitted to Acapulco due to coronavirus

Plácido Domingo is admitted to a hospital in the city ofAcapulco, Mexico, recovering from complications associated with COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

As the local media points out,Quadratin Warrior, the Spanish tenor is stable and has passed the most critical part of this disease, so he may be discharged from hospital in the coming days.

Domingo was in charge of announcing his positive forCOVID-19on his Facebook profile: “I feel it is my moral obligation to announce that I have tested positive for COVID19, also known as the coronavirus. My family and I are and will remain individually isolated for as long as medically necessary. We currently all enjoy good health, but I presented symptoms of cough and fever, therefore I decided to do the test and the result was positive “.

A message that filled with expressions of affectionsocial networksfrom the artist, something that made him step forward to thank everyone who had sent his encouragement: “I am very grateful and moved by the wave of messages I have received from so many people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Take care of your health, stay safe. “


Plcido Domingo, positive in coronavirus

The Spanish tenorPlácido Domingo has tested positive for the new coronavirus, as he has revealed himself in a message published on his social networks. “I feel it is my moral duty to announce that I have tested positive for Covid-19, the coronavirus,” he noted.

“I experiencedfever and cough symptoms, so I decided to do the test and the result was positive, “he explained, to underline that he and his family will be isolated for as long as necessary and that everyone is” in good health. “

The singerhas urged citizens to be “extremely careful”Follow basic guidelines by washing their hands frequently, staying at least 1.5 meters away from others, doing everything possible to prevent the virus from spreading.

“And above all, stay home if you can!Together we can fight this virus and stop the current world crisisso we hope to be able to return to our normal daily life very soon, “he has written, and concludes by urging his readers to follow the guidelines and regulations of local governments to stay safe and protect the rest.


Placido Domingo tests positive for coronavirus

The Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo has announced this Sunday through his social networks that he has tested positive on COVID-19 after taking the test due to symptoms of cough and fever, although he has also clarified that “In good health”.

“I feel it is my moral obligation to announce that I have tested positive for COVID-19, also known as the Corona Virus. My family and I are and will remain individually isolated for as long as medically necessary “, starts the message that the Madrid tenor (1941) has posted on his personal Facebook account this afternoon.

A text in which he also said that he and his family are in “good health”: “I beg you to be extremely careful, follow basic rules like washing your hands frequently, stay at least two meters away from others, doing everything possible to stop the spread of the virus and above all, staying home if possible. ”

He also sent a message of encouragement and expressed that “together” we can fight this virus and stop the current world crisis “so that we can return to our normal daily lives as soon as possible.”


Terrace furniture: Summer afternoons will return: 14 proposals to prepare your outdoor paradise | ICON Design

Since time immemorial, man has had an urgent desire to decorate outdoor spaces where to rest and relax. In Ancient Egypt, reeds and grasses that grew on the Nile River served to build wicker furniture as strong as it was light, allowing its use inside and outside the home. The fury for this organic material, which was joined by other more exotic ones such as rattan and bamboo, continued until the Victorian era, when the formal revolution that developed the movement mid-century It introduced new textures and materials such as steel or plastic cables, with a striking aesthetic and much more resistant to inclement weather.

In 2020, enjoyment and comfort are above all. Now they seem far away, but summer evenings in the garden will return, and with them the proposals that combine design and functionality at the service of peaceful hours, which hardly require maintenance. This is the case of fluffy sofas and sun loungers that transfer the tranquility of our living room to the outside. Or the distinguished silhouettes of icons of the 20th century reinterpreted with technological materials in modern gazebos and picnic tables, oblivious to the ravages of the elements.


Versatility is another feature that characterizes furniture outdoor new generation. Compartmentalizing outdoor spaces without the need for renovation is possible thanks to floor lamps that generate a wall of indirect light. On the other hand, the modular seats allow modifying the dimension and function of a simple armchair, turning it into a lively outdoor living room. And best of all: they do not require special care and you can enjoy them every day of the year.

Terracotta rest


That perpendicular rest that made famous the armchairs of Willem H. Gispen during the sixties it seems to come alive again – and in a lighter and extra-long format – in the Terracotta collection of Maisons du Monde. Among its brightest series for this summer, the hammock stands out Yuzu Designed in aluminum and plasticized fabric, so that the transit from the pool to your reading is a pleasure rather than a concern for its care.

Inspired by the terracotta landscapes of Morocco, it allows you to move it lightly, adopting four positions. When the cold comes again, you just need to cover it with the same series protection cover, in waterproof and UV resistant canvas. Available in six colors for 129 euros.

