Photo of Nadezhda Kadysheva without Photoshop shocked fans

The star of the folk song theater “Golden Ring” Nadezhda Kadysheva invariably delighted admirers of her talent with a well-groomed appearance. Intricate hairstyles, vibrant outfits, catchy makeup – at 60, the singer carefully monitors her stage image. Hope appears from time to time on the covers of glossy magazines, and on the posters of the Golden Ring theater she invariably shines with youth and beauty. What was the surprise of Instagram users when they saw fresh pictures of the artist without photoshop. In the photographs, Kadysheva looks very tired and sharply aged.

Dark circles under the eyes and an extinct look shocked the fans of the Russian folk song and made them worry. On the Web they discuss: is everything all right with the health of Hope, and does it hide some kind of illness? However, perhaps the artist in recent months has overworked – before Russia the pandemic seized, and all concerts were canceled, Kadysheva had a very busy tour schedule. Fans wish her health and hope that the artist will take advantage of the period of self-isolation in order to properly relax.

New photos of Nadezhda Kadysheva surprised her fans.

Instagram users compare Nadezhda Kadysheva with her colleague, singer Nadezhda Babkina. Nadezhda Georgievna is 10 years older than Kadysheva, but she looks much younger. Probably the whole thing is plastic surgery: Babkina does not hide the fact that the surgeon’s scalpel helped wipe her face for several years and extended her youth. She made a circular facelift and blepharoplasty, lifting her eyelids and removing wrinkles around her eyes.

With her husband and colleague in the ensemble “Golden Ring” Alexander Kostyuk Nadezhda Kadysheva has been living for 37 years – they got married in 1983. This is a rare example of family longevity in show business. At couples have an adult son.

The singer looks tired. Perhaps the reason for this is a busy tour schedule.

Doctors more than once saved the singer and literally pulled her out of the next world. At 30 years old her found a breast tumor, for two years she lived between life and death – Hope was sure that she would die from oncology. But during the operation, the diagnosis was not confirmed. The next time doctors saved the artist when she was 49 years old: he almost died of acute tachycardia. Doctors miraculously prevented a heart attack.


Bruno Le Maire is also on LinkedIn

If politicians have long expressed interest in debates on Facebook, Bruno Le Maire has decided to inaugurate a new communication channel.

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Barely finished an intervention on the radio in the morning, it was on the LinkedIn site, the social network devoted to the professional world, that the Minister of the Economy worked on Monday May 4 to respond to the calls of the actors of the economic world.

Worried little bosses

Before the opening of the video session, questions already abounded from restaurant owners, gyms or training centers, managers of clothing stores or vacation centers, freelancers or creators of companies. Most of the questions focused on the difficulties specific to their sector or their company, but nevertheless revealed recurring concerns.

The question of rents, in particular, has often returned to the merchant side. The minister recalled the agreement obtained from the major land groups to cancel three months’ rent for the smallest businesses. But Bruno Le Maire recognizes this, this will only affect 10 to 15% of these smaller companies.

The others are therefore invited to enter into negotiations with their owner. ” It is right that the rent should go down and it is in everyone’s interest to avoid the proliferation of bankruptcies Says the Minister.

“Economy on a drip”

Another subject that often comes up is the upcoming reduction in the partial unemployment system, which already worries many employers. ” We cannot live sustainably with an economy on a drip, financed by public funds “Replied the Minister, deeming it therefore necessary” to progressively evolve, I mean progressively, the system To encourage people to return to work. The priority, he explained, is ” to keep public money for sectors that have no other choice »And will remain permanently impacted, like catering or tourism.

Faced with business leaders who demand visibility, Bruno Le Maire assured that a possible postponement of the deconfinement would not concern the resumption of economic activities. He also once again promised that the government would announce the ” date and protocols For the reopening of cafes or leisure establishments.

The challenge of recovery

While several employees of the company Corsair had met on the site to question the minister on the assistance given to Air France, the latter replied that the state could obviously help other airlines. With one condition, however: ” that shareholders also do their part of the way

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Bruno Le Maire also warned that once the deconfinement had passed, the hardest thing would probably begin. The period before the return to normal will be long and marked by two risks, he pointed out: a problem of solvency of companies which can lead to an increase in bankruptcies, and a possible acceleration of layoffs as long as activity remains slowed down .

