Coca-Cola presents the first prototype of a 100% recyclable paper bottle

Coca-Cola has presented this Wednesday the progress made in its first prototype of a paper bottle, in which it carries working for a year with the startup Paboco, in a video in which the packaging can be seen at its R&D center in Brussels. “Our vision is to create a paper bottle that can be recycled like any other type of paper and this prototype represents the first step on the road to achieving it. This bottle prototype opens up a new world of packaging possibilities for us and we are convinced that paper packaging will have a prominent place in the future, “explains Stijn Franssen, EMEA R&D Packaging Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola, who currently works in the project.

The development of the first generation of the paper bottle prototype was launched in October 2019 when Coca-Cola became part of the The Paper Bottle Company, Paboco community, which also includes other brands such as Carlsberg, L’ORÉAL and The Absolut Company Pernod Ricard. This company was created by the developer of paper packaging Billerud Korsnäs and the specialist in manufacturing of bottles Alpla.

With the advances in its first paper bottle prototype, Coca-Cola reaffirms its commitment to ecodesign as one of the keys to achieving ‘A World Without Waste’. In order to continue introducing recycled material and innovating its packaging, in 2019 it invested 180 million euros in innovation and ecodesign projects, within its sustainability strategy for Western Europe ‘We move forward’.

The path to realizing the company’s vision for the paper bottle is in full swing and this first-generation prototype features a closure and a thin 100% recyclable plastic liner. In the words of Franssen himself: “Our vision is to create an entirely paper bottle that can be recycled along with any other paper. The next step on our way is to find a way to create a bottle without the plastic liner. “.

Just like any type of packaging, a paper bottle for the future must adhere to the same high safety and quality standards for food packaging that are currently in effect. Franssen and his team are subjecting the prototype bottle to extensive laboratory testing to verify its performance in the fridge, its strength and its ability to protect the beverage inside.

“We think a lot about how our consumers will react to this paper bottle. Details such as when and where it could be sold or how it could be recycled are being valued in the design process. The bottle must be analyzed from every angle to make sure it is the best possible bottle, “says Franssen.

Both he and his team are optimistic about future technological solutions that will help realize the vision of a paper bottle that can be recycled along with any paper or cardboard and that can be used in the packaging of the wide range of beverages in the portfolio of Coke. “This is all part of a journey to find the most sustainable packaging solutions for people who enjoy our beverages in a way that feels good to them and to our planet, “concludes Franssen.


They launched Correo Compras: there are already more than a thousand products and free shipping the first month

At the head of the presentation of ‘Correo Compras’ at the Kirchner Cultural Center, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero affirmed this Friday that “the solution of Argentine problems is based on production and employment”.

Together with the Minister of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas, and the president of Argentine Mail, Vanesa Piesciorovski, Cafiero formally presented the portal, what offers a comprehensive solution to “buy products in an easy, fast and secure way, at lower costs than those on the market and with delivery service throughout the country”, as reported.

For the president of Correo Argentino, “with this new platform we seek to bring the entire country closer together in a single click. We are going to build the mail of the future, to keep up with technological changes and respond more and better to the needs of each and every Argentine”.

“The platform will have all the benefits that the national government incorporates for the promotion of internal consumption: we will begin with the Now 18, Now 12 and Now 6 program,” said Piesciorovski.

Kulfas, for his part, stressed that “We are convinced that SMEs, cooperatives, producers, are the great productive heart of Argentina and that they form a network together with the country’s large companies”.

The head of the Productive Development portfolio emphasized in this regard that one of the benefits of the initiative is its federal nature, “because it ensures that Every Argentine, no matter where they are born, has access to the same quality, quantity and diversity of goods and services they need and at the right prices“.

At the closing of the act, Cafiero said that the National Government seeks to “generate greater connectivity and greater federalization in public policy and throughout the national territory,” and added: “There is no more place here for these dichotomies of companies or state They are fights that are part of the past. There is no state without entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and without a state”.

The Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers also stressed that The Government “works for everyone because the solution to Argentine problems is based on production and employment”.