Recreate the Parisian bustle

Summer afternoons will return: 14 proposals to prepare your outer paradise

The Serie Belleville He wanted to bring the charm and lively atmosphere of the French bistros to our terrace. This signature gazebo Vitra It bears the bohemian stamp of designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, who devised a new way of understanding plastic in their outdoor use for their set of chairs and table.

The seat It consists of a thin frame as a structure and a shell that ends in a backrest as narrow as it is comfortable. The table It stands out for its legs joined in a column, also inspired by the busy bars of Belleville, the Parisian neighborhood that gives it its name. The round tabletop is covered in a stain-resistant film, perfect for lengthening the desktop without remorse. Its price, from 409 euros on its website.

Psychedelic floors


The residences of Mamounia and Es Saadi, places of pilgrimage for the Rolling Stones in the sixties, elevated Marrakech as an icon of decoration in a matter of exteriors. Around its crystalline swimming pools, meeting places were spread out wrapped in cushions, fabrics and shishas to the delight of the British. The carpeted floors were not only a bohemian way of understanding their gardens, but also relieved the high temperatures that warmed the pavement in the summer.

The Afro Rug parts of Gancedo They breathe that casual and detached air of the sixties in the crochet fabric and the relaxed colors. The textile interior design firm that surprised us with its proposal at Casadecor transforms any outdoor corner with the geometric design and lightweight fabric of its outdoor rugs.

Nordic flavored dinners

That manifesto based on subtle details and the beauty of the simple lines that characterizes the firm Muuto, it also extends in its proposal for terrace and garden. The collection Linear who designs Thomas bentzen opens a new way for this furniture where nothing is left over and everything adds up. The linear silhouette, together with the folded edges of its structure, allows rainwater to fall and be easily removed.

Both the table and bench surfaces are made of galvanized steel with a matt powder coating, which protects from the weather every day of the year. But it would not surprise us that its suggestive design available in different sizes and colors –white, burnt orange, turquoise and black–, spread throughout the house. From 495 euros in Finnish Design Shop.

Lamps that divide spaces


We tend to forget the possibilities that light offers when composing spaces, both inside and outside our home. In the case of The skinny girl, the floor lamp designed by Christophe Mathieu for the Spanish firm Marset, not only is a point of light generated outside, but it also allows separating or joining various environments without the need for work.

Available in three geometric shapes – square, vertical and horizontal rectangle – its name echoes the contrast generated by its vast dimensions with the light volume that supports it. The key element is a metallic structure on which the non-deformable fabric that wraps it is stretched, and which houses a light sphere only noticeable when we turn it on. An indirect light that evokes the chillouts of the nineties and the origami work that Mathieu’s father developed in his native Germany. From 559 euros in Ilutop.

Field Modernism


The successful steel and wiring formula with which Allan Gould conquered open spaces in the 50s returns with strength and together with ultra resistant materials. That vision of the American ‘mid century’ of the interior designer, recognizable by the bamboo and plastic ropes on the backs of their seats, leads us to the set that TheMasie proposes for this spring 2020.

The collection Rinca from the online furniture firm puts the monstera green as the link between the four pieces that make up this set: two chairs, a sofa and a coffee table. The metal base in intense green, such a recurring color in street furniture, is supported by a cord in the same shade as the textile. Also available in garnet, it is that functional and distinguished solution that will perfect any terrace without major complications for our pocket. Its price, 660.46 euros.

A private ‘rooftop’


Urban terraces that extend on rooftops and balconies require a greater dose of imagination to cover narrow spaces and withstand greater exposure to inclement weather due to their height. The Serie Sollerön signed by designers Eva Lilja Löwenhielm and Jonas Hultqvistse for Ikea adapts to all types of environments. Thanks to its portable modules, it not only allows you to vary the number of seats on the sofa, but also to devise everything from a chaise longue to a coffee table.

A scholar in squeezing maximum functionality out of the Nordic beauty of the home, Löwenhielm uses rattan-effect plastic to create a structure that is rain and sun-proof and maintenance-free. The cushions woven in synthetic thread, not only keep the color longer but also repel water. Its price, 1,080 euros.

Rationalism in the sun


Enjoy the summer siesta every day of the year. In the hammock Rome from BoConcept this maxim of any bon vivant It is made possible by a protective lining that insulates it from inclement weather, while adjusting its back and enjoying a sunbath. Its functional design of industrial dyes in the texture and anthracite gray of the cover bears the seal of Henrik Pedersen, one of the most veteran creators of the Italian firm and author of the emblematic chair Imola, inspired by a tennis ball.