This transition period is likely to last for months and probably years. It looks like ” a challenge “, Noted Bruno Le Maire because for the first time” we will have to work with a virus that continues to circulate and for which we do not have a vaccine


Eight headliners of the Printemps de Bourges to listen to on networks

The first festival of the musical season, the Printemps de Bourges showcases the headliners of the song.

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Since its cancellation due to the Covid-19 epidemic and confinement on March 13, 2020, the festival has thought about a virtual event, “Imaginary Spring”, which allows the artists scheduled these days to offer their music to a large audience. The cross selected eight of them to listen to without moderation.

Aloïse Sauvage, the young shoot

Singer, rapper, dancer, circus artist and actress, Aloïse Sauvage has all the audacity of a multifaceted talent. It explodes in Devouring (Initial Artists / Universal), his first record, a brilliant mosaic of styles in constant movement, in his image. Raw words that speak to his generation, music that mixes pop and hip-hop, an undeniable punch, an irradiating presence… See Aloïse Sauvage interpreting “Horizontally”, it is to get an idea of ​​his future artist and imagine it radiant.

M, the star

By dint of not taking himself seriously, of singing and playing generously from scene to scene, Matthieu Chédid – M – almost makes us forget that in twenty years he has become a huge star. Thirteen victories for music, soundtracks for films (including Do not tell anyone, by Guillaume Canet), albums with always renewed inspiration, like Lamomali (2018) or Infinite letter (2019, Wagram). On March 16, Matthieu Chedid presented with Pierre Richard a poetic recreation in tribute to his grandmother, the poet Andrée Chedid, who would have been 100 years old on March 20, 2020.

Celeste, the new soulful voice

As a child, his grandfather made him listen to Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Like these great ladies, the young Briton knows how to make her voice an instrument of rare emotional depth. Whether she whispers or fully releases her song, Celeste is listening. Designated a BBC 2020 musical revelation by British critics, it is compared to Amy Winehouse. In France, we can listen Stop This Flame, Strange and Lately, while waiting for the album Celestial in September (Polydor).

Calypso Rose, the diva

A radiant smile, an unalterable energy, the queen of Calypso was to celebrate her 80 spring at Bourges and present her new album there. Author of 1,000 songs without having learned music or going to school, Calypso Rose, daughter of a fisherman and Baptist minister of Trinidad and Tobago, never ceases to amaze with her good humor and its commitments. The Caribbean rhythms of his carnival music were crowned with a Victory in 2017 for Far From Home (Because Music).

Dionysos, the rock group

With Surprise (Columbia / Sony), Dionysos returns to his fundamental love of rock by mingling it with Latin atmospheres and musical melodies. Normal, the album is also the soundtrack of the film A mermaid at Bets, released in March and directed by Mathias Malzieu, singer and group leader. The musician unleashes his abundant imagination and his fantasy. Crossing rock guitars with symphonic brass orchestras, his exuberance makes crowds dance to these vitaminized refrains.

Philippe Katerine, the safe bet

For a long time, Philippe Katerine was judged by his outrageous words and his provocative poses: at best a joker, at worst a jester. But the Vendéen, Dominique A’s brother in arms, simply turns out to be an artist. At the movie theater, The Grand Bain has grown in popularity. His 13 albums have made him a safe bet for French pop, crowned with a Victory for the best male performer 2020. Hurluberlu et joyeux, his latest album, Confessions (Wagram), leaves no one indifferent.

Rufus Wainwright, the legend

The Canada-American baroque pop dandy was to honor only two festivals in France, the Printemps de Bourges on April 25 and the Francos de La Rochelle on July 14. His raspy voice, the fluidity of his piano-pop compositions, his elegant lyricism and melancholy have made him a legend. Author of two operas, interprets sonnets of Shakespeare as a splendid cover of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright is releasing a new album this year, Unfollow the Rules (BMG). “Don’t follow the rules anymore”, an entire program !

