Rebound in Asian equities, the Fed places infinite QE against economic reality

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Asian equities rebounded sharply on Tuesday as the US Federal Reserve’s promise of bottomless dollar funding eased painful tensions in the financial markets, although it could not mitigate the immediate economic blow of the coronavirus. PHOTO FILE: a currency trader works in front of electronic cards showing the composite stock price index […]

Markets rebound as politicians further increase liquidity

WASHINGTON / LONDON (Reuters) – European and American equities rebounded Thursday, stopping further declines as a sign of further steps to increase liquidity from the U.S. Federal Reserve and other central banks that temporarily calmed markets that still fear a coronavirus-induced slowdown. The most recent move by the Fed to reduce risk and ease tight […]

Dollar rules; The stimulus from the ECB increases ties

LONDON / SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The dollar rose on Thursday when extraordinary steps by central banks around the world to cope with a coronavirus-induced financial route had mixed success. The dollar has gained against the British pound GBP = D3 at its peak since 1985, lasting 0.8% at $ 1.1535, while investors have rushed to […]

Money is king because the emergency stimulus cannot stop the market panic

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The dollar rose and everything else was blown away on Thursday as central bank emergency measures in Europe, the United States and Australia failed to stop a new wave of panic sales. FILE PHOTO: Pedestrians wearing face masks look at an electrical panel showing the Japanese Nikkei and Nasdaq US stock averages […]

Global stocks collapse when investors flee the risk of coronavirus fears

TOKYO (Reuters) – Global stock futures and Asian equities slumped in unstable trade on Wednesday as concerns about the coronavirus pandemic eclipsed hopes that broad political support could combat the economic consequences of the outbreak. Most traditional safe haven activities were also under pressure as battered investors sought to dissolve their damaged positions, leading to […]

Oil drops below $ 30 a barrel as coronavirus spreads, OPEC’s grudge remains high

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Oil prices fell below $ 30 a barrel on Monday after the global coronavirus epidemic worsened over the weekend, compounding fears that government blockades to contain the spread of the disease will trigger a recession. global. FILE PHOTO: an oil pump is seen immediately after sunset outside Saint-Fiacre, near Paris, France, […]

The stimulus hopes to recover stocks from the abyss

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Shares plummeted on Friday with a coronavirus panic that hit nearly all asset classes, before finding some sort of plan as hopes turned into a U.S. stimulus package. Currency traders pass an electronic card showing the Korea Composite Share Price Index (KOSPI) in a bank trading room in Seoul, South Korea, on […]

More cleanliness, few visitors to Chicago swap wells because of the coronavirus

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Stockbrokers in Chicago and London are preparing contingency plans and intensifying cleanups for futures and open risk options, while the global spread of new coronaviruses scares the markets. PHOTO FILE: Traders work on the floor of the London Metal Exchange, in London, Great Britain, on September 27, 2018. REUTERS / Simon Dawson […]

Stock markets and oil markets rebound after brutal pavement

LONDON (Reuters) – Oil and equity markets rolled solid on Tuesday after the previous day’s slump, with signs of coordinated action by major world economies to cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus that helps drive investors out panic. The Brent has gone back a full 10% in the hope that an agreement on the […]