With an aluminum surface and electrostatic painting, its foam and polyester seat invites you to rest a long meal and enjoy any pleasure that arises horizontally. Its price, 1,189.15 euros.

A room to be outdoors


This cozy set from Kave Home will be the perfect ally to cope with the hot summers in the city. Composed of a five-seater sofa and a coffee table, Zalika It is that perfect place to have breakfast after a dip like having a late dinner, reading or just lying in any position.

The acacia wood that unifies the whole has a treatment that tolerates UV rays, in addition to the aluminum of its structure, as resistant to rust and corrosion as it is light to move it effortlessly. And that a call or thirst does not disturb your rest; the ends of the sofa serve as a side table to deposit what you want. Its price, 1,299 euros.

Le Corbusier’s garden


Cassina’s ‘outdoor’ premiere had to be big and based on modern icons of the 20th century. The LC Collection that the Italian firm updated in 2011 with some milestones that were jointly designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, is now being relaunched with new fabrics and finishes that convey the same distinction in outdoor spaces.

That fervor with which the French-Swiss architect and theorist always cited nature as the engine of inspiration from his childhood, is transferred to this dining room that stars the LC7 chair. It maintains the curvilinear silhouette of its predecessor but on a resistant fabric that repels moisture like the marble effect table that completes it. Chair from 1,560 euros and table 4,595 euros, both available on their website.

The unflappable chair


Iroko wood, known as African teak, is the basis of the ‘outdoor’ version of Ortigia, the famous family of seats in Flexform. Very hard and resistant to inclement weather, it has classic lines of contemporary design such as polypropylene braid, its padded seat or a solid PVC structure.

This armchair worked with techniques that recall traditional cabinetry, rests on a die-cast metal alloy, to effortlessly resist the racking of the coming months. In addition to the natural finish, it is manufactured in white lacquered or gray varnished. With a matching footrest, you will witness the most intriguing novel of the summer. Its price, available on request at MiliaShop.

Think of modules


The modular fever experienced in recent years often puts aesthetics in the background in favor of its functionality. But the Molo collection, whose design is oversized to keep intact the purity of its anatomy, the exception confirms all rule. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni (Artemide, Cassina, Flos ..) for the furniture firm Kettal, emphasizes every detail in a lattice modularity whereby each element is removable and allows ephemeral environments to be created according to our needs.

The orthogonal geometry of this sofa refers to the word “jetty” –mole in English – transmitting that feeling of rest and refuge when the sea surrounds us. Available in aluminum, teak, concrete and outdoor fabrics such as highly resistant terrain and with a multitude of colors, we are left with this peach tone that will enliven any garden. Price on request in

The sofa-wall


The first collaboration of Philippe Starck with B&B Italia it is as visionary as one might expect. The unmistakable functional and artistic stamp of the creator of the Juicy Salif juicer for Alessi or the Victoria Host chair for Kartell, explores on this occasion a productive way of understanding the outdoor seat without detracting from its design presence.

Oh it rains! It is that sofa that we would dream of on any summer afternoon: fluffy, very comfortable and of immutable elegance to the sudden changes of the weather. Its ergonomic silhouette resides in an aluminum mechanism that allows the seat to recline when it rains or the wind intensifies. In addition, it acts as an invisible room divider and its rafia-inspired PES fabric repels water makes it a 100% waterproof piece of furniture. Price on request on their website.

The skin that inhabits my garden


Everything he touches (and designs) Paola Navone is imbued with one of the greatest complexities that interior design encompasses: to be revolutionary without diminishing the beauty of the object. The member of Studio Alchimia together with Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass Jr. and Andrea Branzi, the most radical group that Italy gave in the seventies, continues to surprise us with revealing collaborations such as the Taipei sofa for signature Baxter.

Its cold and wet touch that seems to simulate the skin of a reptile is due to the use of Cloister leather, obtained in free pastures and bred by Native Americans. Cut at ground level and with visible seams, this leather seems to ironically emulate the covers that protect the seats exposed to the elements. One of those pieces with a great presence that demands sculptures and exuberant vegetation around it. Price on request in Martinel Store.


Placido Domingo will not perform at the Royal Opera House in London



Related news

«The Royal Opera House and Placido Domingo have decided by mutual agreement the cancellation of the next performances from “Don Carlo”, scheduled to July 2020», Has announced in a press release the British institution, which has specified«not having received any complaints»In relation to the collaboration of the tenor.

A few days ago there was a leak, through the Associated Press agency, of the results of the investigation opened by the United States Musical Artists Union that concluded that Plácido Domingo sexually harassed several women.