Francœur, the incredible revelation

On harp and song, Vanessa Burel, alias Francœur, has some surprises in store. Selected in the “pop song” category of the emerging talent contest Les Inouïs, the young artist from the Yonne composes pieces with mysterious resonances, illuminated by her clear voice and the scrolls of her harp, to listen to on her second EP Where does the North come from (Budde Music). At the Moustaki Prize for French Song on February 20, Francœur displayed beautiful imagination and explosive vocal resources, celebrating his audience prize by reproducing a dolphin, high-pitched and shrill ultrasound.


The Extraordinary Mr. Rogers, The Willoughby Family, En Avant … The Movies of the Week Online

If boredom awaits you in these days of confinement, Le Figaro offers you a selection of films released this week that marked the editorial staff. This special week highlights family and love with a touch of absurdity. It’s good to start laughing again.

Of them , a dramatic comedy by Filippo Managhetti, 1h35

Unvarnished, with unpretentious talent, Filippo Meneghetti looks at an idyll between retired lesbians. Madeleine and Nina have not given up desire. They dream of leaving to settle in Rome. In the meantime, they dance to an Italian song. Of them is the story of a double life, a lie and the amazement that its revelation causes in the entourage. The director goes around all obstacles with confusing naturalness. Léa Drucker in the role of Madeleine’s daughter is perfect of terror and tenderness. Barbara Sukowa has gained in gravity, with looks that speak volumes, anger mixed with distress. A first feature film that flows from the source.

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>> Available on Orange, Arte Boutique, Canal VOD and FILMOTV from 4.99 euros

The truth , drama by Hirokazu Kore-eda, 1h47

For her first film shot in France, Kore-eda confronts Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche, mother and daughter in conflict. Fabienne Dangerville (Catherine Deneuve), star with a brilliant career, publishes his Memoirs, under a simple and definitive title: The truth. This is an opportunity for her daughter Lumir (Juliette Binoche), who has lived away from her for a long time and pursues a screenwriting career in the United States, to come and visit her. Kore-eda arranges carefully manufactured elements. He has a job, but we stay in a psychological comedy with comfortable lightness.

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>> Available on FILMOTV and Canal VOD from 4.99 euros

The Extraordinary Mr. Rogers , a biopic by Marielle Heller, 1h49

After The Forgers of Manhattan, director Marielle Heller continues to stage true stories by exploring that of the unexpected meeting between Fred Rogers and Lloyd. The first is an American TV man whose educational program Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was watched by millions of viewers between 1968 and 2001. While the second is a journalist from the magazine Esquire, talented portrait painter but an aggressive hair. Respectively interpreted by Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys, the two protagonists will oppose their vision of the world in a film intelligently staged. The soundtrack brings an extra touch of magic and marvelously accompanies the talent of the actors. Tom Hanks impressively draws attention and manages his character admirably well, both gentle and hypnotic. The extraordinary Mr. Rogers overflows with humanity, questions about the concepts of education, family and subtly deals with parenthood as a second youth, a new beginning. The feature film stands out as a perfect film to stay confined and take a deep breath. A great surprise.

>> Available on Canal VOD, Orange and FILMOTV from € 3.99

Selah and the Spades , a drama by Tayarisha Poe, 1h37

In Haldwell’s private boarding school, five factions unofficially rule the lives of students. Selah Summers heads one of them, the Spades, which specializes in the distribution of drugs. In the final year, she seeks an heiress to her throne. His gaze then rests on the news, Paloma. For her first feature film, the young director Tayarisha Poe is interested in adolescent life under parental, educational, sexual and sentimental pressure with a staging close to Spike Lee on certain aspects. The music of Aska Matsumiya is aptly integrated to give body to these many contemplative scenes, a little treat for the eyes and ears. But it would be unfair to forget the two main actresses, Lovie Simone and Celeste O’Connor, absolutely dazzling in their interpretation when they get the message across with a glance, a movement. Awarded at the Blackstar Film Festival and Palm Springs International Film Festival, Selah and the Spades is the ideal gateway to discover these great artists of tomorrow.

>> Available on Amazon Prime Video

Forward , a fantastic film by Dan Scanlon, 1h40

Two elven brothers set off with lost hearts and souls in an extraordinary quest with a twofold objective: to try to revive for twenty-four hours a father they have almost never known, while looking for the remains of the magic of yesteryear in their world numbed by progress. Touching fable about siblings and the mourning of a loved one, Forward is a perfectly successful modern fairy tale, despite a little intentional final frustration, which will make the viewer think long after the credits.

