How Trump measures with double level

The president of the United States is punishing Iran for sanctions because the country is causing problems throughout the region. This also applies to Saudi Arabia. But here leaves clemency. Comment by Moritz Baumstieger The president looks at the distance, on his chest a sentence is established: "The sanctions are about to arrive", the sanctions […]

The US military UU. They must shoot at the limit, where appropriate, migrants

If necessary, the US Army. UU. It will shoot at the border with immigrants, for example, throw stones. This was announced by the president of the United States. U., Donald Trump. He also said that asylum seekers should be detained for several years in the big store cities on the border with Mexico. At present, […]

Trump wants to send up to 15,000 soldiers

US President Trump now wants to send up to 15,000 troops to the US border with Mexico. So far, about 5200 have been mentioned. That would be roughly equivalent to the US troops of troops in Afghanistan. Critics accuse Trump of campaigning with this decision. Next week the important elections of the Congress will take […]

Putin warns the United States of the new “arms race”

If, as announced, the US government withdraws from the INF's disarmament treaty, the only thing left is an "arms race," Putin says. US President Trump announced a few days ago to terminate the agreement with Russia unilaterally. The contract prohibits medium-range and ground-based weapons equipped with a range of between 500 and 5500 kilometers. Russian […]

The woman accuses the Trump candidate of rape

The accusations against the US Supreme Court candidate, Brett Kavanaugh, have already been announced on Friday. Now the woman has affirmed her allegations to the Washington Post and revealed her identity. According to Kavanaugh as a teenager, they tried to rape it during a party. He denies the accusations. An American woman accused the Brett […]

Trump book of journalist Watergate Woodward

The famous North American journalist Bob Woodward draws in the book "Fear" (German: fear) the image of a chaotic and mutually distrustful government under Donald Trump. The closest employees like Defense Minister Mattis secretly despise the president. A personal conversation between Woodward and the president did not materialize – in a telephone conversation with Woodward […]