The musician issued a statement apologizing and then nuanced him with another in which he pointed out that his request for forgiveness was “sincere” and of all “heart”, at the possibility that he could have hurt someone for “anything».

In that second statement, the tenor also indicated that would withdraw of the representations in the theaters and companies “that have difficulties in assuming those commitments”.

The Ministry of Culture canceled the participation of the artist in the representations planned in May in the National Theater of the Zarzuela, “For solidarity with women affected” by the case of harassment.

Later, he himself canceled his performances in the Royal Theatre and the Palau de Les Arts in Valencia announced the elimination of the name of Placido Domingo del Refinement Center for singers who have the Valencian Colosseum, as well as «desist in possible future contractual relations with the singer and his patronage».


Several of Placido Domingo’s accusers study denouncing him for defamation




Several alleged victims of sexual harassment of Madrid tenor Plácido Domingo evaluate denouncing him for defamation before the US Justice. through civil channels, the lawyer of three of them told Efe in an interview, Debra S. Katz.

In addition, they are pushing for the singer to be expelled from the US artists’ union. (AGMA), whose report confirming the allegations of sexual harassment made public six months ago by about twenty women leaked this week Ap.

The lawyer received Efe in the law firm that bears her name (“Katz, Marshall & Banks”) in central Washington and has become an icon within the “Me Too” movement for representing the victims of Giants fallen out of favor like Harvey Weinstein.

You are legally advising three women who suffered the alleged abuses of Sunday: former mezzo-soprano Patricia Wulf, soprano Angela Turner Wilson and another victim, who has preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. What incidents lived with the singer?

Placido Domingo focused attention that was not welcome on women, usually when they were working. At first, he flattered them and told them how big stars they were and what they could be. And then he began to act with too many trusts. In the case of Patricia Wulf, he kept kissing her, first on the cheek and then more and more and closer to her mouth. Then, when she was acting in operas, he harassed her, chased her and tried to play her, tried to kiss her. And then he started making sexual proposals and asking her if she had to go home at night, if he could go home with her. It was a really rude sexual proposition, so much that everyone saw it. She had people trying to stay with her to accompany her to her car and protect her from her unwanted advances. That was the pattern in his case. In Angela’s case, he made unwanted advances: he showed up in his dressing room, knocked on the door and demanded that he let her in while she was naked or getting dressed to act. He also told her how fabulous she was and offered her different positions, telling her that she had a great future at the Los Angeles Opera. When he rejected his advances and made it clear that he had no interest in him, romantically or sexually, he reached into his dress, grabbed her under her dress and touched her in a very very painful way. After that, all their job opportunities evaporated. That made it impossible for him to get the jobs he had promised her at the Los Angeles Opera.

Following these accusations, this week, the US opera union. He made public the conclusions of an investigation on Sunday and confirmed the accusations against him. However, for the moment, there has been no complaint against Domingo before the US Justice. Are you considering taking some kind of legal action?

We are considering options to require you to be accountable and, particularly, now our goal is to be expelled from the artists’ union, something that should have happened in light of the research findings that were made public.

But, you mention that they are considering different options, what kind of legal actions are on the table?

At this moment we are still considering it.

By civil or criminal means?

Not criminal, civil

Do you evaluate asking for compensation by civil means?

At the moment it is premature for me to answer that. We do not know, we are considering options, but our priority is that of the union.

What is the crime for which they would take legal action against Domingo? Was it sexual harassment?

In the US, under federal law, to file a complaint for sexual harassment, in most cases it would have to be filed within 270 days. Maybe a little more, but these accusations are decades old. That makes it very difficult to go to court.

So what kind of actions are they going to take against Domingo?

Let me explain. In the crime of sexual harassment, the crimes have prescribed, but to the extent that they are belittling or defaming people, essentially calling them liars, there is a law on the limitations of the processes that would still allow lawsuits to be filed.

Would you sue him for defamation?

For defamation, for making false statements. He is questioning, doubting the integrity and honesty of these women who have bravely taken a step forward.

He has mentioned that his priority right now is Sunday’s expulsion from the US opera union. Because it is important? What consequences would it have for him?

The consequence would be that the other union members would make him accountable for the behavior he had. He would have the option to participate in hearings to defend his actions, or he would have to agree to leave the union or, ultimately, we hope that the decision would be to expel him, in case he refuses to leave. There have to be serious consequences.

The opera union has not released the report with the conclusions of its investigation, why do you think that happened?

It seems that AGMA (the US artists’ union) has reached an agreement with Plácido Domingo’s lawyers. As part of that agreement, they agreed that they would not publish the report in exchange for a payment of $ 500,000 and that he apologized.