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>> Available on Canal VOD from 11.99 euros

The photograph , a drama by Ritesh Batra, 1h50

Rafi makes a very bad living by taking photos of tourists in Bombay. In the evening, he finds a group of friends with whom he cohabits. At the age of 30, he lives like a teenage boy, single, carefree and melancholy: in fact, he bears the weight of a family debt that he has to repay. One day, he photographs a pretty lonely young girl who suddenly disappears without recovering her portrait. Unfortunately this remark, buried in silent and hesitant characters, disseminated in the group’s rough movements, loses all vigor. The indecision of the scenario seems to win the staging, uncertain: too many approximations and languor make this Photographer blurry.

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>> Available on Canal VOD, FILMOTV and Orange from 4.99 euros

The Willoughby family , an animated film by Krys Pearn and Cory Evans, 1h32

One thing is certain, Netflix can do animation. After the fantastic Klaus, the digital platform strikes hard with a film with crazy and energized energy. The animation, using both exquisite 3D and intelligently worked 2D, is always fluid, readable and above all, beautiful. Inspired by Lois Lowry’s novel published in 2008 and entitled The Willoughbys: abominably written and ignominiously illustrated by the author, the scouring humor of the story and the narration effectively punctuates the story of these four children abandoned by their parents. If the theme of child abuse may seem heavy, The Willoughy family never fall into pathos. Finally, if the original version can count on a large cast with the delicious voice of Alessia Cara, Ricky Gervais, Martin Short or Terry Crews, the Figaro advise you on the exquisite French version with Damien Ferrette (French voice of DiCaprio), Kelly Marrot (Jennifer Lawrence), Christophe Lemoine (Sean Austin) and the great Thierry Desroses (Samuel L. Jackson).

>> Available on Netflix


Death of Annette Blier, love at first sight by Bernard Blier

She said of Bernard Blier: “He hit on me with pranks, stuff of his own. And one day he made me wear flowers. ” Annette Blier, the second wife of the great actor, died Tuesday April 21 at the age of 84 in Pontarlier, in the Doubs, where she met him in 1961 during the shooting of a film directed by Georges Lautner. According to the regional press, she died from the coronavirus, information which was neither confirmed by the nursing home where she lived, nor by the hospital where she died.

Born in 1936 in Pontarlier, Annette Martin, who was the daughter of the hotelier couple who housed the whole troupe of actors and technicians from Seventh Juror, Georges Lautner’s favorite film, had therefore crossed paths with Bernard Blier in 1961. A real love at first sight struck the two lovebirds.

“One day, Bernard made me carry flowers. There, I understood that I interested him. The most fascinating thing about this affair is that during the day, he played a prominent provincial murderer and rapist, and in the evening, he was able to regain his humor. “

Annette Blier, about her husband, Bernard

Every day, the actor will make an assiduous court, full of charm and good words to the chosen one of his heart. In 2016, the one who would become the second Madame Blier in 1965, always remembered with emotion these first moments of happiness: “And then one day, Bernard made me wear flowers. There, I understood that I interested him. The most fascinating thing about this affair is that during the day, he played a prominent provincial murderer and rapist, and in the evening, he was able to regain his humor. ”

A few weeks before his disappearance on March 29, 1989, at the age of 73, Michel Serrault had given him an Honorary Cesar, for all of his work. Bernard Blier gave his name to the Pontarlier theater, renamed in his homage in 1997. The actor’s first wife was Gisèle Brunet, died in 1991, with whom he had had two children, a daughter, Brigitte, and a boy, director and writer Bertrand Blier.

Bernard Blier, a gifted acrobat

Born in 1916 in Buenos Aires, Bernard Blier, for fifty years in tragedies or comedies, was chosen by the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century who knew the immensity of his talent.
In France, we see it, from 1938, in the mythical Hotel du Nord by Marcel Carné. Twenty years later, he embodies the inflexible inspector Javert in the adaptation of Miserable of Victor Hugo by Jean-Paul Le Chanois. He faces his great friend Jean Gabin, who plays the convict Jean Valjean. He will find it very quickly in Large Families by Denys de La Patellière. At the time, Blier liked to compose cynical, cowardly or cuckold characters without worrying at all about the world of his image.