Luna: Colombian architect created the first habitat outside the Earth – Other Cities – Colombia

One of the most ambitious projects in recent times is in the hands of a young Quindian architect.

Julián Andrés Ocampo Salazar is in charge of designing an environment or habitat where humans can live, but outside of planet Earth, either on the Moon or on Mars.

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This would be the first permanent construction to take place outside of Earth. The project directed by Ocampo is called Olympus and is executed in partnership between the architectural design companies BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), ICON and NASA.

Olympus construction would begin in several years Well, initially, the necessary infrastructure must be built and some technologies developed to start making the first habitat.

Nonetheless, Olympus’ schedule aligned with other projects such as Artemis, a manned spaceflight program led by NASA and some spaceflight companies from the US and international allies such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Australian Space Agency (ASA). Artemis seeks to re-explore the Moon after half a century of the Apollo 11 mission and to bring the first woman and the next man to this natural satellite by 2024.

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“We are part of that and the idea is that with our habitat we can give support to the missions of Artemis,” said Ocampo.

With projects like Artemis and Olympus, the long-term goal is to establish a permanent presence on the Moon and on Mars, and send humans in the next decade.

To design this project, Ocampo took into account the environment on the lunar surface that is ‘uninhabitable for human beings’ for various reasons, such as the low gravity on the satellite which is only one sixth of that on Earth, or the temperature, which can vary between 123 degrees Celsius during the lunar day to -247 degrees Celsius during the lunar night, in addition to the fact that there is no atmosphere on the satellite that helps reduce solar gases.

“The surface of the Moon is in a complete vacuum, so the walls must be able to maintain an internal pressure that resembles the pressure of the Earth’s atmosphere. On the moon there are earthquakes that, although they may be less intense than on Earth, are of longer duration, about 3 or 5 hours. Meteorites or micrometeorites also fall, so a specific thickness is needed. In addition, radiation is one of the factors that most affect the size of the walls, ”explained the 35-year-old architect.

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So, to counteract the radiation on the Moon, the habitat will have to be built with walls about two meters thick. “On the moon, radiation is approximately 100 times more intense than on Earth, that is, the walls need to be at least two meters long to reduce radiation to normal levels for a human habitat,” he said. .

The purpose is to use the materials found on the Moon to build this first habitat for humans. Hence, 3D printers developed by the ICON company will be sent, and with them, “lunar dust could be collected and turned into a malleable substance like concrete that can be 3D printed,” explained Ocampo.

He added that “if the materials were sent from Earth it would be economically unfeasible due to the cost of fuel. “Just carrying a kilogram of material would be worth about $ 3,600 and the walls are 2 meters wide each, it would be impossible. What we are looking for is to use the elements that are on the moon ”, he added.

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The young Quindiano is part of BIG, an architectural design office based in various cities including London, Barcelona, ​​New York and Copenhagen. And for this specific project, BIG has as a strategic ally ICON, a company that develops automated construction technologies, “such as high-end 3D printers that can print a house, it is the first company in the United States to receive a construction permit for a house with a 3D printer ”, he said.

After water reservoirs were found at the north and south poles of the Moon in 2009, “human beings can stay permanently without the need to carry water from Earth. The Moon can become a landing point and Olympus becomes not only a place where we will do studies but also a springboard to the rest of the Universe. It is the logical step for the exploration of the universe ”, added Ocampo.

Building the first permanent habitat on the Moon will take time like major infrastructure projects on Earth.

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“The largest cathedrals in the world have been built in many, many years and to build a habitat on the Moon will take a long time, so what we have done is organize the calendar of our project with Artemis. In 2024 they plan to send people to the Moon and begin the recognition and study of the lunar surface in order to begin the habitat construction program, “said the Colombian.



BBVA, the first bank to include payment security in a single application | Companies

BBVA has become the first Spanish financial institution to massively deploy the new verification process for electronic transactions included in the European payment regulations (PSD2) among its customers, which requires double authentication of the customer in online purchases , as explained by the entity. This new payment system does not require the customer to download a new mobile application, since the purchase can be validated from the private space of the BBVA website or app.

