Lower Austria: Used protective masks are cleaned in clinics – Coronavirus Vienna –

03/31/2020 11:05 (Act. 31.03.2020 14:33) It wants to be able to provide up to 3,000 cleaned masks a day. © APA (subject) To support the measures against the coronavirus, Lower Austrian clinics now want to reprocess protective masks. Respiratory masks used and tested are sterilized and packaged “hygienically flawless” in the logistics centers of the […]

How to wear a medical mask? | HEALTH

Photo: AiF/ Andrey Khoroshavin According to the federal Ministry of Health, you cannot wear the same mask all the time. This is very dangerous since you can infect yourself twice. Another feature of medical masks is actually unprincipled, which side to wear them inside. For the mask to be truly effective, it must be worn […]

The New Corona Dictatorship – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, for a few hours, since midnight Hungary a democratic zombie state of the European Union. With Corona, everything can be justified these days, including the introduction of one autocracy, as you can see from the example of Budapest. Prime minister Viktor Orbán Parliament had previously passed an emergency law with the […]

Corona strategy: the fatal problem of the Germans with the masks

Culture Corona strategy The fatal problem of the Germans with the masks As of: 4:33 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes “We try to produce 100,000 masks a week” As a result of the corona virus pandemic, the sporting goods and leisure fashion manufacturer Trigema is converting a large part of its production to respiratory […]

Gianna Nannini: “The doctors in Milan cry, they are desperate”

Gianna Nannini looks exhausted when we reach her for an interview via Skype. But also determined. Italy’s most successful rock singer, who still fills large halls in Germany, wants to give another living room concert on her Instagram account today. At 16 o’clock. From her house in Milan, which she has not been allowed to […]

Corona virus: This is what mouth masks really do

I.In Asia, face masks are part of everyday life. With them, people want to protect themselves and others from infections. Right at the beginning of the corona crisis, they were sold out in Germany, doctors had to stock up in hardware stores – but the shelves there were soon empty too. Experts answer the question […]

Italy closes schools after confirming 148 deaths

The global march of the new virus has sparked a strong appeal from the World Health Organization for governments to pull out “all the stops” to slow the epidemic, while it has dried up the color of India’s spring holidays, has closed the Church of the Nativity of Bethlehem and prevented Italians from visiting elderly […]

Italians produce protective masks 24 hours a day

Rome “FFP3” is in short supply in Italy. The protective mask, which filters 98 percent of the air we breathe and is certified with a European standard, has hardly been found since the outbreak of the corona virus. Not even the “FFP2” model, which filters 92 percent of the air we breathe, as the association […]