»See also -” Le Bruit Des Glaçons “- the trailer for the film by Bertrand Blier released in 2010

The great Italian cinema has also known how to use the wide range of its stage play. Blier replies to Vittorio Gassman and Alberto Sordi in The Great War by Mario Monicelli in 1959. Luchino Visconti directs him in The Stranger ((Lo straniero), inspired by the novel by Albert Camus. The distribution is phenomenal: Marcello Mastroianni, Anna Karina, Georges Wilson …

In Cold buffet, in 1979, the director Bertrand Blier, his son, made him cross swords with the sacred monster of French cinema at the end of the 20th century, Gérard Depardieu. A few years later, our national Gégé will offer him as praise these words from Audiard found in an antique book: “Bernard Blier is very intelligent. You will see that it does not bother him so much to play. On the contrary.”

Nor could he not play with Coluche. It was Dino Risi, another talented Italian filmmaker, who gathered them on the set of War Crazy. A role which proved once again that Bernard Blier, gifted actor, could play everything.

The Seventh Juror by Georges Lautner, released in 1962 in France, after the novel by Francis Didelot, with Bernard Blier, Danièle Delorme, Jacques Monod …


“A golden man, a very great actor, a great friend” … French cinema bereaved by the disappearance of Philippe Nahon

The filmmakers of the 90s tore it off. The disappearance of the actor Philippe Nahon, Sunday April 19 at the age of 82, caused great emotion in the middle of the seventh art. Mathieu Kassovitz, Alexandre Astier, and even Léa Drucker all wanted to greet their colleague and friend for the last time, who died of “long illness, aggravated by Covid-19 infection “, his wife told AFP.

The poignant tribute of Gaspar Noé

Particularly affected by the death of the actor, main character in his films Carne and Alone against all, director Gaspar Noé split from a long platform in Release . “Philippe my great friend, I just learned that you died”, he begins. While France now has more than 19,000 deaths linked to the coronavirus, the Argentinian filmmaker deplores that the name of Philippe Nahon “Adds to this long list which continues to grow”. “We are like in a dream, repetitive, in which we believe without really believing it.”

I wanted a Gaul, direct and sentimental. I saw a photo of you and the love at first sight was immediate

Gaspar Noé, director

The director of Love then goes back on their meeting, thirty years ago, when he was looking for an actor to play in his first short film Carne. “I wanted a Gaul, direct and sentimental. I saw a photo of you and the love at first sight was immediate ”, he remembers. The filmmaker is won over by Philippe Nahon’s interpretation: “You brought so much grace to this character who, by his actions and his thoughts, was your antithesis, that after this first forfeit, […] I wanted only one thing: to continue the same story with you ”. Si although they will put back the cover seven years later with Alone against all, a feature film this time.

Ah, Philippe, what did we have fun! Friendship exists. You were right

Gaspar Noé, director

“Remained united all these years”, the two men find themselves in Irreversible, whose first shots open on Philippe Nahon. In recent months, Gaspar Noé had the project to realize “An epilogue to the life of our butcher”. He will be prevented by the sudden disappearance of his friend. “I hope your last moments were sweet. […] I will not be able to cry with your loved ones. For now, everyone will mourn, alone and as they can ”, he regrets.

“The men are leaving, but hopefully some of their traces remain. Your voice will no longer warm us but its echoes will always resonate in me. Ah, Philippe, what did we have fun! Friendship exists. You were right “, concludes his moving tribute.

The actor of a generation of enthusiasts

This “mouth” of French cinema has marked many directors. At Mathieu Kassovitz, he plays in Hatred and The Crimson Rivers, today references. The filmmaker praised this “actor of cinema lovers and an outstanding actor

Fabrice du Welz, he discovers the actor in the medium-length film Carne by Gaspar Noé in 1991. And never fully recovered. Thirteen years later, Philippe Nahon plays for him in his cult Calvary. “You were the actor of a generation and you were a golden man“, Punctuates the filmmaker.