The new authentication process in e-commerce purchases has been tested by more than 80,000 users – employees, retirees and their families – since last August. Last week, one million BBVA customers joined the system and it is expected that its use will become general in the autumn to all the bank’s customers in Spain.

In August, BBVA clients carried out 4 million transactions through electronic commerce, 14% more than in 2019. Security when carrying out these transactions is essential for the bank, which has become the first to place launched its new solution in the authorization of electronic payments.

To avoid fraud in electronic commerce, it has become one of the keys to reinforcing consumer confidence in purchases through non-contact channels. In this sense, the bank never asks for a customer’s personal passwords via email or SMS, nor does it ask them to access a link to request data or information.

With the new step, the group also intends to reinforce the security of payments through the internet. One of the issues that the regulation puts on the table is strong customer authentication, known as SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). In other words, every time a customer makes a purchase through electronic commerce, the entity will verify the identity of the buyer through two of the following three factors: something that only the customer knows, for example the password; something that only the customer has, for example their mobile phone; something that only the customer is, for example his fingerprint.

In the case of BBVA, when the customer makes a purchase in any electronic commerce, the system will ask him to verify the operation in the private part of the BBVA app or website. Then, you must authorize the purchase in electronic commerce with the key that you receive. This regulation will therefore oblige us to add another step to any electronic purchase, a time that the customer will be rewarded for the greater security of the transaction.


England media analyze James’ first presentation with Everton – International Soccer – Sports

The arrival of James Rodriguez al Everton has generated great expectation in the English press, who followed the performance of the midfielder step by step in his first game on english soccer.

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The Times newspaper made a great report on the performance of the Colombian footballer in his debut with Everton in this Sunday’s 0-1 victory over Tottenham, ensuring that the midfielder that stood out in the 2014 World Cup was seen again. , in which he ended up being the scorer.

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“There’s a new playmaker in town. Maybe the Premier League lost Silva (David) this summer, but has won a Golden Shoe. It is still hard to believe that the player in Everton’s number 19 jersey, who shares flank with Seamus Coleman and Abdouyale Doucuré, be the same as the warrior who dazzled us at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Six years later, the cherubic face of James Rodríguez has not aged, although his career has remained in a perpetual stage doubt. Trapped in the periphery of Real Madrid and the Bayern Munich, without possibilities of realization and maturation, had become the Peter Pan of football. No player wants to spend the best years of his career at Neverland, “begins a post that highlights the importance of James as a player.

In addition, he talks about the importance that Everton gives to James and that dream reunion with the coach Carlo Ancelotti, who has always trusted the Colombian and has empowered him to have a great performance.

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Everton it offered a new beginning and a reunion with an old face. Carlo Ancelotti is a particularly skilled coach on the fine lines of the ego of Super stars who drives, and the coach who has always considered Rodríguez a talisman. At Real Madrid it inspired him to his best season, and at Bayern Munich, his paths had crossed too quickly. Now it has presented him with a new opportunity to rekindle a career that had been dormant for too long, ”the publication adds.

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BBVA injects anti-Covid liquidity to the owner of the Bahía Principe hotels | Companies

The ICO-shielded liquidity circles are working. The public bank has guaranteed a total of 791,675 operations for an amount of 75,140 million euros, according to the latest data available as of August 31. And BBVA has decided to innovate while supporting the Spanish tourism sector. The financial entity has signed three bilateral financings with the ICO shield for Levantur, Grupo Piñero’s parent company, owner of the Bahía Príncipe hotel chain, according to financial sources. The novelty is that the credits are sustainable.

The tourism company will cover its liquidity and working capital needs with this money to face the impact of Covid-19. Headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Levantur is a small giant in the sector, with consolidated sales of 819 million euros and an attributable profit of 103 million in 2018, the latest available according to Insight View records.

Like the entire sector, it has been affected by Covid and part of its activity has been paralyzed. The group has 27 hotels, four golf courses, the tour operator Soltour and several other firms that support the tourism sector. “It is positioned in the Dominican Republic, Riviera Maya and Jamaica as the Spanish hotel chain of reference for tourism from the United States, Canada and Europe, through its Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts brand,” says the company.