After the opera union published its report, Domingo in a statement accepted “full responsibility” for his actions, but then in another statement he denied that he had behaved “aggressively” with any woman. What do you think about this?

A real apology is necessary, not one that has been negotiated by a lawyer, carefully crafted so that you are not really responsible for an action. And the fact that I issued an apology and then withdrew it, is shocking, and it has been very annoying for my clients and others who have been affected by their behavior.

How did it make you feel?

It makes them feel, I don’t know, you know? I don’t know if it’s a cultural analogy that you know, but in Snoopy’s and Charlie Brown’s Peanuts comic strips, Lucy was holding the soccer ball and, when Charlie came to hit her, she took the ball off and he fell. It makes them feel, I don’t know, you know? I don’t know if it’s a cultural analogy that you know, but in Snoopy’s and Charlie Brown’s Peanuts comic strips, Lucy was holding the soccer ball and, when Charlie came to hit her, she took the ball off and he fell. And, here, these women woke up with an apology from Placido Domingo and then, several days later, everything was gone. So, in a sense, he is treating them again badly. And they are traumatized again, something that happens when you feel that someone understands and assumes responsibility after having denied it for months. He arrives and says he has had a reflection, he has thought about it. He apologizes and then, several days later, he withdraws the ball again and people feel betrayed.

Domingo was considered a legend in the world of opera, why do you think it is important to investigate allegations of sexual harassment against him?

Because nobody is above the law. As long as the powerful believe they have the right to harass, handcuff and force women to have sex, women will never be treated fairly in the workplace and sexual harassment is an abuse of power. It is not about sex. It is an abuse of power. It is a form of labor discrimination. It is illegal and whoever engages in that behavior must be held accountable.


The pear of Hamburg decide on the performance of Plcido Domingo

TheHamburg Opera will decide on the performance ofPlacido Domingo as part of the cast of the opera ‘Simon Boccanegra’, by Giuseppe Verdi, the daysMarch 22 and 26 and April 2, after “exchanging information” with other European theaters, after the tenor recognized last Tuesday in a statement the “pain caused” to several women. “We take this matter very seriously. The Hamburg Opera isclosely involved in the latest developments of the caseand stays informed. It will also exchange information with other institutions in Europe and then the result will be made public, “the institution explained in a statement sent to Europa Press.

This decision of the Staatsoper Hamburg occurs after thecancellation of the tenor performances planned for this year in the Spanish theaters of Real and La Zarzuela. Also in Spain the concert of Plácido Domingo has been canceled at the International Festival of Music and Dance ‘Ciudad de Úbeda’ (Jaén), scheduled for next May 3.

Precisely, last Tuesday, the day that the first statement of Sunday was known, sources from the Hamburg Opera pointed out to Europa Press that, “if nothing happens that questions it, it will perform as planned” the actions planned in this colosseum Spanish tenor.

On the contrary, a spokesman forRussian Bolshoi Theaterhas confirmed to Europa Press that the performance of the Spanish tenor planned for the days is maintainedApril 23 and 26within the cast of ‘La traviata’ by Verdi. “The agenda does not change after cancellations in Spain,” he added.

In this same line, theBavarian State OperaIt has also joined to confirm the participation of Plácido Domingo in its programming. The singer has planned his presence in two works of the institution: on the one hand, in ‘Nabucco’ on July 27 and 30.

Other institutions such asArena di Verona FoundationThey also confirmed the planned actions with Plácido Domingo “as planned”, before knowing the decision of the Spanish theaters – in Verona will be with ‘Aída’ on June 25 and will return on July 7 for an event of the Opera–. The Sunday agenda also includes performances in Moscow, London, Florence, Munich or Salzburg.

Research and apologies

The statement of Plácido Domingo was released the same day on which theAmerican Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) made the findings of the investigation publicaround the allegations of several women against Plácido Domingo, to which the Associated Press agency had access.

The union lawyers concluded thatthe tenor has shown a clear pattern of sexual misconductand abuse of power by at least two decades ago.

Subsequently, in a second statement sent last Thursday, February 27,the tenor qualified his statementsand denied having had any aggressive behavior or hindered anyone’s career. In addition to the cancellations in the Zarzuela and the Real and the Úbeda festival, in Spain the decision of the Palau de las Arts to remove the name of Plácido Domingo from its Improvement Center has also been added.

These are not the first cancellations of Sunday’s actions on this matter. However, so far they had occurred on the American side, before this second statement.

So,the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Dallas Opera or the San Francisco Operathey canceled their concerts, while it was Domingo himself who announced that he would not perform again at the New York Opera after canceling his performance of ‘Macbeth last September.