In Alone against all and even Carne, Léa Drucker says to herself “impressed“By the acting of Philippe Nahon. In 2005, she will have the opportunity to meet and discover a “very great actor and a lovely partner” in the movie Virgil by Mabrouk El Mechri. Gustave Kervern, the director of Mammoth (2010), remembers an actor and a person very different from the others. “There weren’t many like him. Whether on screen or in life. An exception.

A special case which, despite some disturbing roles, could also reveal great comic potential. It was the case in the series Kaamelott, in which he interpreted the unforgettable Goustan. Father of Léodagan and former king of Carmelide, Goustan is a cruel and bloodthirsty being, always quick to go to war. A role written to perfection by Alexandre Astier who mourns his passing today. “Damn, how sad …


Netflix announces its catalog with (almost) all of François Truffaut’s films

He had an ambitious vision of the seventh art: “To be successful, a film must simultaneously express an idea of ​​the world and an idea of ​​cinema.” The gesture of François Truffaut, venomous critic in his early years, then prince of the New Wave and filmmaker inspired by The American night and Last Metro, becomes one of the spearheads of the American platform Netflix. A curious marriage.

Friday, April 24, the streaming giant will therefore kick off a new policy which is now more open to the dissemination of works by cinema masters. In partnership with the distributor MK2, which has a rich catalog of classic works, Netflix chose the anthology films of François Truffaut to inaugurate this program which should delight the most demanding moviegoers.

See again The four hundred Blows, Jules and Jim, The Last Metro

In the twelve films made available on the platform, Truffaut lovers will be able to see and certainly review almost all of his most important feature films. The four hundred Blows, of course, which retraces in a romanticized manner his childhood and adolescence in Paris in the 1950s. But also, the iconoclast Jules and Jim inspired as he liked to repeat “Of the most beautiful novelHe knew.

François Truffaut, filmmaker who loved women, defined cinema as follows: “Make pretty women do pretty things.” The anthology of Netflix shows how much he knew throughout his career to follow this beautiful idea. Subscribers to the platform will be able to review the indefinable charm of Françoise Dorléac (Soft skin), the frozen beauty of Catherine Deneuve (The Last Metro), the hieratic seduction of Fanny Ardant (The woman next door), the touching innocence of Claude Jade (Stolen kisses) and the disturbing face of Julie Christie (Fahrenheit 451).

The music and songs of François Truffaut’s films also play a large part in his genius as a filmmaker. In Shoot the Pianist, the singer was pitched by Boby Lapointe and the bar pianist by Charles Aznavour. In Jules and Jim, The vortex of life was hummed by Jeanne Moreau. Lyrics and films, soon to be broadcast on Netflix to the delight of cinema lovers. “We got to know each other, we recognized each other, we lost sight of each other, we lost each other …

The partnership concluded between Netflix and MK2 relates to a catalog of 50 films made by François Truffaut therefore, but also Charlie Chaplin, Alain Resnais, David Lynch, Emir Kusturica, Jacques Demy, Michael Haneke, Xavier Hanan, Xavier Dolan, Steve McQueen or even Krzysztof Kieslowski.

We are very happy that Netflix is ​​strengthening its hold on heritage cinema and major international authors with this agreement. The role of MK2 through its catalog of more than 800 titles representing part of the world history of cinema is to contribute to the transmission of this universal heritage of cinema and to constantly discover these films to the greatest number, including the most youth. This broadcasting agreement is good news for all French people who love cinema and its history.», Welcomed Nathanaël Karmitz, Chairman of the MK2 Management Board.

For her part, Sara May, director of acquisitions and co-productions for France and Italy at Netflix is ​​delighted to offer a share of the heritage of the seventh art, with “universal reach

The vortex of life sung by Jeanne Moreau, the film’s song Jules and Jim by François Truffaut:


“They didn’t think I would spend the week”

“All of the caregivers, I mean all, have been great!” Mylène Demongeot, who has just spent a month in the hospital devastated by the coronavirus and who came out cured just a few days ago, does not budge: it is the dedication of the nurses, the doctors and all those who stayed at his bedside at the Laval hospital which allowed him to defeat the virus.

Now recuperating in her house near Château-Gontier in Mayenne, she rests with only one idea in mind: to finish shooting the film MDR where she will meet Kev Adams and Gérard Depardieu. Still as determined but still tired, she tells the Figaro “the miracle of his healing”.