BBVA has granted two tranches of financing and has renewed its credit line with the ICO shield. The novelty is that the conditions will vary depending on the evolution of the rating in terms of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors of the company, a measurement that will be carried out by the rating agency Vigeo Eiris . It is the first sustainable loan with the ICO.

Jose Ramón Vizmanos, head of Global Client Coverage at BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking, explains that “during the Covid-19 crisis, BBVA’s role has been and continues to be one of total support and closeness to the travel and tourism sector”. “This sector has been particularly affected due to restrictions on mobility and the general closure of the hotel plant and the bank has offered solutions aimed at guaranteeing the solvency of companies, with the aim of making it a crisis limited in time” he points out.


Reopening: On September 19, the first international flight to Cartagena lands – Other Cities – Colombia

Coming from Fort Lauderdale (USA), the first international flight will arrive in Cartagena on September 19 amid the pandemic.

This was confirmed by the management of the Sociedad Aeroportuaria de la Costa, Sacsa, which operates the Rafael Núñez de Cartagena International Airport.

“We are waiting for the definitive information from the National Government on the biosecurity protocols, but we are ready. We already had a visit from Migración Colombia and some recommendations were received that are already being followed, ”said María Claudia Gedeón, manager of Sacsa.

The first international flight will be with Spirit Airlines, and the Civil Aeronautics authorizations are already in place.

With this itinerary, the borders of a city whose main asset is international tourism are opened.

“We open with the US with the Fort Lauderdale – Cartagena flight. And on September 24, we continued with the American flight and the Miami – Cartagena route. In October, the JetBlue airline would arrive from the cities of Fort Lauderdale and New York: We will also have Copa that will fly from Panama ”, added Gideon.

The official assured that international operations will be gradual. At the end of October the airline KLM will also return.

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Travelers could require rapid coronavirus tests

We hope that the Government will define for us whether rapid coronavirus tests will be required from travelers”, Said the official.

This week it was known that a passenger who arrived in Cartagena on the 2nd of this month, from Bogotá, and who passed all the screening controls at the Rafael Núñez airport, died hours later due to coronavirus.

The 41-year-old man became the first traveler to die from covid-19 in Cartagena after the opening of all sectors on September 1, in the so-called ‘new normal’.

Once in Cartagena, this person presented the symptoms of covid-19, testing positive after the antigen test. The man was later reported to have passed away.

That is why the air terminal could require rapid coronavirus tests from travelers, but the last word is the National Government.

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We hope that the Government will define for us whether rapid coronavirus tests will be required from travelers

Sacsa continues to operate the Airport for the remainder of the year

The Rafael Núñez International Airport has mobilized 7,885 passengers between September 1 and 6, 2020, in the midst of the new normal.

A total of 4,145 arrived in Cartagena and 3,740 left for the five destinations authorized so far by Civil Aeronautics.

Travelers arrive in the city from Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Bucaramanga and Pereira, on flights operated by Avianca, Viva Air, Latam and Wingo. This number also includes humanitarian flight passengers who have flown to Fort Lauderdale and Amsterdam via Spirit Airlines and KLM respectively. An average of 14 operations per day are carried out successfully

The operations of the Sociedad Aeroportuaria de Costa, Sacsa, at the Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena ended on September 25, but the National Infrastructure Agency extended the operation of the air terminal for two more months.

“Sacsa has been given two more months in which we are reviewing all the losses left by the covid and it will be given time to recover. Once the operation is finished, we hope that the APP will begin as soon as possible for 8 years ”, María Claudia Gedeón.

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Maite, Movistar’s virtual legal assistant, already has her first client

“Maite was born to help people know their rights, to make the world more just. Maite will work alongside the lawyer to provide her legal services to end users. Maite will be in charge of performing routine legal tasks and answering simple inquiries. We are very happy because we offer the market what we use at Telefónica ”, he explains Juan Manuel Haddad, manager of regulation and competencies of Telefónica Argentina, on the beginnings of digitization at Telefónica.

The virtual legal assistant Maite is a reference in Latin America in LegalTech developments and it is a unique case that a legal department sells its internal developments.

“Maite, which incorporates sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, is a key tool for us, because first we are internal users of Maite for our legal investigations and to be able to provide quick responses to clients, and secondly as a service provider unit in the form autonomous to specific customers. A product like Maite does not exist in Paraguay. Being the “champion” is always a great advantage in a market, and especially in a small market like ours (compared to economies like Argentina, Brazil or Chile) “, he commented Diego Cuevas, from LinkLex.

Telefónica is leading the LegaltTech ecosystem in Argentina, being a reference in the implementation and dissemination of different legal innovation projects. Today, the company has digitized the response to the 7,000 court requests it receives monthly – going from a process of eleven steps to one of two – helping to speed up judicial investigations throughout the country.


Coronavirus: University of Hong Kong confirms first case of covid-19 reinfection in the world – Health

A man became infected with the new coronavirus after having the covid-19 disease last April, in what scientists consider to be the first documented case in which reinfection was proven.

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According to a scientific article accepted for publication in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, researchers from the department of microbiology at the University of Hong Kong confirmed that the second Sars-CoV-2 infection of this 33-year-old individual was detected through an airport control in Asia after returning from Europe.

To confirm this, the scientists used genomic sequence analysis in which they confirmed that reinfection was the result of a strain other than the initial infection.

According to the study, it is an information technology worker who you did not develop any symptoms in your second infection, so it follows that “any subsequent infection could be milder.”

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“Our findings suggest that Sars-CoV-2 may persist in humans,” said Kwok-Yung Yuen, one of the researchers, of the paper that is in the process of being published.

What was revealed agrees with the information that was known about the coronaviruses that cause the common cold, in the sense that by continuing to circulate they allow Sars-CoV-2, which is from the same family, to have the same behavior.

“This would happen even if patients have acquired immunity through natural infection or through vaccination.”Yuen added.

It is worth mentioning that although some patients have previously tested positive for the virus weeks after ending symptoms, scientists have not fully understood whether these cases are persistence of remains of the virus or the result of a second infection.

In a statement to the press agencies, researchers from the University of Hong Kong assure that this “It is the first documentation in the world of a patient who recovered from covid-19 and was re-infected with Sars-CoV-2 some time later.”

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Around the world, almost 24 million people have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus, and most of them, according to other research, develop a defense response to the infection. However, how strong and long-lasting this immunity is is not yet determined.

For now, according to the same researchers, more studies are needed to track more of these types of reinfection cases to determine the quality and durability
of the neutralizing antibodies produced by the recovered Sars-CoV-2 patients.

Until now it had also been said that recovered patients had a level of defense that decreased after a few months.

An article published in Cell delved into the topic and found that specific memory (defense) T cells against Sars-CoV-2 are likely are definitive for long-term immune protection against this virus.

The study systematically mapped the functional and genetic characteristics of the responses of these T cells stimulated by Sars-CoV-2 in unexposed individuals, relatives of those exposed and in covid-19 positive people in acute and convalescent stages.

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According to the findings, these specific cells in the acute phase of the infection showed cytotoxic characteristics (aggressive against the virus) highly activated, which were associated with several clinical markers of disease severity. Meanwhile, the cells specific against Sars-CoV-2 in the convalescent stage were polyfunctional (against various agents) and showed genetic characteristics similar to normal cells.

The article highlights that specific cells against Sars-CoV-2 were also detected in exposed relatives, with which it can be concluded that the data collected shows that Sars-CoV-2 provokes memory cell defense responses “Robust, spacious and highly functional, suggesting that natural exposure to infection can prevent recurrent severe covid-19 episodes.”

The article of Cell would explain why the second covid-19 attack in the Hong Kong patient was less severe and asymptomatic. However, in the face of this, all researchers agree that More studies are needed to draw conclusions that for now point to a probable immunity against covid-19.

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