LE FIGARO. – When did you realize that you had contracted the coronavirus?

MYLÈNE DEMONGEOT. – Just a few days after the start of confinement. In fact, at the beginning of March, I was happy. I had conquered my cancer and I started again on the hats of wheels with the turning of a film of Gilou with Kev Adams and Gérard Depardieu. It is a sign, certainly: this comedy is entitled MDR like laughing and retirement home. And then the confinement stopped everything. I left Paris to isolate myself in my house in Mayenne. It is true that I felt tired but I regularly took my temperature … with a thermometer that did not work. Fortunately, my assistant Sandra lent me hers. I actually had 40 ° fever. We called 15 right away. They asked me a battery of questions and soon decided to hospitalize me.

To be honest, they didn’t think I would be spending the week. In fact, it’s miraculous

Mylène Demongeot

How were you treated at the Laval hospital?

They took great care of me and, I must say, anonymously. At first, in an emergency, they treated Marie-Hélène Demongeot, a typical patient like the others. At first, they did not hide from me that my condition was severe. To be honest, they didn’t think I would be spending the week. In fact, it is miraculous.

It’s difficult because I was exhausted. But I repeat, the selflessness of all those who care performs miracles. There were four of them, day and night, watching over me, feeding me, washing me. This gift of self awakens your last strengths. All of this helps you to survive, to live. They also gave me chloroquine because they consider Professor Raoult to be an authority. I must admit that I also thought of my friend the great psychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik. His concept of resilience lived in me and still lives in me.

The Witches of Salem by Raymond Rouleau in 1957, script and dialogue by Jean-Paul Sartre, adapted from the play by Arthur Miller The Crucible , with Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, Mylène Demongeot …


Death at 82 of Philippe Nahon, unforgettable mouth of French cinema

Philippe Nahon had a thick voice and a hell of a punch, pierced with a disturbing blue look. After starting in the 60s with Jean-Pierre Melville, in The Doulos where he plays the accomplice of Serge Reggiani, this former Parisian titi burns the boards playing Brecht or Shakespeare.

Soon, he became one of the big supporting roles in cinema and television, which tore his physique from a boxer. At the turn of the 1990s, his career took on another dimension. He becomes the darling of generation filmmakers. Gaspar Noé first of all which gives him an unforgettable role of butcher in Alone against all. A dirty guy whose apron he puts on with formidable realism.

We will then find him at Mathieu Kassovitz’s Hatred, where he embodies an atrabilaire police chief. Before appearing in The Pact of the Wolves by Christophe Gans (The Pact of the Wolves), Calvary by Fabrice du Welz, High tension by Alexandre Aja and even in front of the camera of Luc Besson, Jacques Audiard or Steven Spielberg (in War Horse).

“While being extremely straight, he could play twisted and complicated roles and make them endearing”, still remembers Gaspar Noé, for whom “Working with him was like going on vacation with a friend”.

Mathieu Kassovitz greeted “The actor of cinema lovers and an outstanding actor”. Albert Dupontel, who had played with him in Irreversible (by Gaspar Noé), “a rare actor, of an extraordinary sensitivity and sincerity (…) gone into the infinite, his true dimension

Accustomed to the roles of bastards and bandits, he could also reveal a beautiful comic potential. This was particularly the case in the series Kaamelott, in which he interpreted the unforgettable Goustan. Father of Léodagan and former king of Carmelide, Goustan is a cruel and bloodthirsty being, always quick to go to war. We do not remake ourselves … With age, this bellicose attitude changes into a tendency to verbally insult his interlocutors.

Mathieu Kassovitz praised “the comedian of cinema lovers and an outstanding actor”, Albert Dupontel, who had played with him in “Irréversible”, “a rare actor, of an extraordinary sensitivity and sincerity (. ..) gone into infinity, its true dimension “. “He became the actor of a generation and I am happy to have crossed his path”, remembered the Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz, who had directed him in “Calvaire” (2004).

After the announcement of his death by our colleagues from Release , the director of Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier, confirmed on his Twitter account, the disappearance of the actor. ” I learn with great sorrow the disappearance of Philippe Nahon. All my thoughts to hers. Damn, how sad … “He wrote, without giving more details on the circumstances of his death, this Sunday, April 19.

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